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Nice, Thanksgiving quick look.

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Oh..my....HOW MANY TIMES...how many times will I be only close.

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I never liked Mickey.

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omfg, cant wait to see this. Only Wii game I have been interested in!

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Played it for a few hours and haven't touched it since. It's not really bad just pretty meh..

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Okay, what's up with the really long, awkward silence at the start of the video? I had to make sure I was watching a quick look, and not a trailer. Not saying it was a bad thing, just really bizarre.

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turkey day quick look 

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The last mickey games I played was the one on playstation and the several mickey games on snes. They were so good. Why haven't they made more 2d mickey and ducktale games.
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Did Mickey always look that high?
Maybe it's all the paint fumes.

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I have been wondering how good this will be.

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So long a silence kinda freaking me out.

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Just watched the beginning of the video with the sound off, so I can't really say much other than: Mickey sure fucked that up nicely. Way to go, Mickey.

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In regards of the text, I think it's because it's been localized for so many countries. It's completely in Danish as well, for example.

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I have no idea if this is good. Lucky there is a QL to tell me.

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The whole "2D ears" thing is still super distracting to me.

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So...all this happened because Mickey Mouse is a dick.  Nice going, Mickey.

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I dont understand why it's called "Epic" when it's hardly epic. Not to say it's a bad game.

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Looks like the magician at the start was just painting a scale model of Disney land... wait...

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Mickey is an ASSHOLE!

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Mickey is an asshole for fucking up that wizard's model.

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its because epic is the new extreme
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this game looks awful. well, I guess a turkey is what you need for thanksgiving.

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@Marino said:
" The whole "2D ears" thing is still super distracting to me. "
Well, if they were 3D, I'd say we'd be even more creeped out.
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Feels like this game has been done so many times before

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Time to dust off the Wii.

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that intro makes me think this would've been better as a movie
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I'll show ya an Epic Mickey

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That made a pretty boring Quick Look. Mickey is clearly not my thing.

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What the hell, Mickey? You're an asshole. :(

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Is there a keyblade in this game?

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The intro sold me on the game when I saw the trailer for it awhile back, but seeing that game play kind of undid all that for me. Oh well, when Wii's drop to $50 next gen I will pick this and the other two Wii games that look good up.

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Mickey sounds like Mr Bill.

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this has probably been the most quiet quick look ever, whats up?

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The music makes me think of MediEvil but the visual remind me of a cross between American McGee's Alice and Rayman 2!

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@brocool said:
" this has probably been the most quiet quick look ever, whats up? "
they gave me the distinct impression that they'd rather be at home right now...
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This game has lots of character.

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holy fuck when Jeff talked for the first time it scared me.

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Awesome Naked Gun quote in there Jeff, not many people would throw that out.

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looks awesome

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Looks OK but for all they hype, I expected more. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Germlin Tiestow was funny.

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Music and artstyle look awesome, gameplay significantly less so. 
Also, getting a serious rayman 3 vibe offa this.
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That Fantasia-esq beginning is enough for me.  Fantasia is the greatest movie of all time.  All time!
Great Quick Look, boys.

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Is anyone else getting a Samurai Jack vibe from the in game cut scenes?

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The opening and cut scenes are cool. The gameplay looked super boring, though.

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"Use your open eye Frank" 
This video gets 10 points for referring to The Naked Guns series!

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@Valestis said:
" I never liked Mickey. "
Me neither, and this game this looks very simple and boring.
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Mickey is a dick!

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Damn, all of the actual gameplay activities look really repetitive and quite boring even though a lot about the style is nice. Hopefully the reason for that is the fool-proof hand-holding going on at the beginning. It might pick up a faster pace later, especially since they didn't even get to the purpose of the E-Tickets almost 40 minutes in. Still, this looks a lot less like my kinda game then the marketing led me to believe.

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So will this be in Kingdom Hearts 3?