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Posted by Deathpooky

I know Dr. Mario was always a harder game than Tetris. But that was some bad Dr. Mario play.

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Jeff attempting to hold back his criticism and failing a bit made this pretty fun to watch. It seemed, though, that they were playing it like Tetris and that was the root of the problem. Still, this game doesn't look that great. Fun video!

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I was actually screaming at 5:30

Same. I had to ragequit watching an internet video.

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@rmack said:

I made it to 2:60.

Oh geez, did the world change to metric time when I was asleep?

Posted by MeatSim

The Year of the Luigi has made me all drowsy and dizzy.

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You know, I'm not one to usually give Brad much shit for his playing but I could hear Ryan in my head screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" like 10 times during this.

.... and then I got sad

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Brad the mooch, making a mess of things . Stack those reds, lol.

And yes, my Dad had a horrible time with side effects of different medicines. Try to keep your medicine life simple. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

Gawd l love the klonopin music, lol.

C'mon Brad, pretend this is demon souls!

To Vinny, there are now a few anti viral drugs

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I've found that one of the most frustrating things about Dr. Mario is watching someone else play. That being said if you've any fondness for the game I'd advise against watching this video; the inaccurate information coupled with the beginner style play makes this difficult to watch.

If you know what Dr. Mario is then you prolly already know by now if you like it or not. If you like it then do yourself a favor and don't watch the video, just go play Dr. Mario, or in this case Dr. Luigi.

If you've never played a Dr. Mario game before in your life, then by all means watch away, The crew does a good introduction, and since you're unfamiliar it won't cause you physical pain watching the pills drop in sub-optimal patterns.

One thing to note, I don't know if they clarified this since I couldn't make it through the whole quick look, Dr. Mario has been available on almost all of the Nintendo consoles, including the handhelds in one form or another since the good ol' NES.

Posted by chrisphil1724

P.S. Brad is bad at games

Posted by Yesiamaduck

Soooo, the only good mode doesn't even get a makeover... dayumn Nitendo be gettin' super lazy recently

Posted by Ketchupp

I'm pretty sure the brain in Vinnys head is different than normal brains.

Posted by Hughes

Jeff's B-Real impression makes the video

Posted by jbrown08

This quick look is just the worst of giantbomb. Brad barely even understands how to play the game, Jeff is just being cynical and mean without Ryan to reign him in, and none of them seem to know anything about the game. Vinny is still fucking awesome though.

Posted by MasterRain

I was going to be mean about Brad. But... Keep trying little buddy.

Posted by soupbones

Great game - been playing for a week now and it's addictive. Like real pills!

Posted by JimmySmiths

Brad can go through the beginning of demon souls with no deaths, but he cant last 5 minutes in Dr mario...

Posted by izzle

I think that those capsules are fucked up, son!

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I've always thought Dr Mario was dumb. Probably in the minority for that.

Posted by Humanity

@yesiamaduck: there's a new Mario kart coming out soon! It ..does that thing Sonic Transformed did..2 years ago.

Posted by chilibean_3

You know, there has to be some basic Dr. Mario strategy out there. I could never figure it out but I'm sure it's out there.

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Posted by Rio

ok so what i learned here..... Brad is terrible at Dr. Mario

Posted by RobertOrri

Brad can go through the beginning of demon souls with no deaths, but he cant last 5 minutes in Dr mario...

Well, everyone has genres they're good and bad at. This doesn't seem like Brad's forté (though he was pretty good at Money Puzzle Exchanger).

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too bad this isn't money puzzle exchanger :(

Posted by BuddyleeR

Lol, Brad not getting that horizontal red virus on the first level is driving me crazy.

Posted by FoxMulder

Glad Nintendo is making some digital only games, the Wii U needs it!

Posted by HatKing

Man. I'm so glad Nintendo games are in proper HD now. Their art always looks great, but now it's getting the treatment it deserves on a modern console. I love looking at this stuff.

Posted by Yadilie

Sounds like Jeff just wants this to play like Lumines.

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@jbrown08: "Cynical and mean"? And people need to stop saying stuff about Ryan that isn't true, he didn't "reign in" Jeff's cynicism.

And they seem to know enough about the game and the rules, what is it they don't know? Neither are very good about the game though, of course.

Posted by BisonHero

If the goal of Dr. Mario was to immediately freak out and then place pills in the worst possible position, Brad would be world champion.

Posted by JackSukeru

I am also terrible at Dr.Mario.

Posted by gamerpigeon

4:50 and I'm already out. No way can I watch him make a mistake like that. Come On! lol

Posted by fisk0

I never had a console as a kid, but I also had an neighbor who had an NES. Used to play a lot of Probotector, Super Mario Bros 2 and Turtles at her house until she started stealing and smashing my toys. :(

Posted by cyborgx7

I don't know who reads this comment section, but the touchscreen mode was part of Brain Age. So it technically was on the DS and therefore on the 3DS.

Posted by joeshabadoo

hilariously terrible dr mario play. <3 u brad

Posted by Itwongo

What did they do to the viruses?!? Why are their designs so shitty?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

They made Dr. Mario 64, so don't act like it hasn't been around since the NES days. And while I am terrible at Dr. Mario, I know enough to know that this contained some rather sub-par Dr. Mario play.

Posted by Hassun


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@hatking: For other Nintendo games, sure. But the art for this just looks bland and boring to me.

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What. I thought "Year of Luigi" was something Giant Bomb made up as a joke. How about that.

Posted by Pires82

I laughed so hard at the B-Real impersonation ahahahaha

PS: "Brad sucks at video games!" :D

Posted by Hunter5024

I cannot watch people play games like this.

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P.S. Brad sucks at games

Posted by Viking_Funeral

I've never seen someone try to so hard to screw themselves over. Get rid of the pills in the way! That's all you have to do!

Posted by katimanic

I think Brad needs a video game physiologist. He isn't this terrible at games, why has he been so terrible lately?

I think he must be in some kind of cycle of bad video game playing. He tries hard to not be bad, so he is stressed and plays poorly.

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Huh. This looks straight up terrible.

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Vinny was right about that end game music sounding like the Beach Boys. The beginning basically sounds like it's ripped straight from "Surfin' Safari."