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Edit: Bald dudes!

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Nevermind, somehow got it anyway! 
I'm actually really looking forward to this video :)

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Seems interesting

Posted by TanNakRa

looks cool
Posted by hedfone

a lot of guys putting their head in other guys crotches

Posted by RIDEBIRD

Damn, MMA-Jeff looks like younger, thinner, pumped Jeff. Pretty impressive.

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EA Sports look to be > than UFC 2010 this year

Posted by AndrewPerkins

This game looks far more compelling than the UFC offerings thus far.

Posted by Zomba13

How strangely erotic o.O

Posted by Joeku

That live broadcast thing is going to be so awesome if the game can keep a good community.

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now that other people mentioned it, I can totally see Jeff's face in his dude.

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I have to say, this quick look makes the game look pretty awesome. 
Also, fighter Jeff's appearance is great. Perfect mix of real-life and actually looking like a fighter. Gameface has always worked out real bad for me in Fifa, but it would seem that with proper lighting equipment and whatnot it's actually possible to create excellent character (face) models. 
Edit: Quick Look within a Quick Look!!!!!!! Where is your god now?!!?!!?!!

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I'm not a sports guy in general but damn I find MMA dull. Don't think I will be checking out this game.

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I'm not into this type of games - not at all. But this actually looks really, really good. The engine does a nice job avoiding clipping. 
Also: Volbeat! Good stuff.

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Red Dragons

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Boxing is better. That is all. 

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Wow, Jeff Uno looks perfect.  I really want to see how I would look.

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This looks a lot better than UFC 2010... I traded that back after a week or so...I may try this one though, i need some sort of wrassling beat em up thats not WWE related...

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" yay Edit:Spandex!! "
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EA should have done the UFC game... sigh

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"Project $10 in effect"
Ah... that made my day.
EDIT: Yeah... right there... grab him on that side... okay now smooth on over on the back... yeah.... uh...

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This was dangerously close to messing with the time-space continuum. Quick Look within a Quick Look. I think the variable that made it safe was Bas Rutten.

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Digital Jeff is SUPERCREEPY!

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This is a really impressive same-sex "encounter" simulator. Really awesome dry-humping.

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Ice coooolllllllllllllllld
This looks pretty good. As unusual as the control scheme sounds, it seems like a really solid way to translate the grappling and maneuvering of MMA into a game. I am so not a UFC guy but I'm actually really tempted by this.

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@waxdart: I'm not gay!
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Jeff Uno is really into Man-Humping!

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I've always been weirded out by the extreme homo eroticism of MMA fights. >_>
Seriously, pause the video at literally any point in the fight for comedy.

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So, punchin dudes in the face then?

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Jeff's fighter looks alot like Jeff..

Posted by zegolf
@Ari3n said:

" yay Edit: Bald dudes! "

Are you a bald enough dude to rescue Ronnie?
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Take it down to 204, Jeff!! Lets see you take on Uwe Boll in the octagon!!

Posted by NeilRapalee

Didn't Project Gotham already do the live spectator races? 
Either way the commentary and overall presentation is really well done.
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the character models in this game are insanely detailed.
holy shit load times

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Looks fantastic. Much better than UFC 2010 and it's a real shame EA didn't get their hands on that license.

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Jeff Uno is my favourite Mixed Martial Arts type person.

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Definitely looks different than UFC 2010, but I'm not sure whether that's good or not.
Wanna keep an eye on this, though, because it looks pretty fun.

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Bas Rutten is one bad dude

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After sitting here for 32:20 I feel like I need a shower and a woman.

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Quick Look: Quick Look: EA Sports MMA

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These games always look like two guys trying to fuck each other. I think that might be why I can't get into them.

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Virtual Jeff better be in the TNT.  Along with a virtual entire-whiskey-media-staff.

Posted by UberExplodey

face AND head punching.

Posted by Sarumarine

This game has some pretty great animations. 
Also, could Jeff "Ice Cold" Uno take Ryan "Rough Tough and Dangerous" Davis? Or maybe Matt "It's a Long Road" Rorie?

Posted by AndrewB

If I was a chick, I'd probably feel aroused.

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MMA = Man on Man Action? 
Boom! Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all week. Try the fish.

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Man, digital Jeff is in good shape

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OMG this was awkward...

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I'm overcome with confusing feelings.