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Luigi doesn't look very pleased with those viruses....

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That's not Mario.

Luigi is one of those back-alley doctors.

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Pills for days.

Posted by Morningstar

That's one big pill....

Posted by baka_shinji17

We need 50 ccs of Luigi! Stat!

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Dr. Do et.

Posted by Abendlaender

I was actually screaming at 5:30

Posted by Tag

I just can't do it.....I can't watch this video.... Brad, like always you just miss every obvious thing right in front of you and you proceed to make everything harder then it actually is.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

@5:07 Brad: "What am I doing here?"

Good question.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Dr Luigi, like Dr Mario but for idiots.

Posted by Blessthismess

40 minutes? I expected this video would be 10 minutes--tops.

Posted by Patman99

The option B virus design was really terrible. I'm not colourblind but it made me feel like I was colourblind...

Posted by knightlyknave

@abendlaender: Why does Brad do so many quick looks? He is the worst player in the office.

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As someone who plays Dr Mario at least once every week, this was a pretty tough video to watch. I'd still like to caution people away from the "Brad is bad at games" type of posts all the same. Worth keeping in mind that Tetris Battle Gaiden is definitely more in his wheelhouse, Ninja Kid or no.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I was backseat Dr Luiging like Jeff. Man it seems like Brad and Vinny could've done so much better if they thought about where they were placing pills.

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Pills here.

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

Brad sucks at games.

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Oh man...... So bad at Dr. Mario!

Posted by ultrapeanut

I learned lots of new curse words from watching my grandma play Dr. Mario. That game was so awesome when I was 5.

Posted by pakattak

Oh my god.

I'm not one to usually judge Brad's gaming, but watching this was literally stressing me out.


Posted by Ninja_Welshman

Never played Dr Mario but this just looks like a poor version of Tetris.

Posted by dougbrit2

Ha, ha, I play like Vinny quietly, but I laugh every time brad shouts out something like, "Oh you...So and so!'

Posted by Ares42

Well, that was pretty hard to watch. Not that I've played a ton of Dr. Mario, but seems to me like they could've gotten a long way with the simple strategy of always stacking the same pills.

Posted by rmanthorp

Brad sucks at games.

Hey now... Come on.

Luigi is lame


I'm going to start swinging this hammer.

Posted by Milkman

Whoever at Nintendo decided to give this asshole his own year should be fired.

Posted by Linkster7

Nope, can't do it. Watching someone else playing this game is just to hard.

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So Brad at games.

Actually to be fair, starting off on "normal" difficulty and having the speed set to medium off the get go isn't exactly a good way to start the game either - it's pretty hard!

Posted by AngelN7

Well at least is 15$

Posted by Seroth

Arika, huh? What medicine can cure Skullomania? Only another Street Fighter EX game...

Posted by ajamafalous

As an avid Dr. Mario player, Brad's play is driving me fucking insane.

Vinny knows what's up, though.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

fuck Luigi

Posted by hustlerlt

I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned it, but Brad is really bad at video games.

Posted by jakeyjake

I now understand why DOTA 2 players hate everyone learning the game.

It's not that you're not trying

It's that you're actually terrible. Objectively, unequivocally, terrible at Dr. Mario.

And that's ok.

I just shouldn't watch it.

Posted by Majkiboy

So booring, couldn't even watch the whole QL

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Oh no, Jeff is in this! He's going to complain!

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Maybe the pills are so slippy and friction-less because... you know... Luigi??

Posted by Rmack

I made it to 2:60.

Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

Does the green doc have a pill for all this complaining in the comments?

Posted by medacris

There was also a "Dr. Wario" minigame as an unlockable in the original WarioWare game. That was actually my first interaction with Dr. Mario.

Posted by thePoark

@ellesugars: Kinda seems like Jeff is always mean to Brad. :(

Posted by ShaggE

I was cracking up at Jeff's disapproving "hmm"s throughout.

Also: Everybody has games they suck at. Brad has kicked some ass at some tough games numerous times. He's hardly an infant slapping randomly at buttons like some people make him out to be.

Posted by sir_tonk

Brad is bad at games.

Posted by Sunjammer

Operation L is much higher pace than the regular game, and I thought it was actually a lot more fun as a result. Dr Mario was a puzzler I could never really get into because the buildup was so painfully slow, and on higher levels it'd just dump you right into a super hostile map, making the long buildup that much more painful.

I'll say retro mode is MILES harder than Operation L. A single mistake can and will bury you. Brad sure done did messed up a lot, but it is a *difficult* game.

Posted by paulunga

Yeah, sure, Brad was "bombing out on purpose".

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Pills... Here?!

E: wow, I thought Brad was bad at Battle Tetris but it's nothing compared to this, a game entirely made of L-blocks.

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As somebody who has no nostalgia for this game, bad Tetris doesn't really interest me. Then again, I bet I'm not the target audience for this game.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Brad sort of really does suck at games.