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I need this

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ya you do

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Just sold me a Kinect.

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All right! Now we're getting somewhere...

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Man Tim sorta' looks like a smaller version of Ryan.

It's wierding me out.

Posted by Lifestrike

God, is it just me or does Tim really look like a muppet?

I really started noticing that after the Sesame Street game.

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I was going to end up drowning in lava sooner or later. Might as well do it now.

EDIT: and before anyone asks, my entire respiratory system is made up of a diamond thread composite material. So I can drown in lava, thanks.

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Oh man, having Ryan and Tim standing that close to each other only fuels my theory that they were separated at birth.

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If nothing else this thing has terminator references...sold

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This is... very strange.

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I was never prepared for the awesomeness of this quicklook.

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@Lifestrike said:

God, is it just me or does Tim really look like a muppet?

I really started noticing that after the Sesame Street game.

Yeah, I was going to say this.

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@afs262: Damn. You were first. ;)

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@cowdrunk said:

Man Tim sorta' looks like a smaller version of Ryan.

It's wierding me out.

Oh man, why did I have to read this. It's freaking me out now.

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This is awesome :D

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So, does this /come/ with the hot dog suit?

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All future interviews need to be conducted while standing in lava.

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I need this ALSO

"I know now why you cry" sold me on the kinect as a device.

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That's one hot dog *BA-DUM-TISH*

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Oh God, I forgot about that sofa.

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THIS will sell kinects.

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Patrick eating that blimp was amazing. I can see kids going absolutely NUTS over this game, I hope it does well.

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I want my disc of this to have Will Smith meme face balls AND REAL GIANT BOMBS. PLEASE FREE DLC PLEEEASE?

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SOLD! I'll take 20!

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I just love how this is so stupid and fun that everyone wants to join in.

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Looks like a fun toy, this was an awesome quick look. Although I know anything I could do with this will never surpass Patrick dressed as a flaming hotdog setting Tim Schafer on fire.

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kinects should be sold with this.

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i really hope will smith and the GB logo are really in the ball activity for the final version of the game.

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Double Fine is back! Time for some Brad M... Holy Shit Tim Schafer! YES!

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Have we synced our Kinects yet? :P

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I'm in. That looked like loads of fun and somehow managed to show us a ton of things we've never seen the Kinect do before. Hats off to Double Fine.

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Double Fine delivers again! Looks like a great party game, and DLC or Extra content would make this a must have for kinect owners (not to say that it isn't already).

Btw. Tim Schafer!!!

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still can't get over the fact that theatre is spelt the wrong/american way... deal with your french lineage even if the french are a useless bunch of mollusque eating surrender monkeys

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We, the GB community, just made the staff, along with Tim Schafer, play around in a pit full of Will Smith cum face balls.


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This is an amazing idea.

Posted by MisterMollusk

This looks like so much fun.

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All the naysayers need to watch this. I'm more excited for this "activity" compilation now.

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lol @ will's cum face on the balls

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I feel like I just dropped a looooooooot of acid

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Sold me a copy. Best Kinect game?

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Will face ball = GAME OF THE YEAR

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Every Kinect quick look should have a hot dog in it from now on.

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This looks surprisingly wonderful.

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This looks like it'd be so much fun with some friends and a few beers!

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Isn't a little late to still be in the "Kinect Tech Demo-style game" phase? Shouldn't they (developers) be applying this tech to full games already? Possibly creating new genres with it? Or are western developers, in general, just that lazy? That all they see is this motion tech and all they can do is make mini game collections?

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Whoa, the kinect I got with my Xbox (only got it because it was the same price as not getting it) may actually be put to use! This could be pretty fun.

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Patrick and his crazy hotdog antics made go from cool to fantastic.

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This is great.

Fuck everyone who said Double Fine were selling out and becoming Rare.

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I want to use that first thing to make myself a human centipede.