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Journey to the West... of the future! The run through of each area before you start smashing stuff gives me a puzzle game vibe though. Also, those crazy robots. Always cleaning floors, killing people, and wearing top hats. Wait...

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SCENE DELETED.  Best image ever.

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It looks like fun and the story looks interesting, but judging by the demo and this footage (along with other little scraps here and there) it looks like it might have a few issues holding it back from being a great game.

Posted by Olivaw
@Romination said:
" It is animation heavy, but holy crap is it nice technology.  I feel like this game seems neat but will be MASSACRED at the retail "
Pretty much my feelings as well.
Too bad, it looks sorta neat.
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I was disappointed a little by Heavenly Sword because it just didn't run smoothly. I don't know if it was the frame rate or me. The animations seemed blinky. I'm going to play the demo for this because I really like this type of action/adventure game.

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11:03. Add it to the spreadsheet.

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I found the controls kinda stiff but at least the jumping is magnetic and the climbing points stand out. Otherwise looks cool.
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I really hope the gameplay gets more diverse, if its all basically this then I don't think I'll be getting it day 1.

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Ha! They even have the extending stick! I wonder when techno Buddha shows up? 
For those who don't know this is based on the Chinese novel Into the West, though I think for a lot of us British/Irish/Australian giantbombers its really based on this 

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Whats with the lack of animation transitions?? It makes the game look like it contains mad jank!  
3rd times a charm for DMC?

Posted by Undeadpool

It's REALLY funny how people just seem to be assuming that this is the entirety of the game based on a TWELVE MINUTE demo. I'm not saying the game is definitely going to be great, but at least it looks like it's trying some new things.

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There are better ways to indicate where the player needs to go than a glowing ledge. Going on whats in this Quick Look the game looks like you just snap to the next glowing ledge on a linear path of glowing ledges the whole time. I don't see anything interesting in holding a direction on the analog stick and pressing the jump button over and over again. Even when Brad was free-running and jumping from platform to platform the dude was just locking on to and levitating to the next one. I looks really scripted and bad animation wise. It didn't even look like you could fall. With all the other technical issues, the weird contrivances in service of the whole AI co-op thing, and the not so great looking combat, the game does not look very good. Even if this is a not final build, this game is supposed to come out in a couple of weeks... I don't have high hopes for this.

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What exactly can't they show in the QL?   
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Controls look a bit too unresponsive and yeah as Brad says they are prioritizing animation over responsiveness which can only lead to frustration at some points of the game. Still I think the world looks kind of cool and I enjoyed certain aspects of Heavenly Sword enough that I think this will make a great rental. I will totally journey to this west. 

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The textures make me want to puke but the actual look of the game is nice.

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I'm here to clean floors and kill people, and I don't have a mop. 
Also, PURTY.

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Wow, looks terribly unoriginal. So many contrivances. Combat doesn't look particularly fun either. We shall soon find out.

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looks interesting...

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@Vorbis: me and you both buddy...
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I don't like the look of this at all. It looks like they're trying really really hard, but the flaws really stand out for some reason, like the low resolution, the slapdash texturing, the feet not meeting the ground and the animation on the girl being all weird. Even the flashing grab points are pissing me off.
I can't explain why, it's like the whole game is in the uncanny valley.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I remain completely unimpressed by this game.

Posted by Jimbo

Seems like second-rate PoP.

Posted by Rawrz

Looks like a 3 star game. Meh.

Posted by RiotBananas

Animations look Janky. Not interested.

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Yeah this looks like what I was afraid it would be: Unfinished.  This game needs more time/money in dev to really be great.  

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I absolutely loved the demo. I think this will be one of the best games of the Fall, and it will be sadly overlooked by most.

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I am very interested in this game, watching the QL with much anticipation.    

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Apparently I am the only one who likes the way this looks.

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The city-scape is really ugly.

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Scene deleted should be the look of the game not this big freaking escort mission.  
Not really caring for the overflashing of the stuff you can grab on & all the unoriginal monkey king style choices for the main dude. You'd think with people being enslaved for a while that he wouldn't be in that much shape athletically. Either way if I want to start off on a prison/slave ship I'd stick with the original Unreal or a Riddick game instead of this which I'm expecting to only be about 3-4 hours long.

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The animations seem way to jittery.  It randomly goes from animating too way slow to way too fast and back again

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I don't care about this game much at all, but it makes me fear for the future of DMC.  I hated the combat in the demo as well as the traversal stuff.  And if she scans every time there's enemies... that would get old quick, it already got annoying in just this quick look. 

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The game looked somewhat better when the first screens were released.
And I'm already bored by the gameplay from just watching. It's a pass for me.

Posted by CrazedMaverick

i want to buy this just to see the deleted scene

Posted by nekoNari

Looks good, but the animation transitions, character placement, and some other bits and pieces are so jittery and rough. Need more polish around the edge, but we all know it won't receive it anymore.
This won't be a commercial success...

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Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Nariko?

Posted by Akel

hmm, i don't know...not feeling it.

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Having played the demo, I think this game has promise. But I also think that if this Quick Look is representative of the main game then I will be disappointed. I think the dilemma is that the world and character design are what makes the game interesting, yet I feel those are precisely the things that will put off a sizeable number of people from wanting to play it.

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Posted by phrosnite

Prince of Persia 2008 is better than this game.

Posted by Rox360

Very strange look to this game. It looks beautiful and really janky at the same time. Some of the animations look really good, but there's no blending between animations which looks awful. The terrain in the background is beautiful, but the up-close stuff seems muddy and undefined.  Same with the combat and story, too...
I do quite like the dragonfly thing zipping about for a bit and the lady going "Okay, looks like that's where we need to go, I'll mark that". It'll get old quick, but it's a refreshing change of pace from the typical panning camera angle, and the magical voice in your head always knowing where you should go with no explanation as to how they know.
This looks exactly like the kind of game I'll remember in a couple of years, buy for ten bucks and be extremely happy with that purchase. I have several of those for the original Xbox also. I don't know why, but those semi-janky, straight-to-bargain-bin type games charm me...

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The art and that looks kinda cool, but babysitting that girl would get super annoying.

Posted by Huzzabari

I'll withhold judgment until I see the reviews, even from this quicklook I'd buy it when the price dropped down.
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I'm not really sure what to think.  The brief bit they showed in the Quick Look didn't look all that appealing to me.

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ehh looks kinda bleh

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@LiquidPrince said:
" Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Nariko? "
Very similar, but Nariko had a more asian look to her.
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I'm not trying to be mean, I just find this as very fun teasing. With that clear:  

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This game is based upon the same story as Monkey.  Monkey was fucking awesome back in the day. 
The flying cloud, the stick in his ear etc etc...if this game isn't "Monkey Magic" then I will be damned annoyed. 
p.s. I do presume the US did get the dubbed Monkey on the TV like the UK.  Of course the guys could have mentioned this connection already in the Quick Look.  I've just not watched it yet.

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This seems kind of bland, I don't know why.  
Just... meh.

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Luchadeer is giving me Holy Diver music video vibes.