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"and that's how I remembered it"

Take off doesn't even start until 39:46. I fucking love Vinny/Drew/Dave.

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Drop a bomb on it!

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I've got my digital combat simulating pants on.

Spoiler alert: My digital combat simulating pants are actually no pants.

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Vinny, Dave AND DREW, I think I'm going to faint.

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Woo, Quick Look!

EDIT: The plane's engine setting on fire has me dying with laughter.

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Was anyone around for the NTSF:SD::SUV livestream promotion thing? They did an impromptu quick look of IL-2 for the PC, different from the archived one, and Vinny brute-forced his way into taking off in a plane. It was the most triumphant shit I've ever seen, and one of my favorite pieces of content this silly site's ever produced. I wish they'd archived it.

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One hour? Oh yes!

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I've had this game in my Steam wishlist forever despite the fact that realistic sim games like this are way out of my wheelhouse. Purely because I have an undying love for this aircraft.

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@dantey: That's exactly what I was thinking.

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@InsidiousTuna: I remember that. That was such a great night of impromptu quick looks that never made it to the site. It sounded like they were trying to record them for the site, but something must have went wrong.

Anywho, that was amazing. I remember being on the edge of my seat while Vinny tried to take off, and was right there with the chat going absolutely nuts when he succeeded.

I wonder if that's archived on Justin.tv. I'd love to watch it again.

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Oh god yes

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"Shoot that guy down. Get your hand gun out."

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Quick look dream team!

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I was hoping they would do a QL of this after seeing it on Drew's top 10. Looks like it'll be a fun one to watch.

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More like A-101 Warthog, amirite guys.

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Dave, Drew, and Vinny? Playing a hardcore PC flight-sim?

This can only be amazing.

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I love slow season, because we get QLs of the games that REALLY matter.

OK, do Dwarf Fortress next!

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Oh god my sides

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Flight Simulator Quick Looks are always great. 
So many buttons and knobs and textures and details!

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This game looks more complicated than the actual plane.

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This game is super crazy. I have a new-found respect for pilots who manage to fly these contraptions almost every day and not die horribly in accidents.

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This is fantastic!

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Why would anyone think this was fun? You might as well sign up for the Air Force if you want to do something like this.

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Oh god, they didn't even get it off the ground before it exploded.

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"This is a button simulator!"

I don't know why, but that delivery just cracked me up. Also, every time Drew gets an opportunity to show one of these flight games off, I flashback to that Panic! Sega CD game where all you did was press buttons and weird stuff would happen. Like Drew's going to push one of those things and watch the plane turn into one of those comic spiral-poops.

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What, all those sophisticated electronics and no MP3 player?!

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Hell yeah!

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Hilarity ensues

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I'm calling it, best quick look of 2012

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@hardindr: Why would anyone think walking down straight hallway shooting galleries or whatever modern console games are about is fun? Opinions.

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These videos are why I love this site

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I love how Dave mumbles "oh my god" when Drew finds the little button on the throttle during start-up. This must be a designer's nightmare.

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Inception gun is my favorite gun.

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@hardindr said:

Why would anyone think this was fun? You might as well sign up for the Air Force if you want to do something like this.

People with bad eye sight, ex-pilots, actual pilots (most pilots don't get to fly as much as you might think)

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I really have zero interest in any simulators, but i absolutely love that Drew likes them.

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Holy shit, 5 minutes in, and this is my favorite Quick look already. This is gonna be awesome :)

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Cool. I got this game and Black Shark (now 2), and I'm still like a baby in terms of understanding the damned things. Manual start up procedure is a more than enough challenge to memorize in itself.

Edit: Oh, and I recommend trackir and full hotas setup, plus a touch screen running Helios ;)

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Oh god when that wing blew up I was in tears.

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More than halfway through and the plane hasn't left the ground.  This is too good.

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Dave: "This is tense. This is so tense." Truer words have never been spoken.

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I love how there is genuine intensity over whether they'll get off the ground or if the plane will blow up

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Quick look dream team!

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@hardindr said:

Why would anyone think this was fun? You might as well sign up for the Air Force if you want to do something like this.

This is a direct port of the software trainer that the military used to move pilots from the A10A to the A10C.