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 Ewwwww, Dew! But YES, DREW!

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I love rally racing! I loved the Rally part in the demo, but I hope the final game has pace notes. Eager to see this quicklook. 
Happy 1st quick look Drew! 

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This Quick Look was made possible by the James Mountain D. Fund. And viewers like you. Thank you.

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HAI DREW! I hope you gets to do lots more! <3

EDIT: Oi! The movie breaks up before the end. Or is that just me?

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Yay! Drew!

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Cool, a QL with Dave and Drew, this is a first

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Oh man it's Drew!

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DREW and DAVE!? Hell Yeah!!!

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This must be pre-recorded because aren't they supposed to be at PAX? 

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These guys need their own cartoon faces already, they're fairly regular

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Good to see Drew and Dave getting some more much deserved spotlight!   

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Nice Quick Look guys. I hope Drew ends up doing more.

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DREWBERT for the win!!!!!

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After seeing the whole thing, I must say, great job! Both of you.  And I'm glad there's co-driver pace notes!

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Im driving the original dirt with a Logitech g260 wheel  (PC of course) and I have no idea why you think you cant play it with a wheel.

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Drew lives!

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Dave and Drew is an awesome team.

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I loved the demo. It is a beautiful game with nice little touches--I had my 360 avatar hanging upside down from my rearview mirror.  
It is very fast-paced and a bit brutal in its difficulty; however, I will definitely be picking it up. 
Also, 'grats on your first Quick Look, Drew! You did great with no deaths (I am looking at you, Brad)!

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Happy 1st quick look drew

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Yeah...that is a great team!
Fuck yeah! cockpit appreciation!

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Drew does a good quicklook. Nice stuff!

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It was amazing... you could sense the utter horror in Drew's voice when Dave suggested he could be the next Brad.
Great Quick Look. I am all for more Drew + Dave. They're two great tastes that taste great together.

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Mitsubishi is an EXACT translation of three diamonds, well done :P
Drew, your fucking hardcore going straight to Savage, hope to see more quick looks from you as you show off a lot of the features and stuff pretty well.

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That was a really great quick look, Drew, and Dave was entertaining as always. Good job, guys.

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Happy First Quicklook to You!   Happy First Quicklook to You! Happy First Quicklook Dear Drewbert! Happy First Quicklook to YOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice first QL Drew, good job.

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They let Drew out his cage!?

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i was wondering why this quick look wasn't entertaining. 
 dudes, don't leave drew alone to do these. 

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I hope I don't have to wait for the next PAX to see another Dave and Drew Quicklook.

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Looks amazing. Thanks for the video guys i'll have to check this out

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Pro team GO!

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yay! drew and dave :D great quick look guys. can't wait for this game.

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The menus are awesome. Like seriously.
The unique quick look combo is awesome as well. Shouldn't forget to mention that.

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drews a natural

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@stinky said:
" i was wondering why this quick look wasn't entertaining.  dudes, don't leave drew alone to do these.  "
give me a break...
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Looks ok, not really my thing.  Like the skull on the dash!
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Is it just me, or do the physics look loads better? Like how the cars look as if they're actually moving, rocking around, not floating like in the original. Animation also looks a lot better. That opponent crashing near the beginning; that looked almost photo-realistic.
This may just be the best looking racing game ever. GT5 and Forza got some serious competition.

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Good QL duders!

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that was an awesome quicklook. enjoyed it more than some QLs out there, Drew and Dave should do more and maybe they should do the PC stuff.

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Does this meen Drew got promoted? 0.o

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Drew and Dave!! They are an epic review team that


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I must say, driving and talking is not easy at all, add the rally racing required precision to it, and I am amazed at how there were so little mistakes on Drew's part.

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Demo was pretty fun. Nice quick look from Drew and Dave

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Good quick look, Drew and Dave should do them more.

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Man, DIRT 2 sure is a pretty game. I tend to steer away from racing games (har har), but I might have to try this one out...

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Toyota?  Excommunicate traitoris!