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I backed this, great to see a quick look for it.

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Oh man, I missed on backing this. Looks Interesting.

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Single player - Married player


Dave, you are killing me.

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I'm glad they finally got around to Quick Looking this.

But if it's the Diamond Trust of London, why are they using dollars?

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what what of what?

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wow, a UN Inspector

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Oh man as much as I love Dave I am just falling asleep watching this.

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Really would love to play this, but don't know anyone who'd be interested.

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So glad to have Dave doing some quick looks.

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Gosh. Glad this finally came out. I remember first hearing about this dude on A Life Well Wasted

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Very few quicklooks make me bored as hell.

This is definitely one of them.

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cool music

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I guess this strategy game doesn't have enough explosions for some people. I thought it was interesting and it seems like the type of game that might be fun to try to deconstruct the various rules and algorithms the AI uses. Not sure how I feel about such a random element in the game though (or is it really random?)

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I got almost halfway through before the boredom killed me. RIP me

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I hope I haven't been put on some kind of watch-list for watching this Quick Look.

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This was kind of interesting until I realized Patrick doesn't know how to play.

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Glad to see a QL of this, but sadly Patrick should have played a few more games. He seems to totally miss how the diamonds are obtained (you buy them in a sense). He would often send his agents to a zone with diamonds available but give the agents no money to spend on those diamonds. A simple way to understand it is this: You first pay your agents their salary (or bribe the other agents), the next time you can give money to agents it is for them to use to obtain diamonds. If you give them nothing at that point, they will not be able to "buy" anything.

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UN Diamond Inspector: Just one of many fairy-tale jobs!

The music is epic. Really nice mix of world music and electronica.

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this game is so fucking weird

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there's also no math behind the UN inspector... if you're in the same region, you can BRIBE him to move. so the computer will pay him to move to your areas if you're not trying to do the same.

this game is badass. played a couple games against a buddy and loving it. music is SOOOOOO awesome.

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Holy shit. I will be buying this game right now.

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I may have to buy a DS just for this.

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Antwerp wins. Always.

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It's a huge shame that they didn't put as much effort into the graphics as they did with the music :(

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OMG that music is terrific.

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It pains me to see he never figured out how to make an interface that didn't involve cramming every single game element into a tiny screen. Dat art and text is tiny.

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If it wasn't for Dave or Patrick i would have fallen asleep 2 min in.. this game seems boring as hell..

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The music sounds like if Tropico 4 took place in Africa.

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It's difficult to follow what's going on in this video. It feels like when someone tries to explain every rule of a large board game to you before you even play your first turn.

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This game seems kinda interesting but also a bit boring...

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I wonder how the developer feels now that the 3DS eShop isn't completely terrible compared to the DSiware store. This is quite an interesting little game, but how much of it is through the story behind it. I'll have to watch and see.

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Fantastic music. Wow. I wish I had someone local to play with, but I think I'll probably pick up the game anyway.

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The music is complete win.

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You got bit by the highest payer. Gots to have deep pockets or access to other means. man just listening to Pat tell me how south it is going while I type this.

Edit, whats with not being able to move the video player to the end? I wanted to hear about where to access the history of this game? Okay, guess it has to be streaming now...getting it that way. Wish there was a quick way to link to Pat's article. sounds buried in time and content... maybe just a date would work here.

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I read this as "Diamond Thrust of London". But thanks Patrick and Dave, this was still HAWT!

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@bybeach: Just click on the game's wiki link and the link to the article is right at the top. No digging needed

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This would make for a pretty great iOS game

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this looks really cool

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That music is great.

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The story behind the development of this game is fascinating. I love how this game finally came out after the certain doom. I think I might have to pick this up from their website.

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If you're looking for the story behind the game: http://www.giantbomb.com/news/the-unlikely-three-year-journey-of-a-niche-ds-game/4241/

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I can barely pay attention to Patrick and Dave because the music is so awesome.

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Awesome music. Mechanics comprehension fail

Def getting the soundtrack at the very least

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Does the game have a moral aspect to it? Weird they would use this as the background and not touch on the deplorable aspects of the diamond trade.

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Lovin' the music. :D

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Damn that UN inspector!!

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Not sure how I feel about that UN Inspector. Seems to cock-block the player at every turn.