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I'm really hungry actually.

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I just ate, but I'll watch it anyways.

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Half an hour of Diner Dash?  Sweet. 
lol. 5 points for buying it.

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meh, diner dash is a boring game

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Diner Dash!

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This was a very interesting quick look, cause Jeff really went into it expecting a terrible game, as I did with the iphone version. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I think you were to Jeff. This game really sucks you in. Definitely still think it lends itself to the touch controls of the iphone over the pad. 

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good time killer

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This has been on the PC for ages btw, including several sequels :)

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Next thing you know  those damn Blues will want to vote too!

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This has, hands-down, the worst ingame art I've ever seen in my life.

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There's less meth in the Central Valley now, cops seized about two million dollars worth a few weeks ago.

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"3s? Get out!" 
Heh, I don't know about playing it. But Jeff and Ryan made it pretty entertaining. Multiplayer looked pretty cool, especially with the upgrade system. Think you could get live entertainment at some point? Make it a classy diner. Heh.

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The controls look to be a bit sloppy & imprecise- kinda like trying to control a Mega Man game on an iPhone.

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This looked like an advertisement.

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its so much like the real thing, i wish WE had a apprentice juggler.
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The multiplayer looks neat. I'm kinda over the game in general though...it's been SIX years since the PC game came out!

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I had this notion in my head for years that Diner Dash was kind of lame, but I had never played it.
After seeing this, I'm going to run out and buy it. That looks awesome! Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

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Racist game. Hungry HUNGRY!

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This game looks surprisingly fun.

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 Tales of Vesperia mini game GG

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Oh... oh my sides I laughed so hard.
That actually looks pretty fun... maybe not $10 fun though. How much is the iPhone version?

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This made me hungry.

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When is Atlus going to bring that Yoshinoya game over here?

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I never cared for these games and.. seeing this; I still don't. 

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All female clientele at a restaurant? Looks like those girls like to eat out!

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I love how you guys can make even a game like this looks entertaining.. And that chatter about it... N1 folks. :)

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 I could watch this all day.

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@DukeTogo said:
" When is Atlus going to bring that Yoshinoya game over here? "
[Yoshinoya rant]
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Iv'e never played this but having worked in tiny-ass restaurants before this is stressing me out.

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That diner would never past health & safety standards.

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someone's is breathing heavily ...

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I would get this and gyromancer if gyromancer wasn't $15. errrr

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Diner Dash seems like exactly the sort of thing people play video games to get AWAY FROM.

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 Jeff: "this game has been around forever..."
Ryan: "yeah I have it on my phone, its pretty good!"
This from the guy who yesterday said "little Big Planet is kinda over" during the PSP version quick look. Some Sony issues Ryan? A little gamer ADD maybe? Don't like cute things? I don't know how you'd explain the discrepancy... The most creative game ever which is fairly new and has a brand new portable PSP version and is constantly updated and you say you think it's old, verses freakin' Diner Dash which is cheesy and actually kinda old and the same thing over and over and you think its pretty good as a portable. Not going to put much stock in your reviews anymore :)
Now if you like the play mechanics of Diner Dash more that's fine I won't fault you, but I am pointing this out because you acted like "been there done that, bored now with LBP", which is a game that truly never runs out of new content; but after Jeff points out the fact that game has been around, (not to mention sequels, spin offs,and copy cats) you act like its a great buy at $10, (1/4 the price of the full fledged LBP).... Especially since you shat upon portable LBP (PSP) but seem to love portable Diner Dash (iphone). Odd.

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The control imprecision & price were too much for me to pick it up on XBLA, oh well.

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I heard Drew!
Fanboy squeal!!!

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I might actually pick this up some time. FLO!! FLO!! FLO!! FLO!! FLO!! FLO!!
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@Milkman said:
" Next thing you know  those damn Blues will want to vote too! "
I have to confess...I laughed pretty hard at this.
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I am endlessly amused by the XBL names of Jeff's friends. DancinTedDanson?

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damn this ql is fatiguing.

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Having done dining service before, a few things are missing from the experience. A moody boss, and crappy pay. But the hecticness seems precisely recreated.
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this looks pretty fun!

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Step aside Batman this is the Surprise GOTY 

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Seems fun, well that game was always fun, it's strange why.

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just checked. full version of Diner Dash is $5.
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The lack of male patrons is seriously freaking me out.
It's like some pot-apocalyptic shit.