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Thongs of Virtue is not the first game in the DeathSpank series. Also, yay it's Dave Snider.

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Dammit so close 

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nice a QL

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hahahahahahahahahahahahah thongs lolololololololoolollolloololooolo

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Wow this went up early.

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Someone is at the office early today. 

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No PC version yet?

Posted by Magneticlens

The new HD video looks great, guys. Not particularly excited about the game, but the Quick Look looked great, at least.

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@Forcen said:
" No PC version yet? "
haven't you heard.
hardly anybody plays action adventure on the PC anymore
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the puns, OH GOD THE PUNS

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time to death - 2:25

Posted by Ronald

This Quick Look is better than DeathSpank's because it has Dave Snider in it.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

My God, even the press start menu is annoying.

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DeathSpank was great more DeathSpank is fine by me

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I find that games who's main selling point is comedy aren't very funny. Mass Effect 2 had plenty of funny dialog among the NPCs scattered throughout the game. Halo also has it's fun moments with funny names on levels like "But I don't want to ride the elevator" checkpoint on the Library level in Halo 1. Or the "Tanks beat everything" remark from the NPCs in Halo 3 (which works because the game isn't full of that sort of thing because then it gets tiresome quickly). Games should be good games first and foremost and then add some humor, not trying to build a game around humor.

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Yea.. I pass on this one.

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crap this is early, no complaints though.

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"Cover up the CRACKS"
HAAHA! Oooh boy, Giant Bomb! Wooo, thongs... wooh...
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Nice QL ... I'm around the same quests as Jeff right now, and it's pretty good. Better than the first. :D

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@ObsideonDarman said:
" My God, even the press start menu is annoying. "
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This one is longer? Bigger game? BS. I was promised 15  hours in the first game and got 8 hours. 

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No, DON'T fight the Zappers. DON'T fight them, he said.

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Probably shouldn't fight the zappers.

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One of the books in the library is "The secret of Monkey Island" and there is also a blatant Twilight reference.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

So what's the betting that these two installments were supposed to be one game, then they realized that they couldn't get away with charging $30 for a XBLA game?

Posted by Captain_Felafel

I don't know if that's the greatest GB video description ever, or the worst.

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Complaining about subtitles with voiceover? Many non-native speakers shall not appreciate this. I am one of them, I still want to be able to read incase I mishear something or am not sure of something.

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There were armour sets in the first one.

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@Progn0sticator: it's certainly up/down there
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The getting a library card scene is totally stolen from Monkey 2, but I suppose Ron Gilbert can get away with that.
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Heheh, you can tell Jeff really don't enjoy this. I'm already playing it and loving it, mostly because I really liked the first one. Ah well, different taste etc! :)

Posted by Animasta

wow this looks awful

Posted by Cincaid
Well yeah, you can even say your name is Guybrush to the librarian, so I guess they're aware of it.
Posted by VilgeDuin

Oddly presumptuous of Hothead to concurrently develop this along with the "first." Especially considering, as Jeff pointed out, there was no time to iron out what didn't work in the previous one or get feedback from those who bought it.
I found Deathspank to be a fairly enjoyable game that has the foundation to be something great. Probably won't purchase this one since I grew tired of the first after awhile.

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The first Deathspank and this just remind me of people's dads trying to entertain by singing "Who Let the Dogs Out".

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@TadThuggish said:
" The first Deathspank and this just remind me of people's dads trying to entertain by singing "Who Let the Dogs Out". "
Posted by JackSukeru
@PosableActionFigure: Actually I heard that it was originally going to be episodic, but they decided against it, for unnamed reasons.
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I really hated the description for this video until I started watching it and realized that Drew's puns are funnier than anything in the game.

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I played through the first DeathSpank, and while I was mildly entertained, it got very samey and tedious. Also, while there were a few funny moments, a lot was groan-worthy, and the inability to disable the dialogue text was really annoying. If this is more of the same, I'll pass.

Posted by Lake

World of what?  Sounds fake.

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The first looked mediocre, this looks like exactly more of the same.  Which would be great if the first game was really compelling but well...

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Probably because of the environments aswell as the addition of GUNZ!...But this looks to be more appealing than the original.

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Comparing it to parts 2 & 3 of Back to the Future seems very appropriate. The proposed script was to make one 4 hour epic but the studio couldn't afford it. So to cover the costs, they split it into two, (potentially) doubling the profits.
Seems to me, similar things went on with this game. How very sad. Had they received some general feedback, they might have made some significant changes.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I thought the first one was enjoyable, but by the end, I had my fill of the game. This seems extremely same-y, so I think I'm going to pass.
I wish they had waited to develop a second one so they could expand on some of the good aspects and fix some of the niggling issues with the game.

Posted by Ghostiet

Looks lame as shit. "Monkey Island meets Diablo"? Phah.

Posted by scarace360

So deathspank 2 comes out in December?

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Nice description for this video

Posted by Azteck

I just. Ugh. I can't get into the 'humor' in this game. It's just so uncreative and forced. Nothing subtle about it.

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Jeff has been pulling a lot of Brads lately.. wait, this came out wrong....