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I like Dr. Mario enough, but the L mode just seems maddening and not enough to tempt me into parting with my dollars.

P.S. What a bunch of know-it-all smartarse control freak backseat whiners you all are in this comments section. Don't go changin', GB community.

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It was painful to watch Brad. Had to switch to watching Vinny, who actually did decent.

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All this Brad is bad hate! Go and check out his Volgar/DS streams! A true test of skill.

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Brad is Count Choke-ula in this one.

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I don't know how anyone can criticize the GB community for criticizing Brad's performance in videos like this when Jeff himself was losing his mind throughout half of it too. I've never seen someone run so extremely hot and so extremely cold when it comes to being good at video games.

We love you, Brad. Never change, gentle soldier.

Posted by SharkMan

once again vinny dominates brad