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donkey kong, brings back memories

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Love me some DKC - too bad absolutely no one else does.

I really hope Nintendo is planning another trilogy for the WiiU - that would totally get me to buy it.

On an unrelated note, I'm excited to see what Retro's working on.

On a really unrelated note, I'm excited to see what Rare will bring to the Xbone - that Killer Instinct rumor is tantalizing...

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I just played and finished the Wii version last week, and it was pretty phenomenal. But I can't imagine I'll go back anytime soon.

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No bongos, no sale.

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Was DK Country fro SNES really that hard? I only remeber being super stuck on this mine cart level with an on off ligth mechanic and than the final boss "dying" and than not really doing that.

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Can't wait.

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I haven't been so frustrated while watching a QL in a long time! Way to keep at it Ryan!

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Such a shame that the wii version has AWFUL waggle mapped to rolling

and the 3ds version has a shitty low res screen.

A potentially great game without a good version available anywhere.

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Now only if Nintendo would re-release the DKC games on the VC. For some reason they pulled them some point last year on the Wii.

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Bought this for my big bro, a person who hasn't seriously played a game since the SNES days and loved the Donkey Kong series, and he's having a blast with it.

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Don't call it a comeback!

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Have been playing this quite a bit and absolutely love it, one of the best platformers of recent years. The port is great too.

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In spite of waggle for the roll, I was able to beat AND ENJOY Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. It's hard to think that some people didn't just write it off because they just hated shaking the controller too much by then.

Edit: I'd also like to say that I don't know how Ryan was playing multiplayer, but both of the characters have the same climbing and jumping abilities, though Diddy does have the jetpack, which gives him an extra advantage.

And I try not to get upset about how the gameplay is in the quick looks, but shiiit, Ryan is bad at this.

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I really like this game, not sure if I'll double dip though. But I can say that I'm pretty tempted.

Such a well-designed and challenging plattformer.

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I'm thinking of picking this up. Should probably finish Revengeance before I buy anymore games, though. And I'm thinking of picking up Remember Me and The Last of Us. Maybe I should wait on this...

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Really liked the Wii version, disappointed that is basically all this is.

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Loving all this love for DKC. Great series. We need more of it.

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I guess I'm just not a pure platform guy. These games have never seemed interesting to me at all. I loved DK 64, but aside from that I've never really dug the visual style or gameplay...

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Shame that this port is so jaggy, I'd like to own it on 3DS (still probably will down the line), but that makes me less excited for it as someone who already owns the Wii version.

On another note, ughhhh this music is so good!

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I just want another SNES donkey kong country but on the 3DS.

I really don't like the art style of these games.

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Weird, DKC is another series I thought was well-loved. Surprised to hear so many people either didn't like it or didn't play it. Great platformers and the sequels even had some weird open-world and secret stuff.

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I got that reference and it was awful.

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Aw, they cut the video right before the cathartic beating-the-shit out of the boss guy.

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One of my top 5 Wii games, but I don't think I'll be buying it again.

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Uh...wasn't there supposed to be a Swapper quick look posted by now?

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This game is still really great.

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lol Ryan sucks at games

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Loved DKC but my opinion on DKCR has soured in a post Rayman Origins world. Rayman Origins is a way better Donkey Kong Country game than DKCR. The physics and handling were much much better, much closer to the original trilogy. This game Donkey Kong takes too long to wind up and treating Diddy Kong as a power up which helps counter the sluggish handling is poor design, especially when a number of sections don't give you Diddy arbitrarily.

I feel this would've been better if they had just made a new DKC game for the 3DS. I mean, say what you will of NSMB2, at least it was a new game.

(Also, side note, they ruined the roll in DKCR. Originally it could keep going so long as you kept hitting enemies and roll jumping was the best way to get to far away places. In DKCR roll jumping gave you a dumb amount of momentia that you have little control over since there's no air control.)

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@mrmazz: I'd say Returns is definitely a harder game than any of the original DKCs. It's still generally in the spirit of DK platformers, though, considering that the Donkey Kong Land series for the gameboy was a really brutal fucker when it wanted to be.

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never picked up this game, but I might yet. for those who actually remember the old donkey kong games (not gonna speak for patrick, but ryan is playing this game really poorly, heh), is this game harder than donkey kong country 2? that was a a hard game in spots (it's also my favourite platformer of all time, probably). the first one's actually pretty easy. never got around to playing the third, sadly.

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@aegon: There was, but it got taken down. Audio was off sync.

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I got this game for free with the "So many games!" promo. I'm definitely not enjoying it as I thought I would. Too much frustration-inducing levels. And I won't even attempt to play the Time Attack, because, MAN...

@falling_fast said:

what is going on with the pages. I don't need the video to stay on the page no matter how far I scroll down. especially since it's super janky. the video has reloaded like five times, and now the video is straight up gone. the way it worked before was FINE

Between the quality and volume buttons. That's the sticky video button. Click it.

Edit: Also, why does changing from D-Pad to Circle Pad and viceversa changes the goddamned button configuration too? Why does it switch around what X/Y and L/R do? What a stupid, pointless and arbitrary change.

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@joeyravn said:

Between the quality and volume buttons. That's the sticky video button. Click it.

thanks. maybe I clicked it by accident *phew*

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@mrmazz said:

Was DK Country fro SNES really that hard? I only remeber being super stuck on this mine cart level with an on off ligth mechanic and than the final boss "dying" and than not really doing that.

Most of the game was not that bad but FUCK THAT ICE WORLD (in this and in all games)

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I was so excited when DKC came out on SNES but I have no nostalgia for it now for some reason. I never played the Wii version and this looks fine, I'll probably pick it up.

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I've never liked this version of Donkey Kong. I would like Nintendo to get back to the roots of barrel throwing and lady kidnapping...

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Time until LOST reference: 25 seconds.

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OMG Ryan is so slow with the barrel shooting parts, it drives me insane.

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I loved this game for the Wii. I played it with the nunchuk and never had an issue. Tough game though so I can imagine that it could be frustrating if you had issues with the rolling.

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I agree with Patrick with this game being one of the best Platformers in recent memory. Personally, I think it's the best 2D Platformer for the Wii.

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I agree with Patrick with this game being one of the best Platformers in recent memory. Personally, I think it's the best 2D Platformer for the Wii.