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Posted by CaptRocketblaze

Shadows and dust... Gladiator reference, boom!

Posted by Itwastuesday

games are art

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I played this game for about one minute then I was done; my brother plays it a lot, it's like the only thing he's been playing whenever he plays. I don't think it's that good. Looking at it on here though, it looks OK.

Posted by scaramoosh

This game looks like shit, needs to be on PC.

Posted by Luck702

If they really wanted to get me involved in the EVE universe, they'd make a dropship flight sim.

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GiantPatrick now

Posted by Suboptimal

CCP skill systems give me a hard on

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I played the beta a few weeks ago I guess. Bland. Doesn't seem to have changed one bit. I'm sure EVE fans are happy so that's all that matters.

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@nation764: It's cool he's taking a look at these much more niche stuff. I imagine with the other bombers winding up for E3 there wouldn't otherwise be a ton of content during this quieter period.

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Maybe this is just nostalgia catching up with me, but anyone else getting a real Anarchy Online vibe from the art style here?

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Best start to a QL i've seen in awhile!

The justification for this MP focused game sounds perfect EVE, especially if you don't quite understand how everything works in that universe. Here you're just a dumb grunt fighting for the benefits of those people actually playing EVE.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

those were regions not planets on that map... each region has like 30 or so systems. each system has several planets :P

Posted by 014

I'm subscribed to EVE and play most days, so I naturally like the world already. 14-ish minutes into the video, I powered up my PS3 so the beta would download the release update. EVE is a game for the patient. It's part of the reason I like it. Most of the players I run into are mature. Usually pilots will have a short, friendly chat after they destroy my ship. It's a nice atmosphere. I think Dust provides the depth that the patient EVE community likes and is used to yet allow the impatient to just jump in.

Posted by HerbieBug

I fully expect Patrick to get way deep into EVE by the end of the year. By Christmas I expect interview dumptruck to consist solely of mad late night rants by Patrick about EVE politics.

Posted by Hansolol

Bad at games.

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Gonna try it again, I had a bad experience playing the beta. I hope things have vastly improved.

Posted by Winsord

I'd like to see them adopt MAG tech for 256 man battles, having EVE players as the commanders. Jumping out of the ships reminds me a lot of Battlefield 2142, though in that you go to launch yourself out in pods.

Posted by Logix42

So to answer some things that you weren't sure about in the video...

1) Yes you actually are in space, local chat is the solar system your are currently in. I don't know how it decides which system you're in... but I do know you can't just choose because that would be free intel in EVE.

2) You get skills points passively over time and from playing in battles. Skill points earned from battles have a weekly cap.

3) Aurum items on the marketplace (like the boosters) are currently only available for Aurum. CCP fully intends to open up the market over time, meaning players will be able to buy these items for Aurum and sell them to other players for ridiculous amounts of ISK. You cannot trade ISK for Aurum directly but this open market principles will allow

4) Hierarchy of space is Region >> Constellation >> Solar System >> Planet >> District. Also, speaking of ipad app... the PSVita is supposed to have a neocom app where you can look at the map and stuff (don't know much about it)

5) Those people in corp chat are people in the same NPC starter corp you're in. When you applied to that corp it would be as your mercenary name. All interactions in the eve universe are by your merc name.

6) Squads. No you can't spawn on your squad leader, but squad leaders can give commands like rally on place on map. There is however a piece of equipment called an Uplink that you can fit to your drop suit and then in a battle you can put it down anywhere and it will be a destroyable spawn point.

As an EVE pilot it's interesting to see someone trying the game with an outside perspective.

Posted by Logix42

So i just checked your corporation from EVE, the reason you are located in Jolia at that particular station is because it is the headquarters of the NPC corporation you are part of. So yes you are correct, depending what faction and bloodline you choose depends on what corp and thereby what your starting location is.

Posted by FMinus

Looking at the Battle browser there, seems like not a lot of people are playing that, even tho it is laggy and bugged, still at most there was 5 lobbies or servers kicking in 150 max. Well servers them right going to PS3 first instead of the PC, on PC there'd probably 10 pages full of battles.

Anyway, it's bound to happen and it will be released on PC, looking at the desolated lobbies of the PS3.

Posted by Phos

I'd like to see another one once you're part of Kite Co if they're at war.

Posted by Tajasaurus

I <3 Drew QL's

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The instant fights happen in High security space where you are fighting for NPC corporations.

Also having planets gets you clones.

Clones are the primary resource in Dust. You need them for everything from attacking other corporations district to defending your own.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I played the beta months ago, but the menus looks a lot better and the whole thing seems more sensible now. With that said it seems like you need to care about building your character, improving their skills, and ...tending your garden. Players who are used to playing RPGs will gronk the player creation & improvement more.

Posted by JesterPC238

I appreciate the valiant effort. DUST is not nearly as complex as EVE, but it's a game that takes a while to understand. It was awesome when they figured out that the starmap is actually incredibly enormous.

Also with a character in both Kite Co. Space Trucking and Kite Co. Asteroid Scoopin' it made me giddy to see them search for us :)

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OMFG, did I really have to watch that gross no smoking PSA just to see this video? Sigh... too bad I can't put an add-on to block that crap on my work computer. If you're going to have ads how about no gross ones Giantbomb?

Posted by fisk0

@gnokey said:

Here are answers from some of your questions. Aur is Aurum. Aside from being purchased in the cash shop, you can create aurum from breaking plex which are in-game items which give a month's playing time in eve. In EVE you can turn isk into aurum by purchasing plex from the marketplace for isk and then converting them to aurum. If they allow trading between Dust and EVE players then you'll be able to do the same. Aur is the currency used to buy those hundred dollar monocles if you remember the fuss over those.

I believe you're in the local channel for your headquarter system, no matter where you travel to. So you can be in Old Man Star in dust and I could be in the same system in EvE but we wouldn't see each other in local if it's not your hq system.

BF3 does 12 vs 12.

One question I have is were you using a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, and do you know if they add anything to slow mice down and create a level playing field?

They were most likely playing with the PS3 gamepad, but I think there is mouse smoothing you can't disable if you play with keyboard/mouse.

I kinda wish they would've gone the MAG route (Dust 514 feels a lot like MAG in most other regards after all) and at least had 64 player matches, even if the 256 player mode probably would be too much to expect.

Posted by Garviell

@fisk0: Kite co needs to gets some PVP chops on..

Looking at the killboards its pretty terrible. You havn't really done Eve until you have tried low sec/0.0 pvp.

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Gotta get that dust son! I spent all my ISK on dust.

Posted by Garviell

Wait.. was my comment seriously deleted because i suggested kite co should try doing pvp? o.O

Posted by sharkeh

So it's BF 2142 then. Cool. :D

Posted by Tikicobra

Honestly the gameplay itself doesn't look interesting and all the menu stuff seems too dense and complicated for me to want to bother figuring it out.

Posted by thebigJ_A

Why did they think making Section 8 exclusive to one console and gluing it to a hardcore PC space mmo would be commercially successful??

Posted by Saltank


I tried it out some months ago and was not interested despite having played Eve Online in the past. Might want to give it a few hours instead of a few minutes next time around, looks like it could be fun.

Posted by Eurobum

@mr48 said:

Getting a bit tired of the clueless quicklooks. Figure out the game for yourselves before you do the video.

Word. Also Eve doesn't have 500k users, just 500k paying accounts. Estimates say it's about 3 accounts per nutter.

The only interesting part about this whole thing, is how Dust's imminent demise will affect the directionless mess that is EVE-online.

Is there a more sleazy genre than a Console-free-to-play-Shooter-MMO?

Posted by tourgen

this looks a lot better than I was expecting. the view from the ship before the battle starts is pretty awesome.

Posted by SuburbanCowboy

20 minutes of explaining menus.

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Looks okay. I'd try it out if it was on the PC.

I really don't understand the PS3 reasoning. Actually, I haven't even heard it. I guess I'd have to hear it first to not understand it.

Posted by SILENTSAM69

It was a very fun review of the game to watch. I think of it as how a new person would approach the game and understand it.

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@suburbancowboy said:

20 minutes of explaining menus.

Yeah, not a lot of actual combat, nor any discussion of how it plays as a shooter. I was hoping for a QL more like Defiance, another online MMO-like shooter. Since there are so many shooters around, it's important to know the game play details that distinguish each new arrival.

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@suburbancowboy said:

20 minutes of explaining menus.

Yeah, not a lot of actual combat, nor any discussion of how it plays as a shooter. I was hoping for a QL more like Defiance, another online MMO-like shooter. Since there are so many shooters around, it's important to know the game play details that distinguish each new arrival.

Did you miss the part where he said (paraphrasing): "I know we're going to get a lot of comments about spending a bunch of time in menus, but playing EVE Online means spending a bunch of time in menus." He also made sure to start the quicklook already in combat to make sure at least some shooting got into it, and then when he tried to get back into combat had to spend a lot of time waiting for the battle to start, which, guess what, is going to happen a lot if you try to play this game. He also specifically said during the quicklook that the shooting was not that interesting or remarkable on its own.

In other words, he specifically addressed in the video itself every single problem you guys are complaining about.

Posted by fox01313

@gnokey: Thanks that helps alot & agreed that there were some things not covered in the quick look like the controls but guessing that Patrick was probably going with gamepad. Shame that Patrick didn't go into the character creation stuff a little to see what things looked like there. Game looks wicked cool & despite the density of some of the menus, seems like a fun bridge between pc & console games with this & Eve Online.

Posted by Cretaceous_Bob

Shoot him in his space face? Why is Drew not on more Quick Looks?!

Posted by Forcen

I love it when they realize how big the map is this game.

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