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John Drake is the most professional.

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I don't mind an EX once in a while, but they're definitely not as good as real QLs.

I'd be unhappy if all of a sudden, there was a dearth of QLs and it was just a bunch of EXs, but if sometimes the only way they can look at a game is like this, that's fine. Also, the Happy Action Theatre one was fantastic. This one was pretty good. Drake is awesome, but I'm disappointed in the lack of Jeff dancing.

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John Drake repping hard

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seriously wtf is with all these ql exs?

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seriously wtf is with all these ql exs?

It's almost fall season so all the PR departments for games are doing their traveling show act right now.

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If you had to question the genuine nature of this Quick Look EX, I can only assume you are a hot garbage of a human being.

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Hey, it's Annette Gonzalez, who used to work at GameInformer! Must be nice to go from writing about video games to actually helping to make them.

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annette gonzalez looks entirely different like literally every time I see her, no exaggeration

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Dance Central has and always will excite me. These EX Quick Looks are so good.

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Also im mega excited for this

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Giant Bomb Quick Looks in the past were synonymous with honesty and genuine feelings of a game coming in only briefly researching it before playing it (though that lack of research and experience with the game draws ire sometimes). You get to hear how a video game reviewer actually genuinely feels about a game with no fluff at all, this is why Giant Bomb has been successful and drew so many fans with their Quick Looks. Honesty in video game journalism is something that is hard to come as I am sure many people know. Quick Look EX represent the complete opposite and essentially the perversion of this. Quick Look EX's are the reason why Quick Looks needed to exist, and why they became popular in the first place. They are complete fluff and show absolutely no honest personality. Quick Looks are about eliminating the BS and getting to how the reviewer actually feels about what they are experiencing, you can't do that in front of the game's PR staff right in front of you. Even if they could, it wouldn't be respectful. They really need to stop naming these "Quick Look EX" because it is like naming them "Honest Lies". I understand that they are trying to ride the popularity of their greatest content by using the name Quick Look, but they should try to define clear lines between the PR Fluff visits from game developers and publishers and actual content where they get to voice how they genuinely feel about video games. There are many other websites where you can view Fluff videos like this. I come to Giant Bomb because I want to know how Ryan, Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Drew, Dave and Alexis genuinely feels about the game they are talking about. It is biggest reason why Giant Bomb is so respected in the first place. But I can see how hard it is to be honest without having Video Game Publishers and Developers cut ties and blackballing your website :(

Not entirely true. A quick look EX is still going to put the product through a decent amount of scrutiny simply because it's on show for 30 or so minutes. I mean to think of a recent example, watching the QL on that persona fighter and having the guy surf through an absolutely absurd level of text. Yeah the guy was there chaperoning the quick look, and yeah everyone involved was polite about it... but it was still very clearly way to much nonsense to sift through.

And to prove Quick Look Ex does not affect the review or the honesty of the site look no further than the Transformers Fall of Cybertron review, they quick look EX that game and was the typical PR things but that was only content, so yeah complaining about this is dumb.

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I see QL EXs as entertaining content, nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps it's the fact that the call them Quick Looks that has you guys upset? But what should they call them if you don't think they show their true colors in EXs?

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@CptMorganCA said:

I see QL EXs as entertaining content, nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps it's the fact that the call them Quick Looks that has you guys upset? But what should they call them if you don't think they show their true colors in EXs?

It's because some members are fucking crazy.

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God, I want to see the Time Belt move so bad. Why must you tease me so, John Drake?!?!

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The dude with the hate looks like a dude I used to work with at a call center.

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They're in an elevator and it will be difficult to show to people.

No Russian?

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Don't know why but Mr. Matt "Purple Hipster" really annoyed me. At least John made up for it by being Mr. Dazzle crotch

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I wish Gangnam Style was the 10's craze

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@Paindamnation: OH GOD.

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John m*fin Drake!

I want a game with him as the hero.


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If the game isn't out yet, they can't QL it. They'll have to get PR from the developer/publisher involved and that's going to make it a QL EX.

There aren't a lot of games coming out of right now but many will be out soon, so you see a lot of EXs of prerelease games right now.

I wouldn't worry about it so much.

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John Drake is disgusting.

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Chuck wasn't cancelled. It completed its five season stretch. That's my favorite show, don't dis, John Drake.

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Really weird angle on the camera, everyone looks like they have huge torsos on tiny legs.

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"the most successful dance franchise for kinect." Really reaching aren't we?

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John Drake is awesome. That other dude, not so much. Podcast? lol

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where the fuck is the time belt?

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So much of this looks like it is taking place in Saints Row 3.

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great vid,

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John Drake is awesome.