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oh man...

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Aww yea, Hawkman Johnny V and Disney all in one video! Glorious!

EDIT: Wait, didn't Syndrome die at the end of The Incredibles? LOST pilot style if I remember right....

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Johnny V in the hizouse!

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It's about time that Johnny V was back in a Quick Look.

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But where is my Lightsaber and Captain America shield?

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I'll have the chicken stuffed vignocchi in the pesto cream sauce.

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Am I to guess several Quick Look EX's this week due to GDC?

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One minute in, and Jeff is already in Johnny's head.

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Johnny V already getting super nervous

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No one has ever seemed more out of place on a website than the man in the nice shirt and tie.

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Super gangsta.

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Yay surprise bedtime quick look! Thanks guys

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I really enjoy this new thing of making games for kids that actually manage to look sharp.

Oh wow, that's some good "toy" material rendering.

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Johhny V, great unscripted, terrible scripted

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Johnny V... Alive?

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Johnny V keeping it business casual.

Man, I thought Skylanders was pretty dumb and a blatant money grab but I don't know, this is pulling on some serious cool strings moment by moment.

He jumped in the recogniser and the Daft Punk soundtrack started playing..I don't..I don't know, this feels so wrong but yet so right. Heart over Head.

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This actually looks pretty neat. I'm probably not going to invest in it, but I like that kids might get some better more interesting games now.

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Im only a few minutes in but man that dude on the left looks like he feels out of place

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It is illegal to mention Pixar without calling them creative geniuses.

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I love how jeff is just acknowledging everything Johnny says about disney movies even though he probably hasn't seen any of them .

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Jeff totally ignores man in tie; sends unambiguous message to corporate suits everywhere.

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Looks fun

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10 minutes in and this seems like some QVC shit.

"Now it's 34.99...and that'll get you the Cars playset"

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this looks really fun. also, it's great to see Johnny V. :)

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This looks like a lot of fun gameplay-wise, way more so than skylanders.

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Hmm. Online co-op, you say...

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Johnny V. love aside .. this looks pretty damn amazing. I am 34 years old. Judge me.

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I dislike disney and how they've worked hard to pervert copyright law

the creative mode in this game looks pretty good.

also blind powerup packs. yeah, that'll actually probably work really well as far as making the $$$.

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This seems like a huge cash grab....

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Ya done good work here, Johnny. This game is going surprisingly deep with references. And I wasn't expecting the little bit of logic coding. Neat stuff. If this thing hits then holy crap the money. The money.

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The third guy looks like the loneliest man on Earth

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what a bummer, i just got my nephew skylanders giants for his birthday 2 weeks ago, but this looks so much cooler.

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My day is 100% better with Johnny V in it.

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I really feel bad for Mike. So many inside jokes.

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This looks really really cool. It's not for me, but it seems incredibly ambitious and that toybox stuff especially the logic seems rad.

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Looks interesting but hell I just want the incredibles figures for my desk.

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And Jeff goes down another rabbithole.

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Today's the 27th and Johnny V is well known to spend $27 on Taco Bell. Smells like a conspiracy.

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Johnny V, bringing the Physical to Digital since 2004.

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This looks way cooler than I thought it would. Especially happy to see Scrooge's Moneybin in there- I hope that's implying some oldschool Disneytoon stuff will show up. Gimme some Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck and I'm happy forever.

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I'm impressed with the toybox stuff, glad to see they're trying to do more than just Skylanders with Disney properties.

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This looks awesome. But I don't want to buy toys!

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Has Johnny V had plastic surgery?

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Is Jeff Bridges going to be in the game?

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Guy with the shades is giving me a real Jean-Ralphio vibe.