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edit: Doesn't look like no 20 clams.
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Been waiting for this.
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There are no clever girls in this mod! Also!


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oh snapdizzle

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Fantastic stuff! So happy!

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Would be fine as a free mod, but in no way is it worth $20.

Posted by darkwingduck

hope this is good, the idea itself sounds awesome!

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Too Quick!

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I'd never buy this game

so I'm glad there's a quick look

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"Dinosaurs with guns" dubstep

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this game..

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Hell yeah! I was hoping you'd do one for this game!

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Christ, $20?! I was just opening Steam to check it out when Jeff said that. Wow. Looks like a free-to-maybe-$5 Half-Life 2 mod. Dystopia, SourceForts, PVKII, etc. were all better and free.

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the fuck....?! lol

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This game doesn't look worth 20 dollars.

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wow, geralt of rivia was playing Dino D-day. weird.

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Flying goat!

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this game looks horrible,

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Needs more brainboxes less meh

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When in doubt, throw a goat.

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This makes me want a DinoRiders game.

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game is really shitty..

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Ooooooh yeaaaaaah!

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mouse sensitivity too high

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When in doubt: Throw a goat.

Posted by Daveyo520

I was hoping there was a single player.

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love the premise but fuck man... poor execution for a 20$ game

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@Sweep said:
" When in doubt: Throw a goat. "
Use more goat.
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Welp, that's a shame.

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Looks like Day of the Defeat: Source with dinosaurs. Lame.

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Whoa! This one goes dark FAST! lol.

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$20 / £14 for this tripe? Sheesh.

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@Daveyo520 said:
" I was hoping there was a single player. "
Yeah, I may have considered it then.

Anyway, I really love the propaganda posters; not so much the perspective switching.
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Looks canney bad.

Posted by DeadFish

This game... kind of a bummer.

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This should be dinosaurs with guns. Nazis and allies should only be collateral target practice for the real battle being waged - Carnivores vs Herbivores. Add more gore and some sweet melee weapons and this game would rock.

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Honestly, I'm surprised this didn't stick as a mod given thats what it started out as if I remember correctly, then it may not be getting as harsh a criticism. But I mean a third of the sounds are still HL2, graphics are so so, and you're asking for 20 dollars?

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"Heil Hitler!" - Vinny Caravella

Posted by Aegon

Don't know how to feel about this quick look being OK'd after Vinny's "heil Hitler"... 

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PETA aint going to be happy about the hoat shooting.................but screw them.

Posted by Monk

Looks like a game that needs a content update.

Posted by Deathmachine117

Thats one big pile of shit.

Posted by Asadasa5

20 bucks is far too much, but if they actually improve it and drop it to ~$10, I'll pick it up.

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I get a Turok gone rogue feel... and it's not a good thing...

Posted by Ewy

Having only heard about this game today, was expecting more. It's Day of Defeat: Source (2005 release) without as much content, a higher price tag, and a midly interesting premise which loses it's novelty within a few rounds.

If you are a fan of Source engine online FPS games,  I'd imagine you'd have picked a game by now.

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@Ineedaname said:
" Looks canney bad. "
eh dunno whatchu mean laddy
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As a free mod, this would have been a fun weekend diversion, but at $20 it's a war crime.