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Posted by Scratch

Alright, finally Drew does a QL.

Posted by Creamypies

Drew's really good at presenting quick looks. MORE DREW QL's!

Posted by ky326

Nice Quick Look Drew.

Posted by ma_rc_01

yeah DREW the DREW baby!

Posted by Postromo

congrats drew, nice first quick look. drew and dave are a good team

Posted by CitizenKane

YES, a Drew video!!!

Posted by zoozilla

I will join the "More Drew" cause.

Posted by Mikewrestler5

Drew is really good at doing Quick Looks. I hope we see more of him in the future.

Posted by Sockin

Bad video to watch when you have a hangover. NO MORE SPINNING.

Posted by SidVicious

good job drew, I was pleasantly surprised.
and..... GO CROATIA!

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Posted by eyehook

Great quick look.  I played Dirt 1 w/ the MS wheel, which worked fine from cockpit view, but not external views.  It works much better in Dirt 2 from what I played in the demo.  I'm planning on playing w/ the wheel in cockpit with manual transmission on the easiest possible setting. :)
Posted by Chewii101

Woot Drew QL!  Purty game...really purty. And more Drew QLs! 

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You know you're a real website when you have video advertisements.
YES!! Drew!! I really hope you are in more future Quick Looks.

Posted by Dethfish

More Drew and Dave team ups!
I never played Dirt but I played a whole bunch of Grid and that was awesome so I might play this. 

Posted by 88Fingers

I really like Drew and Dave.
They sound genuine.
Unlike Ryan and Jeff... who sound like they'd rather be doing something else.
Well, maybe not so much Jeff...
but Ryan usually seems disinterested in what ever he has to do...
probably not true, but that's the vibe he gives off.
Yay! for Drew & Dave!

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I'm digging on the Drew love.  Get the lad doing more content at Giant Bomb, i say!
Nice looking game. Although I think Drew must be the only person who can actually play in 'cockpit' mode.

Posted by SinGulaR

Not bad for a 1st QuickLook. And the menu system is awesome.
Posted by Scooper

Yayyyyy for Drew & Dave quick-look!!!! More of Drew & Dave ;).

Posted by jakob187

Codemasters - we know how to make menus awesome! 
Also, the game looks FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!  Good to see another cockpit driver that is out there in the world!  Hopefully, Drew and Dave will be doing a QL or review for NFS Shift!

Posted by paulosaurus

Holy shit that game looks great.

Posted by Scrawnto

I once had a Mitsubishi eraser.

Posted by Zifrit

DREW FTW! Also, Ryan is AWESOME  (I think someone said he didn't like him)
More Drew and Dave please. PLEASE. More quick looks, so we can enjoy some quick looks from all 6 of you. 
And I requiere a Quick Look with all 6 at the same time.

Posted by gbrading

Excellent first quick look Drew! I say, here's to many, many more! (And of course, Dave was great as always).
Posted by Ossi

Good Quick Look, need more from Drew!

Posted by Koai3

drew was awesome,rly loved this quick look ,moar plox

Posted by mracoon

Battersea Power Station does not have a racing track going around it.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Drew and Dave quick look is just too awesome.
Need more of these two!

Posted by BassmanPaul

Well done Drew, this quick look was great, I hope you do many more!

Posted by pirate_republic

Nice job Drew! And Dave.
These two gotta get together more often.

Posted by KinjiroSSD

Drew lacks that giantbomb flare....

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Outside looks so cool. Looks like an event I'd like to be at. Looks really hot though.\ 
Oh and it's great to hear Drew ask Vinny for the time :D The tables have turned

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Cheers Drew (and Dave), great first Quick Look; hope to see more from you soon. Lol, I love the role reversal, VINNY'S MAH TIME BITCH NOW! Also, Battersea Power Station, very cool.

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Very interesting looking game, still hooked on the Burnout/arcade racing over something closer to a sim racing. Love the googily eye skull on the dash, very envious as I'd love to have something like that on my car. 
Would have liked in the quick look to see what all you can get in the in-game store as I'm curious to see what the avatar hanging off the rear view mirror would cost.
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It's also on PC and Wii. There are also handheld versions... 
and hooray for drew on a quicklook!
Posted by TheBigBopper

cool quick look drew

Posted by MeatSim

 Drew and Dave Quick Look, yea! Good to see the guys working behind the scenes at Giant Bomb get in on the Quick Look action. 

Posted by Cook66

Looks like you technically did a Shoemaker there Drew, with the knockout and all. Still was an excellent quicklook, keep em coming!

Posted by GamerCat

I really enjoyed the demo on the PS3. Looks gorgeous and really colourful.
I'm so glad it's released soon!

Posted by Aarny91

Drew needs to review this game, and do more QLs.

Posted by FLStyle

Very impressive QL from Drew, Dave was great as always.

Posted by John_Bender

Nice quick look. Keep doing the do, Drew. Always great to hear Dave too. Looking forward to this game. 

Posted by Moztacular

Drew how'd it feel asking Vinnie for time on the QL instead of vice versa? the powerrrrrrr!!

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I saw a scottish flag.. Im in.
I demand more drew quick looks! Nice job duder.

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But it ant fun.........
Saga Rally 2 and going way back V-Rally 3! they were fun rally games.

Posted by CL60

More Drew is always good.

Posted by BlondeBrigade
CONGRATS DREW ON YOUR FIRST QL!!  I'm so proud of you :)
Posted by tactis

woot Drew and Dave!!!

Posted by WUNDABAR

Quick look dream team.

Posted by supalink

moar from drew+dave!