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Posted by Matt

this has to be bad

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i can't believe you guys are actually playing this lol

Posted by OmegaPirate

They look -odd, i cant associate real looking people - even in drawn form -with dragon ball -it dosnt LOOK right

Posted by Aeterna

Wait.. there's even a game on this? Oh dear lord...

Posted by FallopianTube

O god- i want to watch it, but i cant.

Posted by empire_man

what were they thinking?

Posted by Eyegoo

I am scratching my eyes out

Posted by GobiasIndustries
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This brings back memories of crappy games based on movies for the PSone and N64.

Posted by EpicSteve

Anyone notice Gohan said "first one to touch the ground loses"  ...and you are totally fighting on the ground.

Posted by Murray

What.... The.... Fuck...?

Posted by Draco9898

Oh gawd. This is terribad. Something between terrible and BAD.

Posted by xxNBxx

O M G!  that was some funny shite at the same time being completely crap

Posted by zolika

Best quick look ever xD

Posted by mr_registered

One word: Horrid.

Posted by MattBodega

Oh man. This game looks like a winner.
Whatever! I totally would buy this game for sub 5 dollars.

Posted by theMockingNoob

My stomach hurts. You guys are so hilarious.

Posted by Snijglau

Wait, wait, wait.  Chi Chi McRoberts?!

Posted by Afroman269

Wow this looks bad enough that i would want to play.......but its $40 so no.

Posted by Cerza

LMAO this is so bad it hurts.

Great Quick Look guys. Keep em coming!

Posted by Hairydutchman

Best psp game ever?

Posted by Johanz

Dragonball Evolution ENDURANCE RUN, GO!

Posted by Aion

Best game ever.

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Posted by frenchdork

Horrendoulsy funny.

Posted by MeatSim

lol, that was well worth your 40 bucks Ryan.

Posted by AgentofChaos

Total Max Payne 1 who farted face!

Posted by NAZAR3NE

worst game ever... and the story line... WTF that's not how gohan dies and piccolo doesn't come in to the picture for years. what are they thinking to mess with such a great story? and who the hell are these other characters? why is goku on a bycicle and why is he in highschool? WTF? this is utter garbage!

funny video though!

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second rule is dont speak about fight club

aint the first rule abit of a oxymoron (most likely spelled wrong)

Posted by Dion

So bad it MUST be good...

Posted by Invasionone

That was the best Quick Look ever.

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I concur. This has to be the greatest game/quicklook/cutscene directing ever! I kinda want to see the movie now. ENDURANCE RUN NOW haha. no but seriously...

Posted by Kyle

Wow, I haven't played a DBZ game in like 3 or 4 years and even I can tell that like all these animations are straight from those years-old DBZ games.

And I love how people are actually trying to list reasons why the movie messes up the story of Dragonball. Dude, we all know this movie is utter ridiculousness. Just laugh with us.

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Posted by Sunjammer

So this is like Street fighter the movie the game then. Fucking abominable. Also hilarious!

Posted by TheHBK

This fucking movie will be epic.  Oh god, what the fuck were they thinking?

Posted by CleverLoginName

Where's Mr. Satan? 

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You guys are cracking me up right now :D

Oh my God: 10:25. Oh. My. God...lmao

Posted by nekoNari

"Would you like to continue?"


Posted by Venatio

The most hilarious Quick-look ever

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This is crazy.

i seriously can't breathe from laughing.

Posted by EpicBenjamin

This is the best game ever!

Posted by JimJim

Kids today dont want crazy fantasy with super karate men and giant apes, they want teenage superheroes with real life troubles they can relate to!

This game needs to be the next Endurance Run.

Posted by captainawesomo

Dude.........this is not okay. Not Okay at all.

Posted by The_Soviet

There's not much to be said that hasn't been said already. This game sucks and that's about it. Hilarious QL

Posted by TwoOneFive

I will never forgive Justin Chatwin for dickin over John Locke and abandoning Tom Cruise and his little sister. Damn coward.


Posted by mrfluke

holy shit LMAO LMAO i actually fell off my fucking chair watching this best quick look ever funnier than most persona 4 episodes in my opinion

Posted by AURON570

lol wtf

Posted by Crono11

That was the single greatest quick look ever.

Posted by Moeez

There was like, 10 MINUTES of nothing but dialogue between 3:51 and 12 minutes.