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Ryan doing his best Brad impression there.

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After beating DKCR 100% I don't have any interest in an easier version with framerate problems. I wonder who this game is for? People who liked the Wii game but had to abandon it because it was too tough?

I love the DKC series and consider it one of my favorite platformers, but this just seems to exist because it's a recognizable name and it was easy enough to adapt as a 3DS title to get more well known products for that system on the shelves. I'm not really sure who this is "for" specifically, except for the fanbase that is pretty rabidly supportive of anything DKC related, but viewed from the perspective of "how do we slap together some more 3DS titles to keep people buying 3DS games" it makes some amount of sense, and since most of the work was already done it was probably fairly low investment on Nintendo's end.

I never played the wii version, my wii has since been replaced by my wii u, and I can download this right to my 3ds instead of going to eb games. I could just play the wii version on my wii u, but if you've seen how the backwards compatibility actually works, you'd never want to use it again. It's atrocious.

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Someone get the timid little choir-boy out of the gaming seat and give us some GD Ryan Davis, please.

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I got this on the Wii when it came out but didn't play much of it. I picked this up yesterday and I'm in love with it.

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Oh and fuck you Patrick this game looks fine. Don't be a hater.

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Oh and fuck you Patrick this game looks fine. Don't be a hater.

I'm not sure sure it's "hating" to say that it's a good platformer that just looks a little inferior to another version.

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Oh and fuck you Patrick this game looks fine. Don't be a hater.

I'm not sure sure it's "hating" to say that it's a good platformer that just looks a little inferior to another version.

I was honestly joking. Although I posted that comment about 1/3 through the video and by the halfway point I was getting pretty sick of Patrick's negative comments. Graphically it may be inferior but that's to be expected. I think this is the superior version of the game, personally, just because it's basically the same thing minus the waggle and available on the go.

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This doesn't have that precise, fast-paced action that made the core gameplay of the SNES version. Pass. Again. The Wii version's waggle, and now this. I'll never get to play a modern DKC.

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Fun game but no memorable characters from the SNES trilogy like the Kremlings.

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This was really painful to watch. Good on Ryan for sticking it out and beating the first boss on easy, though. What a champ!

there's that word again!

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To be fair to Ryan, that first boss is a tedious asshole.

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Patrick's commentary just seems to be exactly what I wish to say.

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@dazzhardy: Bless you, Sir/Ma'am. That brought back a lot of nostalgia.

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Was DK Country fro SNES really that hard? I only remeber being super stuck on this mine cart level with an on off ligth mechanic and than the final boss "dying" and than not really doing that.

Most of the game was not that bad but FUCK THAT ICE WORLD (in this and in all games)

The bullshit part about DKC on the SNES is that the camera is pulled in so tight that you can't reasonably see enemies (or a pit) coming until after you've committed to a jump in a lot of cases. There are definitely a couple levels in the ice area of DKC 1 that are absolutely horrible until you just memorize the whole damn level.

Also, it's fucking insane that the difficulty of Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii prevented Ryan from finishing it. Sure, it's challenging near the end, but most of the regular levels are pretty manageable, and the (optional) secret temples are the only stages that could potentially eat up dozens of lives. Seriously, there's a fucking shop where you can just buy life balloons in bulk. As long as you actually make an effort to pick up coins, you should always have enough to keep buying lives.

Ryan's general competency at games is pretty questionable. DKCR isn't exactly Super Meat Boy or anything.

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