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Looks like a neat idea.  
Anyone else get super annoyed by Monkey's "stop-running" animation? I dislike games where the characters make a massive deal over stopping. 
Hmm... I am pedantic.

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@SockLobster: That's mentioned in the game description right underneath the movie window  o_0
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The combat sounds good, hack and slash stuff, but the jumping thing where you have to be on the exact way and not being able to jump when you want, like he was running in place on the edge and then he jumps that's sort of annoying, the animations look good but too mechanic like he's always jumping the exact same way or running the exact same way.

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It's pretty awesome knowing what went on during that deleted scene from having played the review copy of the game as well. >:)
But yeah, the game seems decent but not too special.

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meh looks boring

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Woah, people sure are being cynical about this in stupid ways. "Oh noes, you have to escort some girl for the whole game" - well that's just the same as RE4, and at least Trip actually contributes rather than just being a walking flag for the enemy to capture. And it's just alternating between two gameplay styles? Well that's the same for most games. In RE4 (just to lazily refer to it again) the game is like 90% shooting, 5% putting keys into locks and 5% QTEs. Hardly an inspired choice. So RE4 suffers from these supposed flaws way more than Enslaved and yet it was critically acclaimed and popular too.

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@TheMoD said:
" @Vorbis: same here, if this game sells as bad as heavenly sword did I'll lose all faith in humanity. and judging by some of the comments I think it's safe to say that alot of people do not understand the appeal of this game. "
What is the appeal of this game? I'm having a hard time seeing it, and I'm a big fan of this kind of thing.
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@SockLobster said:
" Quick look doesn't do the game justice, the demo has an awesome set piece where you are jumping from wing to wing on a slave ship and then it turns sideways and you climb up the wing and then its about to hit a skyscraper and oh god climb CLIMB. Game reminds me of Uncharted 2 with less interesting combat and a very unique setting. Did they even mention Journey to the West in this QL? Its loosely based on that. "
Because Quick Looks are supposed to show what the best 5% of the game is like? Even if that set piece isn't much better than what was shown.
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it's a freakin story, you know what that is? with characters that actually seem very interesting. No offense but most gamers are extremely retarded when it comes to storytelling in videogames. No wonder almost every game has an extremely crappy storyline that in the film industry or basically anywhere else would be completely inexcusable. I mean come on: Story about a guy who has to get someone he doesn't know someplace and if that person dies, he dies = 1 ESCORT MISSION ? Get your shit together man, gaming has evolved. It's not just about completing random missions anymore, it's an experience
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Also, just read the "I dislike games where the characters make a huge deal of stopping running" comment. The two games which sprung to mind that have really obvious stopping animations, that can actually backfire to the point of hurting/killing you, are Sonic and Mario. They both skid in a really pronounced way, Mario often sliding off the edge of things if you're not careful. What a shit series that was, right?
Really, I'm not saying this game is going to be perfect or even a solid 8 or 9 out of 10, but all the complaints so far are easily levelled at classic games - and yet (usually) these complaints aren't levelled at those games but rather seen as inherent parts of the gameplay.

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Oh god. Daikatana reference.
But yeah. The game doesn't look fun at all for me.

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Heavily reminds me of Heavenly Sword, in the sense that the world, the plot and the characters all seem rather unique and very interesting, but the part where you play it is basically enough to make me skip the entire thing.
Which makes me very worried about the Devil May Cry game, because the world, the plot and the characters are the last 3 things I want from a DMC game, I'm interested in the part where you play it....

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Just checked and the demo is out on XBL.

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The power of Luchadeer repels you.

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the puzzles seems dull and that kind of  combat is not my thing, i tried the demo and this game is not very good or entertaining

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the overall feel of the game, it really gets to you if you let it. The characters seem so real it's almost as if you could touch them. For example at the very end of the demo, that last cutscene just look at how they (especially the girl) move around the environment, how she's sitting on the floor, or leaning over that brick, or just look at his face when he talks. It's small details like that that actually make it an experience that I'm sure will be very captivating
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Just from the look of the game I can tell it's going to be a commercial bomb. (Whether or not it's good is another matter entirely.)
That said, I don't think it will be my cup of tea. The worst parts of Resi 5, for me, was all the having to unlock doors, lower ladders, etc., for your co-op AI partner. From this Quick Look, it appears that a lot of the game centres on that mechanic.
The demo's just gone up on XBLA. So, I'll be sure to check it out, regardless of my misgivings.

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I can see her getting annoying. 
"Hey there's some mud on the ground, get over here and lay down so I can use you as a bridge to not get my shoes dirty!" 
It worked in ICO because Yorda was such a helpless woman, you had to save her. This woman just seems lazy, relying on mind manipulation to make others do stuff for her (which is pretty much how women work IRL, but at least then they hint at sexy time if you do stuff for them).

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does anyone find it odd that in 2010 you would have 2 characters in a game and only one person can play? 

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Despite it being "post-apocalyptic" it reminds me a lot of Uncharted in terms of style and action.  Looking a little unpolished compared to Uncharted, but still interested.

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I played the demo and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  That being said It doesn't have any of the co op stuff which could be a make or break.  I'm really loving the art style and the score though, they are phenominal.  So I'm very close to purchase, but I was also the same for Bionic Commando....which blew.  So I'll hold out until reviews and maybe a rental even.....

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The robots as monsters + using mythology as a basis sorta gives me a Too Human feel.

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@gale:  The story and enviroments. From the looks of these comments people are more interested in the gameplay, which explains why CoD sells so well and games like this will flop.
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This game wasn't really on my radar until I tried the demo. The gameplay itself didn't immediately strike me as something entirely original but it was still good. The story, however, seemed pretty interesting. The world, mostly, really drew me in. I'm actually looking forward to this game I think, like Heavenly Sword, it'll be overlooked. I do have some reservations though, fearing the whole game will essentially be one big annoying escort mission. 

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Quite possibly the best scene deleted thing ever. Although, I did also like when they used stick figure animation for the Killzone 2 Quick Look. 

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Eh, looks stiff.

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This doesn't looks very cool

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For a game like this it seems waaaay too structured. Can see it becoming boring fast.

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Scene deleted
Ryans face...

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I was interested for this game, but after seeing the quick look i dont care anymore. Everything looks so guided, you climb predetermined paths and when you get to enemies the girl just scans the area and shows you everything you need to do. Who knows, maybe this just acts as a kind of tutorial section in the early game. Ill give the demo a shot. 

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@dagas: no respect for woman.....check thanks for letting me know how primitive you are 
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Future robots never like humans.

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It is animation heavy, but holy crap is it nice technology. 
I feel like this game seems neat but will be MASSACRED at the retail

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Definitely picking this up day 1.

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Take that, birds!

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i might rent it.

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I wanted to like this because I love how the game looks, but all of this gameplay looks very boring (if you can even call going from point A to point B on a linear path "gameplay").

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You can't have a Quick Look with out Brad pulling a Brad

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In a deleted scene Brad died at the first time... in this QL xD

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Meh not really interested :/

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It's interesting to go from the bioshock infinite stuff, where they are so adamant about it not being one long escort mission, to this which appears to be just that. Style wise it reminds me of Darksiders a bit, but without the fun parts.

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The main character and story seems to pull a lot more Journey to the West.

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A mouthy Yorda with way too much interrupting via prompts and overlong quickie cutscenes.

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Ninja Theory = pass!

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I studied Journey To The West for a project years ago, so became immediately interested in this game when it was announced. However everything I learnt about the game from then on caused my interest to drop, and now after playing the demo and watching this QL I no longer have any interest in this game. 'A loose retelling', yeah your telling me.

Makes me think that they wanted to create an original IP but didn't have enough of there own ideas so decided to base it on something that already existed. Then as they created the game they moved further and further away from the original source material.

Or maybe they chose to base it on something that existed to try and get some immediate attention. Which if true wasn't a great idea as I have only come across a few people who know what Journey To The West is, and none of them have actually read the myth or any of the novels based on it. There have been films and TV series based on the myth also but again they are not very well known outside of China and its surrounding countries. Maybe China was there intended audience?

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Played the demo on the PS3 finally and played a lot better than I expected. If I manage to finish Reach before it comes out I think I'll buy this.

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The dragonfly thing seems to be this game's method of showing you where to go in an area without simply panning the camera like God of War does, but if it does that for every new area it's going to get old.  I'm frustrated because neither the demo nor this short ass QL have given me enough of an idea of what to expect overall.  
To those whining about glowing ledges - not everyone appreciates guessing which direction to go and plunging to their death because the surrounding terrain is all identical.