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Posted by joeshabadoo

@zmilla: I fear that he was pressured in to it, or owed a favor :/

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I came in excited to see a multiplayer quick look with the crew, and then left disappointed. Boring games will do that for you.

Posted by Gildermershina

This is the second time in the past few weeks I've heard some of the original music pieces sampled on that awesome DANGER DOOM record. Always weird when DOOM doesn't start rapping on cue.

Posted by gbrading

Nothing obnoxious about it, but nothing memorable either.

Posted by pyromagnestir

I'm glad to see there are so many DOOM fans around.

Posted by Korolev

Yeah this doesn't look terribly great. Notice how Jeff barely said anything during the whole Quick-look. He was bored out of his mind. In fact, they all were. What a bad game.

Posted by manbot47

this is more like a rough starting off point for a game not finished product

Edited by darkest4

Well that was a waste of time, for both us viewers and poor Jeff who you could tell was quietly planning how he's going to fire Brad the entire time.

Does Giantbomb quicklook certain games just because they like the music in it?

Posted by dr_mantas

At least the other games the whole crew played together were either good, or so bad they're hilarious. This just seems boring to watch.

Posted by wealllikepie

@jrinswand: AWESOME i heard that too and was all like O.O