Posted by l4wd0g

ahhhhhh the STI is the WRX with a bigger turbo...   
God help me i want that car

Posted by stephengotlost

Not Player One is my new gamertag.

Posted by alsnuts2

More Drew and Dave, lets make them the new internet video game celebrities, good QL boys

Posted by mudkip9000

YES DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!
Great job, little buddy.

Posted by ThePantheon

probably the coolest slickest menus i've seen this year.
niec one drew + dave!

Posted by leviathan

I loved the first Dirt... although dirt 2 seems like it blends the original with GRID. Which isn't a bad thing, seeing as i also loved GRID... lol. 
Great QL Drew, he seems so nice and humble lol.
Oh, I also heard Mitsubishi make ecstacy as well. In different colours too! hahahahaha.

Posted by leviathan
@warxsnake said:
" @stinky said:
" i was wondering why this quick look wasn't entertaining.  dudes, don't leave drew alone to do these.  "
give me a break... "
I don't understand why people feel that they must "stick up" for the GB staffers. If stinky feels that the QL wasn't entertaining, i don't understand why you feel that you must "defend" drew. It's his opinion, leave him alone lol.
Posted by leky1

im from croatia =D

Posted by _Horde

Was nice hearing Drew and Dave!

Posted by ppallo

"you could be the new brad of giantbomb"

Posted by creamclouds
I think drew did a great job for his first Quick Look. And Dave was really cool too.
Posted by Agent47CSim2

Yes Drew, is he actually a member of staff or just an intern? I would have thought not considering over half the videos on Giant Bomb are filmed and made by him.

Posted by StickyMicky
@ProjektGill said:
" This must be pre-recorded because aren't they supposed to be at PAX?  "
No, its live
Posted by cikame

Great quick look drew, finally, someone who can play games well doing a quick look!

Posted by blaze503

this actually made me interested in a racing game. If it is on PC might pick it up.
Posted by FlipperDesert

I wish Drew and Dave were my buddies telling me they were excited about my 4th place finish over the phone. *sigh*
Dirt 3 Codemasters, make it happen.

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@StickyMicky said:
" @ProjektGill said:
" This must be pre-recorded because aren't they supposed to be at PAX?  "
No, its live "
Everytime when you press play, Drew and Dave start a Live Stream.  Must be tiring.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Drew needs to do more Quick Looks please Giantbomb! 
That was one rather informative and entertaining Quick Look.

Posted by Insectecutor

I approve of cockpit view.

Posted by Helios

Drew should do more quick looks 

Posted by VibratingDonkey

@Insectecutor said:
" I approve of cockpit view. "
I approve of the stupid shit you can put on the dashboard and hang from the mirror. Out of all the improvements this sequel brings, that's the most awesome one.
Posted by PenguinDust
@ryanwho said:
" These guys need their own cartoon faces already, they're fairly regular "
Agreed, I need a new Firefox persona with 6 faces instead of 4.
Good QL, I'm a mild fan of rally racing since the original Rallysport Challenge on the Xbox.  This game deserves a closer look I believe.
Posted by Carlos1408

Cockpit view is always more fun! :D

Posted by Osiris

NIce QL guys, good to hear you for once :D

Posted by Will_3rd

Really looking forward to this game, can't wait!

Posted by PanchoKilla

Looks Awesome

Posted by TekZero

Ok, now I'm not sure I like the redesign.
Posted by washablemarkers

This game looks great. I dove back in to the demo after watching this Quick Look, and it's fun but a little brutal. I never played the first Dirt, so I might pick that up first to get used to it a little better.

Posted by chilipeppersman

looks like fun. ill have to try the demo first though to see how it works with my rumblepad 2

Posted by twillfast
@OllyOxenFree said:
" @StickyMicky said:
" @ProjektGill said:
" This must be pre-recorded because aren't they supposed to be at PAX?  "
No, its live "
Everytime when you press play, Drew and Dave start a Live Stream.  Must be tiring. "
It's not tiring for Drew and Dave, cause they're made of win, and awesome.
Posted by HarrySound

Love this game
Posted by TheHT

Good job Drew. Dave and Drew are pretty good together in quick looks.
Game looks fantasmagorical. Damn, where did I hear that word before...

Posted by BionicSheep

so cute! :P

Posted by xDot

Drew is always so reserved and quiet during his few bombast appearances that it's cool to hear him actually talk and be funny.

Posted by Wright

drew is quite an enjoyable quick looker.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@joelalfaro said:
  Happy 1st quick look Drew! 
Edited by MrKlorox

I lost it at the Extreme vs. Savage difficulty. That's like Original vs. Classic mode.
And ROFL @ Toyota pickup trucks. If you're going to douche enough to buy a truck, you might as well douche big enough to buy a real brand. /Texan

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

dave and drew in the same quicklook? awesome! they did a really good job of showing off all the features in the game. and this looks like one of the most polished racers out there. it's just too bad that Dirt has always been a little too hardcore for me..

Posted by JukeboxJoe

Great to see Dave, and moreso Drew, doing some more stuff about the site. Great QL! Get the whole GB team involved in things more, instead of just the Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny (not that they aren't amazing)
Posted by RHCPfan24

DREW!!!! Nice to see him doing these Quick Looks; Dave is awesome as always as well.

Posted by cyrax

Really enjoyed the first one and this looks good too.

Posted by JJOR64

The game looks solid.  Love the menus.

Posted by blackblade500

good job Drew and Dave. They should let them do more QL together , they make a good team

Posted by composite

One thing about the demo worries me: the feeling of driving in cockpit mode reminded me of the driving in Far Cry 2, in that it gave no sense of acceleration/deceleration, just instant start and stop. I'm probably way off, but it was like deja vu back to FC2. Love the aesthetics though. 

Posted by Gamer_152

The menus and on-track graphics look brilliant and the cockpit view and time-rewind feature look really cool. I know if I buy this game though I'll suck at it pretty bad.

Posted by Murdouken

I hear the PC version of Dirt 2 is going to support DirectX 11. 

Posted by Azteck

Drew was great in this quick look. Good job, duder.
And this looks like it could be a lot of fun.. too bad I suck at mildly realistic racing games.

Posted by Maxszy

DREW! W000t! Nice quick look Dave and Drew!

Posted by Swoxx

Great QL! good job on your first QL Drew, and pretty impressive driving skills aswell!

Posted by JFiveJ5

Great QL. Drew needs to do more!!!