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oh snap

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@SiN13 rats
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Early QLs recently. What the eff is this game? I guess I'll find out. 
Meh. Doesn't look like an interesting concept to me.

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The description of this game on the podcast made it sound weirdly interesting. But since it's a character action game... meh.

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I couldn't even make it through the demo. I feel sorry for Devil May Cry fans.

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I have been waiting for this

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Wow this game looks like junk...taking it off even my gamefly que.  Who wants a full game of awkwardly designed characters and an escort mission.  

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It's based off the "journey to the west" the ancient Chinese myth, the same thing That inspired Dragonball and the tv show Monkey

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I reckon the deleted scene was a Jeff Bridges cameo.

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"I should have grabbed his arm. Eh, you already saw that stuff. I'll kill these guys the old fashioned way." Brad dies. 
Because let's not listen to what she tells us to do. Game does look interesting.

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lol the jumping distances is messed up. Monkey partly hovers across instead of jumping correctly. i also enjoyed the texture loading problems


Looks pretty good, I think I might pick this up. I really enjoy games with a good post-apocalyptic story.

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Played the demo earlier this week, quite enjoyed it. Wish this QL was a little longer, but hey, what can you do? Still very intrigued by this game, will probably end up buying it. Release date is Oct 5, so that's coming up pretty soon!

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Not interested, although I like the character design on monkey.

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@mehteh said:
" lol the jumping distances is messed up. Monkey partly hovers across instead of jumping correctly. i also enjoyed the texture loading problems "
UE3 strikes again.
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Looks great, but I'm probably one of the few who enjoyed Heavenly Sword.

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Looks interesting, but not really my style of game.

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I know the developer is talented.  Demos can sometimes be a bad sampling of a game so I keep daring to leave this on pre-order.

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This looks pretty boring. You have to babysit that girl thru the whole game, while she yaping at you all the time.

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Wow, didn't show much.
This game reminds me of Dark Void and the original Jak n Daxter.

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This resembles PoP Sands of Time in the ai-co-cop aspect,especially when she crawled through a space he was too big to fit through.
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No thanks. This game doesn't seem that great.  

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Not a fan on the animations, and half of that foliage just looked like it was painted onto the buildings. Plus, what's with all the tight trousers? If material is that scarce in the future, they might as well go butt naked.

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Played the demo yesterday. Game seems fun, might buy it when it gets a tad cheaper.
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When I first heard about this game i wasn't interested in it at all, but it has grown on me.  Visually it is appealing and the game mechanics look interesting.
But having an AI partner, that scares me.

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That sure was a short Quick Look :(

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the animations never seem to line up in way that wouldn't make me say what I'm saying.

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Looks ugly and boring.

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Looks insanely boring. I don't know if the whole game's like that, but this looks really repetitive.
Hey, let's do this thing. 
Hey, remember that thing we just did?
We have to do it again. 
 Hey! Remember that thing we do?
With the robots and the jumping? Yep. You guessed it.
Do it. Now.

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Looks awful

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Played the demo for this the other day. Linear, one button press platforming with no chance of failure or missing, with light attack-heavy attack combat with no variation in the heavy attack animations. 
No way am I grabbing this. Sorry.

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I sense there a list around here that's going to need updating.  It's been a while since it needed to be unless I missed something.

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i really want this game but i might wait till i can get it in a buy 2 get 1 free sale

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I'll probably play this sooner or later, not because of the gameplay though.

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I'll probably get it. After I complete my laundry list of games I have yet to finish.

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Control and animation looks a bit janky, but I'm such a sucker for games like this, so I'll have to give it a try at the least.

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Looks kinda coool

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Pulled a Brad.

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I got a lot of jank from the demo and some of it shows in the Quick Look. Platforming doesn't seem fun like in Uncharted 2 and combat seems slow and simple. The game doesn't seem to live up to the potential.

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Reading these comments, some people are just hard to please.
This isn't my type of game, but to say it's "junk" and "awful" and not even had played it seems just immature.
But then again this is the interneet, hurp a durp.

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Man, I was really interested in this game since I heard about the premise.  Plus it looks really nice in screenshots (heh).  In motion, however, there are lots of problems and after playing the demo I'm not super-impressed.  I have a very eccentric view on gameplay, and I'll accept some problems if the game still tries to do uncommon things, but this one is far enough off base that I may have to give it a pass.  Right now it just seems like a semi-pretty super-linear beat-em-up that doesn't control very well.

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same here, if this game sells as bad as heavenly sword did I'll lose all faith in humanity. :P
and judging by some of the comments I think it's safe to say that alot of people do not understand the appeal of this game.
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I'm much more "meh" about this game now than I was before. It's pretty, though. Will have to see more to really judge it.

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Quick look doesn't do the game justice, the demo has an awesome set piece where you are jumping from wing to wing on a slave ship and then it turns sideways and you climb up the wing and then its about to hit a skyscraper and oh god climb CLIMB. Game reminds me of Uncharted 2 with less interesting combat and a very unique setting. Did they even mention Journey to the West in this QL? Its loosely based on that.

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Wait, so the game is basically one long escort mission? 

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@mehteh:  Well its Unreal engine so that goes hand in hand with much shorter load times.
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Ryan scared me when he popped up on screen like that.