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Posted by MeatSim

I had to watch this again it's that good.

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Posted by TehChich

I was very disappointed when I bought this game, ran to the ball pit and saw no giant bombs or will balls. :C

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Posted by financingisfree

i totally had passed on watching this video and the game wasnt even on my radar until i decided to watch it. SOLD. i bought the game on a second tab through the XBLA site before the video even finished. smart marketing to targeted audiences WORKS. also my gf will finally play a kinect game with me and not get self-conscious or annoyed by broken tracking 4 minutes in? MOAR UFF DIS PLEEZ.

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Posted by Foxillusion

Tim Schaefer has put out the coolest games since he became a dad.

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Posted by CharAznable

Best video I've seen on here in a while, that was awesome.

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Posted by namesonkel

I want MOOOOORE. They should TNT this shite.

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Posted by n0nametaz

I wont a kinect only for this.

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Posted by Roger778

Tim Schaeffer, you are a genius! Also, really cool too.

That's the most entertaining Quick Look I've seen lately.

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Posted by theimmortalbum

Oh man this alone would make me want to get a Kinect. This was brilliant.

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Posted by Orange_Tory

Meme understood.

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Posted by ThomasCro

Is Patrick drunk?