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On Nom Nom. I wish I had a PSP.

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Game looks great.
Posted by Nyro

I need to buy a PSP.

Posted by amandackrueger

So glad VI is Brad's fave FF!

Posted by JJOR64

Looks solid.  I might pick it up when it comes out.

Posted by Mourer

Time to dust off, charge the dead battery and update my PSP once again I guess.

Posted by neon123

Looks like a DBZ-fied FF cash in.. thing.

Posted by Mouth

this looks good. One more reason for a PSP.

Posted by Davin

If I had a PSP I'd prolly at least give it a rent, looks fun.

Posted by FLStyle

What's a Virtual On?

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Ewww, stop milking that poor cow square.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

The low level stuff looks really lame, but the crazy maxed-out, flying through the air in the core of the planet bullshit is exactly what i came to see. Could be pretty cool.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Look like a fun little gma e may have to pick it up.

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@FLStyle: Apply directly to the virtual
Posted by DavidSnakes

Milking a dead cow

Posted by slinky6

looks like poop.

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I'll have to try this.

Posted by Banjo_ace

"fanboy squeal" must buy now!

Posted by Bucketdeth

Doesn't look to bad, I'd like to try it out.

Posted by DerekDanahy

Suck it up!

Posted by flamingbananas

i played the japanese game.
it is SOOOOOO goood!
a brad..... sorry. but did u read the instructions?
you can run up walls, and do cool ex attacks.
also there are 2 attacks. 1 deals brave dmg the other deals hp dmg.

Posted by Cloneslayer

go squall! he the coolest of the FF chars

Posted by Legend

You are supposed to press triangle when you see the arrows for some cool wall/rail action, Brad. :P

Posted by Dudacles

Looks terrible to me.

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Weekend QL GO!

Those menu's look extremely Dynasty Warriors

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Ah its a sweet game! Very unique battle system and tons and tons of customization. You should read instructions or do tutorial before playing though =P If you don't know how the brave system works you won't be able to play the game so well.

I can't wait for this game =P I played the hell out of it in japanese

Errr you don't pick one piece of equipment at the start of battle, what your seeing is the enemies equipment. All of your equipment is in effect.

Onion Knight is dude ahh!!

Gah for anyone intersted in this, theres tons of moves and abilities for each character, hundreds of weapons,armors, and accessories. A Item crafting system. Each character has its own special attacks. There is around 40 summons in the game, both passive and active.

I really wish the guys had went into the menu's just once T_T" Theres a lot going on outside of battle as well. Also all the evil villains are unlockable to play as also.

Posted by Osphere

Combat looks pretty fun, Kingdom Hearts-esque

Posted by Pie

Ryan has evil laugh

Posted by NMC2008

Looks EXTREMELY boring.

Posted by EnterpriseE

Man I can't wait till i get my PSP.  This is one of many games i will purchase on day one. Hey this game is not for everyone.

Posted by MeatSim

What a surprise lot's of spiky-hair.

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I didn't know it was coming out so soon, nice!

Posted by PureRok

Must... get... this... NOW!

Posted by HatKing

Not a Final Fantasy fan at all, but this looks pretty cool.  I don't really like playing my PSP though, maybe it'll make a jump over to PS2 as a port or PSN as a downloadable game.

Posted by bshirk

Ryan and Brad, you guys were were wondering about that course that looked like a "Disco Ball Room."  That's the final dungeon in Final Fantasy II (NES) and is called Pandaemonium.  That's one of the least played FF games, most people probably aren't familiar with it.

Posted by lamiafusion

lol you just couldn't let Brad make it out alive this time Ryan

Posted by Emandudeguyperson

That looks truly awful, pass.

Posted by Hairydutchman

I wouldn't play this even if it was the last game on earth.

Posted by FunExplosions

it's gonna take more than this to get me to buy another psp power chord.

Posted by R3ym0nd

Played the japanese version. It was great!

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@amandackrueger said:
" So glad VI is Brad's fave FF! "
Hell yeah.

Too bad they couldn't show us Kefka.
Posted by Volgin13

poor brad. He dies in just about every quick look.

Posted by Ineedaname

Brad really didn't want to die in a quick look.

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Looks alright I guess. I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, but I don't know if I'll get this.

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Ryan made Brad pull a Brad.

Posted by Benjaminvdv

Looks interesting, will be interesting to see how the controls feel after you've played it for a few hours.

Posted by TyphoonSwell

That looks sooooo fun....... But I do have one question. Will it be available for digital download.....? Y'know, like for the upcoming Psp Go?

Posted by whatisdelicious

That camera looks terrible.