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Nice. Has a neat look to it.

Posted by CapnChaosDK

On my wishlist in steam, looking forward to see if I should buy this.

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looks like a miyazaki film almost...might check it out

Posted by Morningstar

Bring on the quick looks!

Posted by Lunar_Aura

She was too small for a horse so her parents opted for deponia

Posted by JackSukeru

The pony, nya?

Posted by rmanthorp

What's with all these adventure games? I mean I'm not complaining but strange.

Posted by Atom

Closest I got was third post.

Posted by BryanEgbert

This looks promising

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Oh wow I do not like the voice acting one bit.

Posted by SoulAssassin808

@rmanthorp said:

What's with all these adventure games? I mean I'm not complaining but strange.

Because what else is coming out this time a year?

Posted by TheKreep

@cyraxible: Agreed, 100%.

And that's such a big part of these kinds of adventure games :(

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The art-style reminds me of the Oglaf webcomic.

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Vinny's first criticism is exactly what has deterred me from picking up any Daedalic games so far: the English VO sounds uncoached or poorly executed. Does anyone know if it's possible to play in German with subs, and whether that's any less annoying?

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Man, Vinny's laugh...

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Holy crap. The voice acting is average at best, the writing is kind of bad, and the puzzles seem annoying. No, thank you.

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Psh, Simon the Sorcerer had the spacebar mechanic way back in the early 90s.

Also, don't compare this douche to Guybrush. A much more apt comparison would be Simon. The Sorcerer.

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@RockmanBionics said:

The pony, nya?

da pony, nya?

Posted by rjayb89

A lot of these "jokes" are more miss than hit. Majorly so.

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Everybody's way too dry and snappy. Might as well be desert alligators. "fuh-dvooh!"

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I absolutely love this game.

The voice acting seems okay to me. Nothing special but nothing to hinder my enjoyment.

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Concerning the Audio, i think its much better in german, maybe some things got lost in translation.

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Those four fingered hands are really weirding me out.

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Vinny and Ryan sound kinda... drunk.

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I saw this come out on Steam yesterday.. not terribly surprised there's a quick look! Been a big string of adventure games lately. I dig it.

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Saw this on Steam yesterday and figured we'd get a Vinny Quick Look out of it. I think the criticisms are a little harsh, not untrue, but not enough to keep me from playing it. I love a good adventure game enough that even the mediocre ones are entertaining. Maybe I'm just easy to please.

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OOOOOOMmmmmmm...hands offfff.

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Looks pretty neat visually, buuut...the quality of dat voice acting hops up and down pretty much, a bit too much. Puzzles also seem to be pretty silly quite often. Guess one could still go for this when it's on sale, 'ndeed.

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Boooo assy dialogue.

Posted by Darthozzan

Don't think I want to play this :( After the book of unwritten tales i just can't play this

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@jayspadez said:

looks like a miyazaki film almost...might check it out

Now I want to watch My Neighbour Totoro or Howl's Moving Castle again. Also, these characters talk kinda weirdly and stilted.
Posted by Dunsky5

It sucks that most of your time will be subjected to par writing and hit and miss voice acting when the game itself looks so good.

Posted by Phatmac

If only the voice acting was better. I can't stand these voices.

Posted by Bubbly

Loving all the adventure game quick looks. The voice acting is serviceable for the most part, but there are definitely a bunch of times where it is way off. I had fun with it despite that, although I'll admit that I'm not the hardest person to please when it comes to adventure games.

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The guy sounds like Jeff Green. Weird.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Man voice acting and writing are not great in this game.

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Are peppers are so hot they make you speak German!

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Ryan: That is what fuckin' kills me about adventure games
Ryan: "Oh here's this obvious thing that I obviously need sitting right here"
Ryan: "Now I need to go through this goofy, insane, convoluted path [..] so I can get this thing I need for later"
Vinny: ...you mean adventure games?
Ryan: ...yeah...yeah I guess that's exactly what I mean.

Ryan Davis' only problem with Adventure Games is the 'Adventure' part.

Posted by PokeIkzai

Happy you guys did this. The art style is fantastic.

Posted by Efesell

@MeatSim said:

Are peppers are so hot they make you speak German!

Seems like the English team never expected me to rub the flaming peppers all over the flammable objects in my inventory.


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Is it just me or does the protagonist look like Inspector Gadget?

Posted by MrBubbles

yay another cool looking adventure game i can buy! i really liked the book of unwritten tales :D also i totally read the title as derponia.

Posted by RichieJohn

Adventure games are the best games.

I'll try the Whispered World before I try this.

Looks cool though!

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It's... just not funny. None of the dialogue is funny. :(

Posted by gamergutz

If i can wake up to a quick look every morning for the rest of my natural life, i will die a happy negro!

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Deponia- so hot it makes you speak german

Posted by Ett

Vinny's Giant Bomb presents a Quick Look of Deponia

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I feel like most adventure games that aren't made by someone like Telltale are always bordering on questionable voice acting. Sounds like Book of Unwritten Tales doesn't every fall off but this game is really off. The delivery is more poor than good and the writing is decent but nothing special. Shame because the art looks great. This just makes me want to play another Amanita Design adventure game.