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Posted by Laini

Further proof, if proof be need be, that Ryan and Jeff Quick Looks are the best :D

Posted by Stormdragonblue

Right away memories came flooding back.

Posted by Dovien

Sigh. More Mickey.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

Can you do pacing any worse, than this game does it? I too like so many here, was really looking forward to this game and its advertised nostalgia trip.

But this paint nonsense is soo gamebreaking imo. Takes for fucking ever, and that's not even getting into the ridiculous overly long exposition dumping.

Posted by dropabombonit

Vinny and Jeff's impression made that text LIVELY!

Posted by ZagZagovich

Is this one of those amazing 60 hrz videos? Because it moves so smooth that I didn't even care about the crappiness of the game.

Posted by rottendevice

This reminds me that I ripped the soundtrack to World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck for the Genesis in VGM format:


Also, this game doesn't look very good. On the one hand, I want to support 2D sprite sorta games, but like Jeff said, it's a bone simple platformer.

Posted by Pyron666

OMFG !!!

This game uses the same sounds effects of Cestle of Illusion of the MEGADRIVE,

and this music its a reanged music of Castle of Illusion lvl1, its amazing....

Posted by Feikken

Such a good video

Posted by cyberhugger

Best quick look in a long time.

Posted by HazeMisoSoup

That's not her name! Her name is Maleficent! D:

Posted by antivanti

Vinny does a pretty good Mickey impression =)

Posted by RobotSquad

This game looks better than the wii u one but that isn't saying much

Posted by AngelN7

Oh man the Thwomp stuff was so funny... " I'm cosplaying "

Posted by vinsanityv22

This was a really funny Quick Look. But what's not funny is this game. I had the same opinion after playing the demo - the painting mechanic is really bad and totally destroys the game. Then I read GameInformer's review, and yeah, it destroyed the game. Now I see this and yup, again, it is confirmed; it kills the game flow. I don't know how this could happen. Dreamrift is a great developer. Why would they be so married to this terrible mechanic that they wouldn't change it, or get rid of it? Or make it more like the console games, where you just shoot paint at shimmering objects to create them and shoot thinner at "Toon" objects to erase? AND WHY CAN'T YOU SKIP DIALOGUE AND CUTSCENES!?!

Also, why is the Witch, Mizrabel, from the old games now Maleficent from Snow White?

Like Heroes of Ruin, I feel like putting out a demo only killed a few potential sales. This game is nowhere near as good as it should be. And Mickey is too slow; speed him up, guys.

One more thought; Jeff, the ABC blocks in London? I think they're just a nod to the Castle of Illusion. I remember one of the levels, in the Master System version anyway, took place amongst toys. Lots of balls, toy soldiers, and letter blocks. The London trappings are just an illusion within the castle; it stands to reason that the enemies would stay the same... I guess. Maybe there are other familiar visuals from the older games throughout?

Posted by Amaru25

lol jeff's accent was hilarious. funny ql

Posted by PhilipDuck

Good QL , the game looked alright..

Posted by Tuznecote

This game looks boring compare to the original Mega Drive and Master system titles. What the hell?! Get rid of this paint mechanic.

Also can I just say whatever quicklook vinny is in is always hilarious.

Posted by BatmanBatman

arghhh that text noise!!

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

I think Vinny is projecting on the Mouse couple...

Also, holy shit there's just been a string of Quick Looks that are off the charts.

Posted by joshuaprince9212

Ahhh man I was in tears when Jeff started doing Scrooges voice. Should do an Endurance Run of this with Vinny and Jeff alternating the voices

Posted by MeatSim

I can't wait for the sequel Epic Mickey: Mickey's Marital Problems.

Posted by Schlookum

This has been the funniest quicklook since a loong time. Well done, those men! bravo!

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

That was some exceptional and fun commentary for a sadly bland game. I mean, I do remember a number of these characters and I did watch Duck Tales pretty regularly back when it was on but this just seems uninteresting.

Posted by sissylion

Scrooge turned into Igor there at one point.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Do most/all recent Giant Bomb videos have completely fucked frame rates, or is it just me?

Posted by MrBubbles

Epic Mickey: Power of Collusion

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

It's name is not Sketch, it IS a sketch!

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

If Jeff had played Professional American Football and won the Super Bowl it sounds like he would of rather of gone to a Taco Bell then Disney Land.

Posted by notdavid

Why do Disney games keep insisting that Maleficent be the main villain? She's the shittiest, most uninteresting villain ever. Except when she's a fucking dragon. That's pretty dope.

Posted by KaneRobot

"I curse your beanstalk...THEEEENARRR."

I won't get obscure movie trailer references like this on other internet websites.

Posted by KentaB

Looking forward to testing this game!

Edited by SatelliteOfLove

I see this game uses the Kanye Method of tutorials. "Imma let you finish figuring that out on your own, but my telling you what to do is the BEST OF ALL TIME."

OH GOD, Vinny's Best voice.

Christ, it flashes and PLOINKS at 50% health. That's not annoying!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

@Rabid619 said:

"Remember Finding Nemo?" "Never seen it" Jeff noooooooo! The floatiness of the jumps in this looks really odd. Also faux Jurassic Park themes are apparently the thing this week.

He mentioned Little Nemo, which is something else entirely. Though... Jeff probably hasn't seen Finding Nemo either.

Posted by LiK

i didn't expect Jeff would do Mickey impressions. :O

Posted by Jack268

It would have been so much better without the painting stuff or if the painting stuff wasn't so extremely slow.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Vinny's Mickey is spot on. Not surprising that he's good at slipping a Mickey, because... you know...

Posted by MjHealy

Those first ten minutes really killed me. I thought I was OK, but then Jeff showed off his Irish accent.

It needs work... let's say.

Posted by shodan2020

Vinny's Mickey Mouse voice is the best.

Posted by cronosin

I seriously lost it with the start. Vinny is now required to do all Epic Mickey or any other Disney quick looks involving Mickey.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Needs more Persona references.

Posted by ThePencil

This looks like it should be some sort of Kingdom Hearts prequel/sequel/midquel/what-a-ever the hell that series is these days-quel. Just makes me wish I still had my old MegaDrive and World of Illusion.

Posted by Stensby1

Love the Jeff and Vinny impressions on here. Pure gold.