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Always be quick looking!

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This is a pretty good 4X, but like most of the new entrants to the genre the AI is not great. Though perhaps that makes it easier to get into for new players.

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Good morning! :D

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Also, I love that anything with Vinny and Drew is at least an hour long.

Posted by CaptainFunny

I've been waiting for the Quicklook for this game!

Posted by Yokelbloke

Yes! Three man quicklook!

Posted by Ghost_Cat

There will always be space.

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Gettin' 'em early!

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Fuck yeah, Endless space.

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this is so civilization, not that thats a bad thing

edit: its kinda funny some of the stuff they're lost on has been a civ thing for ages, but I guess if you've never played it it would seem like some kinda craziness

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Lust the dust!

Posted by BeachThunder

One thing I hate about PC QLs is that text is almost always illegible D:

Anyway, this game actually looks pretty good. I never feel like I have the patience for these kind of games anymore though =(

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Some good music in this game. I was just thinking how it reminded me of Battlestar and Drew said it

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Love the music fuck Hans Zimmer

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Holy shit! Space Civ!

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Shitty aliens? Oh, shifty. This font sucks.

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Watching this Quick Look is making me cringe. He has his colony ship on a system with an Ocean planet, then chooses to explore (slowly) and colonize an Arid one instead.

But eh. It's a Quick Look.

Posted by CaLe

It looks like this game requires an imagination in order to get enjoyment out of all the graphs and pictures. Not for me at all.

Posted by ShadowConqueror

I've never heard anyone pronounce Aldebaran like that before.

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Playing this game with the Mass Effect galaxy music fits perfectly.

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Somebody tell them Jim Bowie was both the inventor of the knife and Died at the Alamo?

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I@CaLe said:

It looks like this game requires an imagination in order to get enjoyment out of all the graphs and pictures. Not for me at all.

What graphs? I have played the game for over 50 hours and still no graphs in sight.

Posted by chrispti

Watched this before work. Going to buy it when I get home today. It looks pretty neat.

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Okay, this doesn't look as intimidating as other similar games. I'm in!

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Good day to have a premium membership with HD.

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It's about time!

Posted by Ontheocho

So glad you guys did a quick look of this one. I bought it, but I really want to see how you guys play it because my civilizations and empires keep dying.

Posted by tyler1285

Endless Space, Child's play compared to astrophysics.

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seems pretty cool. I already own galactic civilizations II, though, and the first two master of orion games...

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I got a Civ boner watching this.

Posted by Bevinsky

@Ontheocho: Believe me, if you follow Brad's example from this quick look, chances are your empires will still be dying.

Posted by jakkblades

Great Dune reference. Why is there not a Dune turn based civ game? Why?

Posted by 12_Oz_Mouse

Great I have had this game sitting in my steam game list sense day one and haven't touched it yet, now I am really inclined to play it!

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Space seems to be flat. Space may well be infinite, but no one can determine. It is possible that space is so large finite sections of itself, ie our observational universe, may repeat itself, infinite times. physics may change beyond our ability to observe.

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@DoctorLazy: Nah. GalCiv basically takes what made the first two MoO games so great, adds a bunch of awesome new systems, as well as probably the greatest AI in any strategy game ever.

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Drew: "Brad, dose space end?" Best starting question ever XD

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To be clear, you do *not* sit this idle as the turns go by, even in the beginning of the game. Brad is wasting a lot of industry on systems that do nothing. Instead these really should be micromanaged by converting the excess industry to dust or research, or by producing ships.

Also, only having one thing in any queue will waste resources, as there will be some excess research or industry left once an item completes that is then discarded if there is nothing more in the queue.

The large ocean planet early on really should have been colonized right away.

Posted by falling_fast

I can see this being really hard to concentrate on during a quick look, to be fair to brad.

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

@DesktopMan: Well it is a Quick Look, not a strategy guide/how to. The point here being to show features of the game, not telling you how to play. But hey, maybe that's just how I view these things, and prefer to learn how to play on my own rather than have someone telling me how to.

Posted by san_salvador

Thanks a lot, I was really waiting for this.

Steam has just finished downloading, I go and shoot me some Dreadlocks! PEW PEW!!

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This game is amazing. Unfortunately Brad has almost no idea how to play it though.

The only modern 4X that matches how fun this game is, but certainly exceeds it's complication - is Galactic Civilizations 2. It was only $5 yesterday on Steam, but I think it's still on sale.

This game's UI though is about a million times better than GalCiv2. It's going to be extremely hard to revisit it now.

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@ILuvMsMarvel: Agreed! Just pointing it out so people don't use this as tips on how to play ;)

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Wow! Brad is killing this game.......... ZZzzZZzzz

Posted by StealthRaptor

If people did want some help starting out, the Endless Space forums have just the thing

Posted by stewmull

this has made me very interested in this games now.

Posted by Addfwyn

Seems awesome, the devs said it'd be coming to the Mac in the future, so I'll wait for that version.

Would love a good Space 4X though.

Posted by Turambar

We need a GalCivII quicklook.  We need one so bad.  Especially one where they guys spend half an hour in the ship builder trying to create the Enterprise.