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"Oh, the Humanity!"

Too soon!

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I thought watching this from the beginning it would explain the hot dog suit but nah its just there... lol

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This is infusing a painful amount of fun and into my cold, adult husk of a soul. Double Fine seems to understand that I just want to play.

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This looks aweosome!

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Ryan really wanted to lay a beat down on the guy who stood on the couch.

I mean seriously, who just stands on peoples furniture?

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@SuperSambo said:

Ryan really wanted to lay a beat down on the guy who stood on the couch.

I mean seriously, who just stands on peoples furniture?

Yeah agreed, not cool, guy who stood on the couch.

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Will buy this!

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A couple of the most impressive uses of the technology I've ever seen in this video. The lava stuff was pretty awesome seeing it react to the things in the scene, and the layered picture taking activity looks awesome, and I'm sure will be coming to your local redtube soon.

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I'm a big fan of the continuously running stage hands as UI.

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I will buy this game and a Kinect if the retail version has cum face Will.

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That looks like a lot of fun.

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In the mind of Schafer, this all makes sense.

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The Schaf!

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Yes! I would buy an xbox and this game just because it has the Will Smith cum face in it. That was the best part of this video.

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I am def buying this, this game just looks like a lot of silly fun that isn't too serious which is great. Perfect thing to leave on in the background of parties too

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@algertman said:

@TripMasterMunky said:

If this game was associated with any other developer people wouldn't even care about it.

Pretty much.

Probably true, but it would still deserve to be looked at. It an unique idea and it honestly seems to be pretty silly fun. Also, it is targeted at kids, so there is no need to over analyze it. The fact that Double Fine is putting this out is giving it a fair chance to be successful because of their brand name and will give other developers a chance to try this stuff too.

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Calling the going into the lava achievement "I know now why you cry" was hilarious. If I owned a Kinect this would probably be the first thing I felt the need to buy on day 1.

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This is pretty awesome. Glad my brother brought a Kinect into this house.

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@TripMasterMunky said:

If this game was associated with any other developer people wouldn't even care about it.

No other developer made this game. Double Fine made this game, because they are Double Fine. What a ridiculous comment.

Double Fine's fanbase didn't materialize out of thin air, nor did they win them in a lottery. If another developer put out similar titles instead, people would care about them.

No other developer would, or has put out a game like this. That's kind of the point.

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Okay, the Gaint Bombs and Will Smith Cum Face Balls were a fantastic touch at the end.

Whiskey Media + Double Fine productions, together forever!

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Fantastic quicklook. Props to Double Fine for having such a great idea. :) 

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Fine. You win. I'll buy a goddamn Kinect. *grumble* ..freakin' Double Fine, being all amazing...

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I was going to say they look alike. but its been said. But hey! they look alike.

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For 800 points, this looks like a great purchase. If Microsoft were smart, they'd immediately start shipping this with the Kinect. Great for kids, and great for social settings - the two things Microsoft has mainly targeted the Kinect at.

I don't know how long it would stay fun, but if I play around with it for a few hours, and entertain some friends with it a few times, for $10 - who cares?

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finally with the power of kinect and schafer's mind i can love myself completely

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With this, kids won't need drugs.

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Yes, this is the system sellar

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Is there an achievement for having intercourse in lava? Hot lava mama - 15 points.

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"That one's too erotic" - Tim Schaffer, on mini games.

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Side by side ryan and tim look cut from the same genetic cloth

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fuck I really want a kenict now

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One word: Genius!
Bravo DF.

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I absolutely can't wait to mess around with this.

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Alright, Double Fine... If you include the Will Smithball in your game, I will buy a Kinect and a copy of it for every person I know.

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This is fantastic. Can't wait to buy it!

Also I think it is noted on Double Fine Productions job applications that you must look cuddly and/or like a Muppet in order to be hired.

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I may actually get a Kinect at some point just for madness like this. And Double Fine, if you're listening, I would pay a lot of money to have that Giant Bomb / Will stuff as DLC. Just saying.

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Goddamn, this looks like fun!

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Greatest quick look ever, the use of Will Smith's face from the big live live show at the end made me spew beer all over my monitor.

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The best part was when Tim pushed Patrick back into the lava because he was sick of his stupidity and watched him burn bwahwahah.

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So...Why is Patrick wearing a Hot Dog costume?

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I wish I could buy this, but I have no Kinect. But I will buy anything Double Fine puts out on PC. I bought Costume Quest, and I bought Psychonauts three times. Can't wait for Stacking.

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Amazing, it makes me want a Kinect.

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Isn't a little late to still be in the "Kinect Tech Demo-style game" phase? Shouldn't they (developers) be applying this tech to full games already? Possibly creating new genres with it? Or are western developers, in general, just that lazy? That all they see is this motion tech and all they can do is make mini game collections?

I think it might be more of a kinect hardware limitation and it would take a hardware revision before you get those full games.
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Sigh I find it strange the only thing I want to do with the clone thigamajig is make a human centipede, I can finally live my dream of being a mad scientist.

So fucking glad I'm not the only one that though of that