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More Borderlands has got to be a good thing.

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Posted by peritus

cool :)

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Posted by Svestus

I could not be more excited for this game!

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Posted by ThatPrimeGuy

I will never get that quest....


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Posted by Cyanid

I luv me som borderlandz!

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Posted by djslackerjr

Wonder if people will be modding weapons like they did in the first one.

Can't wait, have the pre-order ready and waiting.

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Posted by pbhawks45

I don't think I want to watch this. I don't want it ruined. Already feel dirty watching the first 5 minutes.

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Posted by weegieanawrench

Pre-ordered and waiting patiently!

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Shame its not Randy 'I'M-ALWAYS-WAY-TOO-EXCITED-ABOUT-THINGS' Pitchford.

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Sweet I wasn't expecting this vid this week.

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Posted by Imsorrymsjackson

Another FPS, hooray..

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This guy sounds JUST like Mike Krahulik.

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Posted by SurgicalLube

I can;t wait till BL comes out, but don't know if I wan to watch this... ruin it when i get it

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preordered this game because i loved the hell outta the first one....and it looks like i want be disappointed

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Posted by Petervs

cant wait for this, have been itching for more borderlands !!

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Posted by golguin

I didn't think there would be a quicklook for the game.

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More like bored-erlands, am I right?

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Posted by CaLe

@golguin said:

I didn't think there would be a quicklook for the game.

Why wouldn't there be? It's a pretty big release.

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I can never stop thinking about how nice it would look without the black outlining on everything.

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Okay, this is going to be an unpopular opinion but I don't like that they made it more colorful than the first game. I liked the palette of Borderlands. This is just a little too much for my tastes.

I'll still play it, of course, because it's going to be awesome regardless.

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Posted by VikG

@mbr2: you could always just mod the PC version

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Posted by Porkellain

I'd love to have some borderlands, but my friends are not into games, so bye bye co op

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Never played the first Borderlands, but I'm so looking forward to this one.

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Posted by golguin

@CaLe said:

@golguin said:

I didn't think there would be a quicklook for the game.

Why wouldn't there be? It's a pretty big release.

The game is known. They haven't really talked about the game other than saying "It's a better borderlands and if you like the first you'll probably like this."

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Posted by Grillbar

oh god yes

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Posted by JoeyRavn

We hold the world ransom for... One bazillion guns!

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Posted by JerichoBlyth

This looks surprisingly ugly.

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Posted by familyphotoshoot

Gearbox probably should have sent someone with a pulse for this EX.

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Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

This game is so boring single player, 4 players = 4x more enemys and soldier is such a boring class where is the Brute and his fists of rage.

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Posted by Peewi

Can't wait for this to be out.

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Posted by Springfart

can't wait!

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Posted by The_Nubster

Good placement of the Play button.

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Hated the first Borderlands. This looks like it carries on in earnest all the qualities from the first game that bored me to tears.

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Posted by alibson

Man, this game looks terrible on a console. I hope it will look way better than this on PC.

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Posted by vaportra1l

Got my free copy already loaded in Steam, just waiting for the preload. Nice deal if you need a new GPU and get a 660 or better. Hopefully it looks a little better on PC.

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Posted by LobsterMobster

@JerichoBlyth: It's the 360 version. They've been using the PC to demo it in the past.

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Posted by Moncole

Thank god they changed the map.

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Posted by TekZero

For a guy that's been working on the game for a long time, he sure has very little to say about it.

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Posted by CptBedlam

Ah the EX-curse.... 5 minutes in and I'm bored....

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Posted by PurpleSpandex

Why the hell would they demo on 360? Heres the worst it can look! BUY OUR GAME

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Posted by zipperface

This is why I don't like QLEXes, it just becomes a "developer plays" until after an awkward silence "GB guy" asks a question.

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Posted by Sweep

Noticing a trend with opting for health regen builds.

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"Walk backwards and everything dies"

Thanks for succinctly summing up why I find Borderlands super boring.

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Battlefield 2142 has LMGs that got more accurate as you laid down fire as well. If it doesn't already have a concept, I think it qualifies for one now. But what would it be called? Progressive Stabilization?

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Posted by Winsord

This looks great, as expected. Not sure if I want this on 360 or PC though; I know it'll look so much nicer on PC but Borderlands just feels like a console game to me.

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Posted by LangarN

@CptBedlam said:

Ah the EX-curse.... 5 minutes in and I'm bored....

yeah same here, sadly.

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Posted by joshthebear

So stoked for this game. Easily my most anticipated release of the year.

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Posted by ervonymous

So still only one action skill per character, man. Maybe the increased weapon variety helps to break the tedium but I dunno, wonder if it'll be enough after spending so much time with the original.