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sweet looking forward to dead space 2
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@ProfMembrane: I hate you!
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Grats! :p

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its so weird not having to get first anymore...

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comics in space!

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@Daveyo520 said:

" @ProfMembrane: I hate you! "

I know.  I understand : D 

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Grats! :p



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@KaosAngel: I feel this same way its like something is missing
Posted by MooseyMcMan

I may pre-order Dead Space 2 to get this solely because one of the guys is named Franco. 

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this looks pretty pretty bad but i just got dead space one for 10 bucks so happy bout that

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Late night Quick Look!

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Hahah @ the Derek Smart joke.

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I still remember watching the animated comic book prequel for the first Dead Space they made and that was awesome, so an interactive one could be good, tho would still prefer just the animated comic book vids o I can appreciate the story fyully.

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This animation is garbage.

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I like "Pre-LC" as a term. I also like all this Pre-LC coming out lately. When it's done right, this stuff is great advertisement but their also really cool stand alone little packages! Case Zero was probably the best I've seen yet, but I hope more companies do them.

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Ok so let me get this straight. In the future Mining equipment are far better weapons than military weapons. 

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Ah man. They never have a set time for when they post videos. Cool quick look tho

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Looks like Dead Space: Pub Games to me.

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I effing love these comics. EA did a similar, less 'animated' non-interactive series for the first game, and that was amazing as well. The art style sells it. It's so, dare I say, visceral and bloody and disgusting and gross. Love it. 
The movie was shitty though. Shame; the story has so much potential.

Posted by jakob187

I'll have to pre-order the collector's edition so I can get this...because I'm seriously not going to pay extra for bad motion comics.  Those mini-games look pretty fun for a couple of hours, though.  = D

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why is that a game?  

Posted by Swish

Why do they have guns in space? 
Because America

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@KaosAngel said:
" its so weird not having to get first anymore... "
you never HAD to.
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@Jinstarwing@KaosAngel: That something you are both missing is "being a douche". In time it will start to feel normal again.  (And yes I have the quest. ;)
@metalsnakezero said:
" Ok so let me get this straight. In the future Mining equipment are far better weapons than military weapons.  "
Precisely. War has changed, Snake.  Grab your electric rock scissors and go cut some fools.
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When I think of Dead Space, I think of hacking games. I mean, really?

Posted by contagious

Are there any spoilers in this QL for Dead Space?

Posted by NZV

Man, this looks like shit compared to Case 0. Those cutscenes are just painful to watch/listen to, and only one of the minigames looks like any fun at all. Though I guess I shouldn't complain, seeing as it's free with a pre-order.

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Got a spoon full of Brad, today.
EDIT: Also, I've been waiting for a sperm racing game.

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Shit, I got take a shower and there's ANOTHER QUICKLOOK. I have to go to bed sometime you know, I have two midterms tomorrow. Damn you GB.

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yeah really, that plasma cutter can clearly easily take someone's head off from a good distance, and I'm sure getting shot in the chest with one as a human would totally suck too... I don't see any drawbacks for using that as a handgun.
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I'm waiting for the Remix to Ignition.

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so....why should I play this?

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Late night quick look :D

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ugh, this looks bad. I'll only be playing it since I'll be preordering Dead Space 2 soon.

Posted by Rio

The art style is just..... bad.

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This could not look less appealing to me.

Posted by Dustpan

Not worth 400 points.

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skulls are so edgy...

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The comics EA released before the original are amazing. This  look like total shit compared to those.  Expected a lot better than this =/

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shitty art. looks like something average on newgrounds.  
but the minigames were awesome

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Man, AcidBurn would have a field day hacking.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Maybe their armor is mining equipment proof and as such that tech isn't good for military purposes.

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I got this for free with my Dead Space 2 pre-order and it was a frustrating 2+ hours of my life wasted. Don't even bother paying for this.

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Looks interesting for only 5.00

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Does anyone else find it slightly off that this is paid content?  I feel like its basically an interactive advertisement for the game since the gameplay is essentially an amalgamation of unrelated minigames that approximate in no way, shape or form the experience of playing the real Dead Space.   It was hard to follow the "story" sequences but the style alone (still images that are manipulated to simulate animation) screams "budget title" to me.  I feel like this whole thing should be a weird flash-based web page EA puts up to generate a few blog posts and attract some curious potential customers.  Does anyone agree or am I way off the mark?

Posted by doe3879

the story art looks f fing awesome, people do flash on their free time do a better job then that
seriously? can't afford a motion comic?

Posted by HandsomeDead

This looks absolutely pointless.