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Sweet! Nothing better at 2AM on a norwegian Wednesday =)

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Oh snap!

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Oh awesome! I wanted to sit down to a quick look when I got home and here it is!

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I was just waiting for the podcast and now its surprise QL time! Thank you giant bomb dot com

Edit: video acting wonky for anyone else?

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The first chapter of this game was absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to hear what Tim has to tell the GB crew.

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I already spoiled some of this game with another video so i'm gonna hold off watching this. I already pre-purchased on Steam and can't wait to play it.

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I can't Express how happy I am that Tim Schafer is making an adventure game again. One of my favourite game devs ever.

Edit: Jeff with a beard!

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BeardJeff is awesome.

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I played through this last week, loved every second of it. But I guess I would as a backer. Relieved that my first Kickstarter experience was positive. Can't wait for Act II.

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Broken Age kicks a lot of ass. I made this video to explain.

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So this is pretty spoilery I imagine? Hmm. Oh well.

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I was so happy with Act 1 of the game. More than I ever thought I would when I backed it.

So, glad to see an awesome Quick Look EX with Tim!

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Tim Schafer musta cloned himself because he's in every video covering this game =P

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Breaking out the breakfast cereal for this one. Time is not my master!

@csl316 said:

Broken Age kicks a lot of ass. I made this video to explain.

I think I get it.

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I was surprised I figured out how Act 1 would end. Probably because I played Vella's story first.
The art is great, story is ok. Not a very fun game though, plus there are way too many animation bugs.
I hope Act 2 will be a lot better. :D

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Really loving the new Gerstbeard, it's much better than the ill-fated mustache of years gone by.

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Broken Age is pretty awesome. Just in case you didn't know. It's really, really, really good.

You know what's also pretty good? Day of the Tentacle. Come on Tim, just ask Disney. I'm sure they'll finance it. Just make the main charaktere Hannah Montania (or whatever shit they are airing right now). It'll work. Trust me. I'm from Austria, I know what I'm talking about.

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Double Fine? Is Brad Muir there? Where is Brad? Brad is not there.

I hate you Giant Bomb.

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when tim leaves brad hanging cause he said he played sierra games, that was the best.

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For anyone wondering about spoilers, you can watch this video. They don't solve any puzzles and just wander around some of the environments. The best thing to do would be to start the video and then look away. The game audio is so low you can't hear much of it either. It's more like a podcast with Tim Schafer than anything. They rarely reference what is even happening on the screen.

Obviously it does show some environments so if you are paranoid, then hit your back button.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Tim Schafer might be a great guest for a 3 hour podcast. Just maybe...

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Tim looks right at home on the GiantBomb couch! I'd love to see him in more videos!

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Saw the first minute or so of gameplay and had to look away. Just used this video as a podcast of sorts. I really want to play the game for myself.

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@mooncake: Oh man. Oh man oh man. Stop it you are just making me excited and now I'll be totally disappointed.

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Anyone else getting stutter in HTML 5 playback? Its almost looks like its skipping frames or something.

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Careful with those woodworking projects Vinny....

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I've never been much of a fan of adventure games but I really like this. Definitely will get day 1. :)

edit --- 20 minutes into video: yep, okay, sold, done, going on media blackout until release. You done good, Double Fine.

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@mooncake said:

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Tim Schafer might be a great guest for a 3 hour podcast. Just maybe...

After this great suggestion I don't believe any other potential podcast guest is going to cut it...

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"Crash to Desktop" Oh, I played that, it was just called Battlefield 4.

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This might be my new favorite Double Fine game. Seriously.

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I'm blown away by the art of this game every time I see it in action. Just stunning.

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I saw those spoilers, Brad!

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Pleasant surprise!

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Shit gets real around 39 minutes in.

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It's really difficult to pay attention to what anyone is saying while the game is being played, and I've played it.

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Really enjoyed this. Thanks!

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Here's my beta report: The neck thing at around 13:00 happens like two more times.

Love it. I don't think there will be 10 games better than Broken Age this year for me.

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Hair implants Jeff?

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@besetment: Think of it more as an interview with the game going in the background. They rarely comment on what's happening on screen, while Brad is just walking around because they didn't want to spoil puzzles.

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Enjoyed that. Always good to see Mr. Schafer . Broken Age plus that Ultra Business Tycoon lll are games I am probably getting soon.

Did Vinny hammer a nail through his hand? Says he has been doing wood working lately.

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This is the kind of video where I think having the people on screen like during a lot of the live shows would have been a good idea. Especially since the whole thing is Brad wondering around not trying to show anything. Including not showing my favorite characters in the game even though he keeps walking in front of their door.

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Tim sounds so tired, and this was still awesome. Can't wait to play it

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I really want to watch this, but I REALLY want to play Broken Age even more. And on top of that I want to play the whole game from start to finish. I have really been enjoying the backer Documentary videos though. Those Double Fine guys are pretty damn good at what they do.

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When you guys chat with cool developers like Tim, some truly awesome and interesting content is made. This form of content is probably one of the best things you do because no matter how long the video is, it feels too short. I could just listen to you guys talk to developers all day.

Again, great stuff guys. Can't wait to see what comes out of GDC.