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The tittle of this game makes me giggle.

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Hot damn, this game justifies the existence of Kinect.

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Really wasn't sure about this when it was announced, but damn it looks fun.

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That was pretty damn amazing. Also every interview should now be done in lava.

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@SlackerMonkey said:

That was pretty damn amazing. Also every interview should now be done in lava.

I agree with everything you said. Except for that last part, which should be "...every interview should now be done UNDER lava".

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This makes me want a Kinect.

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Patrick looks like he's in the final segment of Nick Arcade in the monsters activity.

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Oh my.. I want this so much

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Tim is a legend, glad he has the freedom to do stuff like this at Double Fine.

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This is one of the best Quick Looks /ever/.

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@Lifestrike said:

God, is it just me or does Tim really look like a muppet?

I really started noticing that after the Sesame Street game.


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Totally lost it at the Will balls, HAHA!

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If there was ever something that was absolutely necessary wherever alcohol is possibly involved...

I just really wanna cry at how awesome this shit is. Just goes to show that Tim Schafer is still one of the greatest minds in video games today.

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you know im not that impressed with the Kennett stuff some of its ok but this now this looks innovative and a hell of a lot of fun...

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@SpikeDelight said:

Tim Schaeffer looks like Ryan with less facial hair.

Also, I'm the editor of most of the TV commercials they made fun of at the beginning :P

That means you must die.

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I always thought that I would have to live the rest of my life in sadness and rejection. But now I can dance without having to dance??!!


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@KaneRobot said:

@Nakiro said:

I love how Double Fine makes a tech demo and people go crazy over it.


You and I both know that if something like this came from a small unknown company people would trash it to no end. Whether Kinect is fun or not has nothing to do with it, I don't know how you managed to conclude that from my comment.

It's been stated by other users previously in the thread: Nobody except Double Fine would make a game like this and come at it with such a brazen attitude towards the shortcomings of the hardware they're developing on, such a degree of self-awareness and their standard lack of seriousness towards their product. I hold no real love for anything Double Fine, but this looks interesting at least, and they're coming at it on a price point that sounds right with the perfect mentality that this is not a game, this is a set of activities.

And they managed to drag a laugh out of me with a simple achievement name, so, there's that.

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Tim is a combination of rorie and Ryan.

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I was just about to complain that they weren't making the obvious Terminator reference, and BOOM, there it is.

From all the descriptions, I didn't imagine it would actually be this fun.

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10 bucks? 18 of these for just 10 bucks??


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This is what Kinect games should be.

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Yep. Double Fine just solved it. Kinect can only reach its potential if developers make games specifically to utilize the sorts of things that Kinect inherently does well -even if those things were in no way originally intended by Microsoft-, rather than trying to force it to kinda sorta half work at mimicking controller based gameplay styles with motion control.

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That bearded guy is fucking hilarious. He reminds me of this guy

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So freakin' awesome :)

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Patrick as a hot dog was pretty awesome, as was the Giant Bomb ball pit.

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For some reason Schaffer always looks like he's creeped out by every word in an English thesaurus. I'm sure he was baited into coming by the alcohol. Looks like a fun time for all.

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I now have a reason to buy Kinect. Thank you Double Fine.

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Patrick is just the worst. The worst.

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THis actually kinda makes me want a kinect.

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I keep rewatching this for the acid dance party.

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Can I get the Will Smith expansion in the retail game?

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@cowdrunk said:

Man Tim sorta' looks like a smaller version of Ryan.

It's wierding me out.

I know right? I was thinking that during the whole video.

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Disappointed by the reaction to the Will Smith balls. I came here just to watch it after seeing ILM. Guess they were all-laughed-out.

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Yawn. I doubt anyone here would give a shit about this mildy-interactive screen-saver compilation if T.S.'s name wasn't attached on it and he didn't provide GB with an in-person demo...

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I'm sold!

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So...do Kinects work with trampolines?

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well, time to go buy a kinnect.

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This comes out on my birthday! I now know what were doing at my party :D definite day 1 buy for me.

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I am seriously going to need to try this with the kids at the kindergarten were I work.

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Double Fine are the best.

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That's quite weird game thingy. If I had kinect, I would get this.

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This so makes me want to get a xbox

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Fuck every Kinect game that isn't this game.

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I like Tim Schaefer. I like Giant Bomb. I like Tim Schaefer on Giant Bomb.

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All I could say during this was "YES YES YES YES" with the biggest smile on my face. This should be great while heavily inebriated.

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@Duffyside: Chat room exploded when the Will Smith balls fell, great moment.

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@hollitz said:

Fuck every game that isn't this game.

Agreed. :)