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Finally, I can stop chasing this crazy quest.

Posted by deathstroke75

cool....ranch doritos that is

Posted by glasswall52


Posted by moelarrycurly

How the hell do people post so fast? 
@glasswall52 said:

" Doritos "
Posted by MrGtD

I was hoping they'd just eat some Doritos.

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Posted by dlwarner

Yes free points!!

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Do Doritos count as chips?

Posted by Nytrik

Wait, what?

Posted by LiK

They're surprisingly fun.

Posted by christ0phe

There is track deformation in this.   I'm kinda impressed

Posted by Drumminjay108

I had a great time with these games with my friends.

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These really aren't all that bad. I'm having more fun with these two games then I did with Dash Of Destruction, which I also liked. The only bad part is that they DIDN'T put tons of Doritos stuff all over these games. I want my ad games to be filled to the brim with stupid crap.

Posted by Undead_Fiend

You can upgrade the turret by shooting the upgrades on the track in singleplayer BTW.
Posted by harvey_the_pooka


Posted by Raymayne

Cool ranch.

Posted by CaLe

I consumed 3 packets of Doritos while watching this Quicklook. I'm not even joking.

Posted by Kjellm87

Obstacle course looks fun but short

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Harm's Way actually looks fun, the concept is real nice. I wonder if it would do better if it hadn't the Doritos name associated with it.

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Harm's Way looks like far more fun than it has any right to be....I'm not sure what to think anymore.

Posted by WulfBane

 A free Doritos XBLA game, team up as racer and driver and try to come in first as your opponents try to stop you.

Wait, you can be a racer AND a driver?
Posted by Xealot42

I wish I had some Doritos.  I don't buy them anymore since I am usually tempted to eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Posted by countinhallways

Holyyyy crap. These two games look like a lot of fun. And they are free! 
I would absolutely play a Trials HD style game where you play as some freaky dude running an obstacle course. Those animations were really good. Again, free.

Posted by Sammo21

I can't decide if these games are cheesey as hell or cool as a ranch cucumber.  

Posted by GUTBOMB

Deathrace Doritos........mmmmmm

Posted by JoeyRavn

If you want another game for the S-Ranking quest, download Harms Way. I literally got 200/200 in literally 15 minutes... literally. One Achievement is as easy as popping up the credits. You don't even have to watch them, just go to the credits.

Posted by Soap

I'll be honest, for free games that have very limited branding on them I'm very impressed. I hope to see more like this!

Posted by BlaineBlaine

What the hell does the chicken button do!?! Left Bumper has a chicken. 
My 360 is packed away. 

Posted by Mordi

What's Theater-mode?

Posted by EnchantedEcho

I am pretty impressed by both of these free offerings, good job doritos.

Posted by Atomasist

Japan 4.

Posted by glasswall52

Dude, GB getting slammed by spammers the last couple of days. WHAT IS THE DEAL?

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For free (advertisement) games, they're surprisingly competent.
Good on Doritos for that. =)

Posted by Pinworm45

Harms Way looks pretty decent actually.. graphics look good and I love the concept. Ima get it.

Posted by elephantjewls

I was hoping for a new flavour of Doritos. I guess this is cool too.

Posted by VisceralBishop24

Behaviour, the makers of Dorito's Crash Course are also the developers of the new Ghostbuster's game (which will be a top-down shooter) coming out on XBLA early next year. A little bit of information on the studio behind one of the free games. :)

Posted by ShaolinSpade

they said Doritos 26 times in that quck look. that doesn't seem too out of the ordinary for them. On I side note I'm really hungry for Doritos now.... Doritos wins.

Posted by Twinblade34

Too bad there was no1 on Harm's Way's multi, i really wanted to see this game's multiplayer in action. 
And i dont have a x360 to see for myself...

Posted by ProfessorEss

As I did for Dash of Destruction, I vow to buy at least one large bag of Doritos for every free game they put out - regardless of quality.
That's marketing that works for me.

Posted by JayCee

Do a barrel roll!

Posted by bcjohnnie

The controls in Crash Course make me never want to buy Doritos again...
That said, Harms Way does look like more fun, plus I'm Jonesing for an easy S-Rank for free.

Posted by Grissefar

Who the heck designed the TNT man? He looks pretty stoned.
And that Crash Course game looks fun as fuck.

Posted by Zaccheus

That's just plain good promotion. If I could I'd buy a bag of Doritos for that even though I don't have a 360.  

Posted by thealexray

This is what 3D sonic should've been.

Posted by Yzzerdd
@thealexray said:
" This is what 3D sonic should've been. "
Sonic Colors pretty much is this.
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S - Ranked Harm's Way but Crash course can go F%^$$ itself. 

Posted by chimpchimp

Both of those games look about 100x better than I was expecting. Well played Doritos.

Posted by Wrighteous86

I am way more psyched for Crash Course than I have any right to be.

Posted by wwfundertaker

The two games are pretty cool, cool breeze haha.

Posted by Googly


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