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I have this game, so might as well try it to see if I can find some wildlife and kill which this QL couldn't show. Been a good time with first-person games right now, this and Lovely Planet and MIND: Path To Thalamus.

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Seriously loving the Giant Bomb East QLs.

The end was great.

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This actually looks pretty cool.

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I-ROCZ are big in Long Island? Man, every high school hick in NC had an I-ROC Camaro.

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"The EidoloOOOoooOon............"

"Gonna get you..."

Vinny's singing is perfect.

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Seems like there's a nice little Proteus-like game of just chilling out to nice music buried deep beneath the shitty survival mechanics. That always seems like a cheap crutch that substitutes actual gameplay that the game might not even need, as is the case here.

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I like my survival games to have more depth to them. I know this game is supposed to be really mellow, but it just looks like I'd get bored after 10 minutes.


For some reason the way Alex speaks reminds me of Paul Giamatti. Also, some pretty neat band references in this one.

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Amazing ending. Pure genius. dyyyydyyy

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Vinny- 'Why don't you just stand out here and relax!"

Alex-"I'm dying, Vinny."

This and several other exchanges, particularly humanity winning the war against Nature, just had me going. These guys are finding a stride. Appreciatted what Vinny had to say about our relationship with Nature.

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The last few minutes of the Quick Look reminded me of the ending to The Plague Dogs. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

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this is why you always watch till the end lol

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This was the deepest quick look I have ever seen.

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Unfortunately nothing to do with this game, but much respect to Vinny for the Hyperion mention, I didn't think anyone had read that amazing and obscure series. Highly recommended if you like creepy atmospheric mind-bending sci-fi. Dan Simmons is the author.

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I don't think my mind was prepared for this deep a Quick Look.

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Some people have zero sense of direction.

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Oh Vinny, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear you reference the book Hyperion. Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion are my most favoritest novels ever!


final fantasy reference!

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Vinny should read about New York's Brother Island if he wants to see nature taking something back.

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Games like this are so cool in theory, but they just don't work for me when interacting with them like a traditional video game. Which is why Im excited for VR. That seems to be the missing link for me to get enjoyment from these types of experiences.

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Eidolons from Milkweed Triptych?

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This seems pretty darn cool. Looks like it's DayZ-ish but with a stylized look and without zombies. I'd like to try it some day.

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Amazing that CAWALEX! at the end made my day.

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This quick look got too deep for me halfway through.

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@Vinny and @Alex said I could smoke pot. I have no excuses now...

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Thoughtful QL and sweet ending. Thanks, Vinex.

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Vinny singing Danzig, this is just like my fanfics!

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This looks kind of great. Definitely evocative of Proteus but with the welcome addition of some direction, gameplay systems and narrative hooks. Will try it out at some point for sure.

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Man I love Vinnie's puns, and more specifically his delivery of them. Elder berries had me cracking up so much. He really has his comedic timing nailed.

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I could see this game having an online component similar to Journey.

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Based on the thumbnail I thought this was a bigger version of that one game Patrick played where you fished in first person and it was all philosophical and shit. I could still be that, I don't know.

Either way, there's something off about this game's presentation that rubs me the wrong way. It's like the perspective or sense of scale is thrown off by the texture style or something. I like what it's going for but I don't think it quite nails the execution.

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As a Washingtonian, the bird call at the 10:15-10:20 mark is totally a bird call I've heard first thing in the morning. That was nuts. I ran it back wondering if it was a bird outside or in the game. It was like a Pavlovian response.

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yaaay hyperion

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This looks wonderful. Reminded me of Proteus as well, but the look of Proteus wasn't doing anything for me.

I wonder if exploring worlds in No Man's Sky would be like this, sans the story of course. Really stylized and atmospheric.

I might get this! It looks relaxing.

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@envane said:

yaaay hyperion

Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion are probably a couple of my most enjoyable books.

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This week's Quick Look theme: aimless first-person wandering.

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Anyone else notice the deer they missed after just saying they wished they could come across some wildlife? At 30:48 you can *just* make it out at the top of the hill, and it goes off the right side of the screen as they walk by it at 30:54.

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"...damn, Vinny." - me, at that elderberries crack

Loved it. Hated it. Vinny's the bestest.

EDIT: I love that not soon after this gem, Vinny is musing on a connection to Keats' "Hyperion". Fuck yeah, Giant Bomb.

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Seems overly inspired from Proteus, but that's cool.

I think Alex was spot on with his train of thought about why survival games may be popular, he really should run with it, research it more, and write an article.

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I know it goes without saying, but man I love Vinny.

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Just so you know. I didn't realize it until it was spoken in a recent Final Fantasy game of some sort. I always pronounced it like Alex did in the video. That's what they called summons in FF IX, right?

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@gantrathor: Props for mentioning one of my favorite albums of all time.

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hot fuckin mogwai name drop in less than one minute.

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Beautiful. If I made a game like this, I'd want a Quick Look just like this. Chill, fun, and memorable.


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Great QL.

Loving that music.

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So for some reason this is sort of what I expect Firewatch to be.