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The Hero games only remind me of "the song that never ends."  And good thing Brad is on the mic, his hands probably hurt from Super Meat Boy.  I know mine do.

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Interesting that they made a second one of this..

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I love how brad hasn't noticed that you don't need to match pitch.

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Brad wants you to take off all your clothes. 
Do it.

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Crank that soldier boy wooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Edit: Brad just started singing. My life is complete.

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The first one of these was actually really great.  Hoping the 2nd one can live up to that.  Everything I've heard about it sounds good, though.
Also, the freezing is a known bug when the gamertag signed in has 100 friends. Which is kind of a crappy bug, but one that probably doesn't affect too many people. Hope they fix that quickly, though. I think I heard that the patch was already going through cert or whatever.
Either way, I'll probably wait for the price to drop. I picked up the renegade version of the original DJ Hero for 60 on Amazon this summer. Will probably wait for the second to drop to 40 or so.

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lol@how fast people commented.

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Brad is amazing.

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Must be frustrating to have the game lockup straight after you finish it. :(

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Hells to the yeah! So many quick looks over the past couple weeks. I'm grateful. :)

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Oh man.  Warren G, Snoop and Nelly should quit their jobs right now.  Make way for Bradizzle.

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Activision should stop embarrassing themselves with Guitar Hero and go around with DJ Hero.

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Wow Brad. Just wow.

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Oh my god, Brad! Holy shit!

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@JJWeatherman said:
" Hells to the yeah! So many quick looks over the past couple weeks. I'm grateful. :) "
This. I'm most certainly feeling it.
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Oh God. Whiskey Media Happy Hour feature all Friday night,y'all?!
That damn lockup thing is very frustrating though... two songs and two lockups?!

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Badass tones from Bradley there.
Edit: Game looks like shit however

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okey someone has to make some audio clips and gif images when brad says its getting hot in here

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Goddam, that's buggy! How the hell does a game like this get to come out?

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Note to self: never take the mic in a session of DJ Hero 2.

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Brad's voice can go surprisingly high.

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Damn...I wanted to see the Informer remix.

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Crashey crashey.

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Is this the retail version? That locking fucking sucks.

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Brad's singing is my favorite birthday present ever.

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Jesus fucking christ brad.

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God I wish I had got DJ Hero.

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What a stupid game! Good attempt Brad!

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That looks horribly awkward as hell to sing any of these. 
Anyone know if the soundtrack for this is any good on it's own? The first one was pretty great and makes for good listening on it's own. 
[edit] Also, this still looks terribly not fun to play.
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Oh no, looked good as well. 

Posted by Morris

haha what a great quick look. im probably gonna pick this up when it drops in price a bit.

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I'm sure you guys have tried this since yesterday, but it couldn't hurt to ask :Did  you guys try clearing the 360 cache on start-up?

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This look amazing. Want, want, want. (Can't afford.)

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Locking up? Are they really sure it's the game? Should try some other games just to make sure. Preferably those who have been known to have problems on consoles about to die.

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That's a dumbass bug.  The 100 Friends thing.

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I think Brad and Jeff should be Casey and his brother for Halloween.

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LOL wow... that quick look was rough at the end... shame to see the game crash so many times.... probably just a faulty disc was sent to them

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Brad...actually did a fair better job of that then I could ever manage

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Defective disc???

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Holy crapola that's some crashing. How can a retail product be in that shape?

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Lock ups are totally club.

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The powers of Elvis killed the game, it's stuff like this that other game review sites would just edit out & it's quite informative during the breaks.

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i'm like 3/4 through the career mode and i've never had the game lock up ever. not even before or after i installed it on my 360. i have that new fresh shiny black 360. 
i like the extra crossfader dead zone space but i wish the game wasnt so anal about getting those scratches so perfect.

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@BulletproofMonk said:
" Is this the retail version? That locking fucking sucks. "
They said right at the end, retail copy.
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On Twitter yesterday some people were saying that if you had 100 friends on your friends list that DJ Hero 2 would lock up at the end of songs. Wonder if Jeff has tried deleting a friend from his list yet?

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Man, was considering this before the lock up issues.

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@xMrSunshine: Yeah, it's pretty crazy.  Seems to be the week for crashing and buggy releases
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I've been playing this for two days and i've never had a problem playing it. I'm thinking faulty disc on this one.