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Cool! :)

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I don't like Dragon Age 2.
That is all.

Posted by Jumbs

Going to watch this despite not buying dragon age 2 because I heard it was awful.

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I´ve seen this through a demo. Seems quite interesting considering the story and all. Will most likely get this whenever I got the cash.
And with that I mean the xbox version of course... some games are played better with a gamepad after all.

Posted by Terranova

I didn't like DA II all that mucha wasn't a s good as the first imo and I'm not sure that this would bring me back either. 

Posted by lumberingjackal

I'll buy this when they do a price drop and issue me an apology.

Posted by Crono

I just uninstalled DA2 last night. To be fair to myself, I bought it on sale from Amazon and thought it was ok.

Posted by Rirse

No Steam, No Sale

Posted by kollay

I uninstalled DAII after chapter 1.

I.. I don't think I can...

Posted by JeanLuc

Cool. I like Dragon Age 2 a lot and really enjoyed this DLC.

Posted by zymbo

Dragon Age 2 was a complete bastardization of Dragon Age:Origins.  Until they return to things like...oh, I don't know, being able to control your follower's inventory, include characters who aren't completely boring, and give us a storyline that actually makes sense, all DLC is a definite pass.

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It looks like Vinny can pick his sister on the team, but not the pirate-chick; is the sister back in the party?

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I love tragedy referencing jokes, good one Bradley xD

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Great... queue people complaining about DA2 again.

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@Rirse said:

No Steam, No Sale

Posted by Ventilaator

Thank god for this Quick Look, I was almost thinking about giving Dragon Age II another try just before.
Phew. That was close.

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I finished both games, finished the first twice- never went back to the second. Think that says it all.

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dolphin eaters

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I forgot just how crappy DA2 was.

Posted by Peanut

They really didn't see any of those enemies the first time? Really? 
I kinda wanna get this, but my hate for the lazy design of DA2 continues to fight my love of Origins.

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@Theresonlyone said:
I forgot just how crappy DA2 was.
I will never forget!
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Sure would have been nice to get this content in the main game, since it was basically released unfinished n all.

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Man, how do we still live in a world where weapons float off of backs?

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Really drives me nuts to watch them miss the obvious for so long.

Posted by Rayeth

@Flaboere said:

It looks like Vinny can pick his sister on the team, but not the pirate-chick; is the sister back in the party?

This is one of the things that you can do in DA2 is have your sister survive under the right circumstances and the pirate chick can leave you. DA2 - full of choices! Well not really, but they tried.

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Never got into DA 2, It just didn't click with me the same the first one did. The DLC looks just like more of the same.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

I think the ending of the QL says it all.

Posted by Mijati

I would love an X-Com quicklook. Let it happen!

Posted by Rapid

Xcom Quicklook!

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Sigh.. just makes me wish they made Dragon Age: Origins II instead.
Really glad I didn't buy this game.

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Oh dear, vinny is still using IE8...

Posted by Etaber

"fan...fucking...tastic" cracked me up.

Posted by ZagZagovich

X-com quick look please!

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Can we really get that X-Com quicklook?  That'd be great!

Posted by AmericanNinja

awww no Mordichi :-(

Posted by Sarumarine

I wasn't paying attention to the video length and I totally thought they were going to pull a Quick Look in a Quick Look. I wouldn't mind seeing X-Com though. If you guys ever get around to it, that would be sweet.

Posted by Scodiac

Please, do a Vinny and Brad XCOM Endurance Run. 

Posted by InfiniteGeass

I liked DA2 more than Origins and think I might check this out someday.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Your first mistake was choosing Anders, you don't need healers in DA2.

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Man I was so exicted for more Dragon Age...sooooo disappointed never played through it

Posted by the_Hollow

Vinny played with male char? Different from Ryan on DA2 QL.More interesting to play as hot Female instead of generic male.
As a DLC disappointing.Where the hell is future storyline.If the rest dlc's are prequel might as well wait for GOTY edition.

Posted by Sogeman

DA2 is not much worse than ME2

Posted by PimblyCharles

Oh how I love XCom

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greasy bucket callback

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If you start playing Dragon Age II on your console and no one is around to see it, does Dragon Age II really exist

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X-COM Endurance Run!!! They could name all the soldiers after Whiskey Media staff!!!!

Wow that got me way too excited.

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Almost all the characters are injured ,don,t they now that there is a potion for that?

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Fuck Anders! Bethany only has one healing spell but at least I can trust her!