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Brad is really good at this game.

Posted by arch4non

Watching Brad play puzzle games is a human rights violation.

Posted by Talon64

I'm just off of watching Brad be awful at Rust, so now watching him be awful at this is really testing my tolerance level of Brad playing games.

Brad's great, just not at, like, playing games.

Posted by Hyuzen

@xbob42: I don't remember this, but apparently my older brothers managed to get me to do stuff for them by promising they would pay me, but then when I do it they say they changed their mind.

Whatever. I can just yell and say they're hurting me, and my parents would come to my aid! Being the youngest child is amazing!

Year of Luigi 4 life!

Posted by Korolev

There are pills to fight viruses, but it depends on what virus you have. Anti-viral medication isn't pleasant to take and doesn't work against a lot of viruses - and even in some cases in which they do work against a virus, they don't help you get any better any faster unless you take them almost immediately (tamiflu, for instance).

Brad's a bit wrong though - you can cure some viruses with antiviral medication.

Posted by MissAshley

So, Jeff would like Dr. Mario better if it was Puyo Puyo. Damn it, now I want to see some Kirby's Avalanche or Mean Bean Machine on an Unprofessional Friday.

Posted by Mrbagdt

I know it's cliche to say Brad sucks at games but my god man...

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Perrhaps when so many different people, across so many different videos, say that Brad is bad at playing games, often apologising while saying so because they didn't want to be one of the people who says Brad is bad at games: maybe it just means that Brad is, in fact, bad at games.

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Holy shit he keeps throwing away the perfect L-blocks!

Posted by SemiNormal

I don't get Dr. Mario also, I am kind of with Jeff that maybe the blocks should clear out if they are just 4 touching each other even in a box formation.

Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Puyo Puyo) is exactly like that (with gravity). It plays a lot faster, especially in 2-player.

As someone who's seeing Dr Mario/Luigi for the first time, this doesn't look... fun.

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Bad is Brad at this game.

Posted by AV_Gamer

This is the Giantbomb I remember: Brad getting trolled for his quick look play.

Still, this game lacks the charm of Dr. Mario.

Posted by bassman2112

Good GOD a lot of that music sounds out of tune. Someone please tell me it's not just me... Sometimes the melody/sound effects sound like 20 - 50 cents flat (especially when clearing lines).

Also the lullaby song totally quotes "Little Suede Shoes" by Charlie Parker

Posted by teh_destroyer

" Pills Here!." Says Bill.

Posted by Nameless2000

"They shot Luigi!"

Posted by joeshabadoo
@34baxter said:

Dr. Mario is a bad game and i really don't understand why people like it. Is it nostalgia? I don't know. The game just isn't fun and it has never been fun.

Dr Mario doesn't deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Tetris.

wow you're mad

Posted by crithon

man, I do not want to be that guy who says "I played it, there for it's good" defence. But jeff is right about dr mario

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This feels like it'd be way better-suited to 3DS.

Also - Brad, if you're the one playing then please don't worry about talking too much. Vinny and Jeff could handle the bulk of that and it'd let you focus more on the game. Talking and playing simultaneously is way hard, and I'm sure people would rather see you playing well than worrying about providing information during the gameplay. :]

Also, Toad is a mushroom guy. He don't play when it comes to pills.

Posted by Kartana

Stop hating Jeff! You're just too old for games at this time in your life.

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I was totally ready to make a "Dr. Mario Battle Gaiden" joke, just in case they didn't go for it in the video.

I wonder how these guys feel about Yoshi's Cookie.

Posted by L33T_HAXOR

I don't really think Brad sucks at games. But my god does he suck at Dr. Mario

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Is the audio cutting out consistently for anyone else on this video? Or is it just me?

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I've never played Dr. Mario but this game looks boring.

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well this looks boring…..

I'm not sure i would want to pay full price for this if i had a Wii U...

Posted by nickux

Dr. Luigi can get you a medical marijuana card no questions asked.

Posted by Benmo316

After a few games of sucking on Dr. Luigi I started to get it and became pretty damn good. I was pleasantly surprised. And I never played Dr. Mario.

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Jeff - "That's not even...at some point I thought you put the controller down or turned it upside down."

Bad play, great QL. This game doesn't seem that great but watching this was worth it.

Posted by mathkor

Pills here

Posted by Meptron

Brad sure is bad at games

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Luigi's clinic was raided by the DEA, they found viruses in tubes and boxes of pills in the backroom.

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@benmo316 said:

After a few games of sucking on Dr. Luigi I started to get it and became pretty damn good. I was pleasantly surprised. And I never played Dr. Mario.

Oh my.

Posted by Reisz

Incredible that Nintendo would devote resources to releasing this yet they've only just now began to seriously consider the mobile space. It may just be me but this looks so extraordinarily bad.

Posted by melodiousj

I tried to like Dr. Mario on several occasions, and could never really get into it, but I do have to say, Operation L has done a lot to fix the very minute complaints that I had with the previous games. I really like falling block puzzle games in general, though, so I guess one's mileage may vary.

Also, this game was developed by Arika, the guys behind Tetris: The Grand Master. I can't imagine anyone else having the wherewithal to do a better job at a game of this type.

You guys must be pretty anal retentive if watching someone play a game makes you actually yell at your screen. Take a break and go outside

I'll not at liberty confirm or deny this at present… I just think that maybe they'd have nicer things to say about the game if they didn't suck at it so much.

Posted by MFunkshon

I remember Dr. Mario on Game Boy. The colors were light grey, dark grey, and even darker grey. All of these new-fangled colors are throwing me off into a bit of nausea. I need a doctor.

Posted by ProfessorK

I'm so glad somebody noticed that Chill sounds like MC Hammer's Pray.

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@tag said:

I just can't do it.....I can't watch this video.... Brad, like always you just miss every obvious thing right in front of you and you proceed to make everything harder then it actually is.


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@brad You asked if other versions of Dr. Mario existed, and Jeff didn't seem to know about most of them. There were NES/Game Boy versions of the original, a SNES combo with Tetris, a four-player N64 game, a Game Boy Advance combo with Puzzle League, a Japan-only trio puzzle pack for GameCube, a WiiWare and DSiWare version...there's been a ton of versions of Dr. Mario. Heck, the original WarioWare game had a version called "Dr. Wario" that only had the Chill music, but it was the full game otherwise. And Jeff was right, there are some Virtual Console versions and there was the Classic NES version on the GBA as well...so there were like three or four ways to own this game on GBA at least.

Posted by benpursley27

@hughes said:

Jeff's B-Real impression makes the video

I laughed so hard. If only Vinny would have busted in with some Sen Dog.

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Dr. Luigi gets straight to the source... with suppositories...

Posted by NoodleUnit


Posted by bigevil1987

Yes! I went and got this as soon as it came out. I like Dr. Mario and Luigi is the man, so even better. I really didn't like the Operation L mode at first, then found it hard to go back to the old mode. I like it quite a bit now, it makes you think about the game in a different way.