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This looks kinda great

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been waiting

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Too bad I don't have a PS3.

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Damn, you guys faster than DYAD

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Been waiting for this QL. The game seems sweet ass.

Except for the fact that Sony seems to shit it out, only in the US. What year is this, 2007? I know localization takes at least an extra month but it's still bullshit. If you have a strong card on your hands, give it a proper worldwide release with appropriate promotion. It's not like developers are waiting in line to sign with you anyway, Sony. Remember Closure? No, already forgotten? It was shit out in a similar way in March and has yet to be seen outside the US, but could have been a big hit. So fuck you Sony, is what I am trying to say. But I like the guy behind this. Anytime a developer can speak jokingly or honestly without sounding like a brainwashed PR guy, I'm stoked.

Still no idea how the game is played though, so maybe that should have been covered better.

And no demo? What the fuck man. Good decision there, for a game nobody can understand.

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I can't tell what the hell is going on with this game.

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So.. what the is this game about?

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This game looks purdy... but I still don't know what the fuck is going on.

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It's just like Pacman if you were playing it in a hybrid of Rez and Audio Surf.

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I have no idea what the fuck is happening.

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"...so I got a platinum trophy."

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man, the guy who made this game is a dick

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It's kind of like Amplitude + Rez + Tempest.

I think.

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@tindrum: what? you are the dick.

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VinnyTV. I'd watch it.

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WTF did I just watch?

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"Its not tempest! It's this other game you never heard of. Look how indy I am. Fuck!"

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PS3 only, or will it work with Vita too? I hope Vita. :(

Edit: Just double checked everywhere.. PS3 only for now. Makes me real sad.

Oh. He just said in the video he isn't even sure he'll do Vita. This sucks.

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stereoscopic 3D would be crazy on this game, or maybe too much crazy

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This is exactly what I want. Tell me it's coming to PC.

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After watching this I need to lie down.

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Synesthesia achieved.

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Would it kill the developer to take a couple of minutes to actually explain the gameplay? I agree it looks and sounds amazing, but a tiny bit of direction/explanation at the start might help people understand it better.

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A music game quicklook where you can't hear the music...

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Another 1080p 60fps game for the PS3, don't mind if I do!

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Does anybody else smell metal? Hmmm, that's weird, my nose just started blee...........................................................................

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Still didn't understand what I'm supposed to do in this game.

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Oh good, so it's not just me. This game might be amazing and innovative, but since at no point was it even slightly actually explained what was going on.....I have no idea.

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If this is what you experience when you die, then sign me up.

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no idea what was happening or how to play. seems like a game that would be great for the medicated peoples.

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This is a game that needs no explanation. I mean, look at it.


I taste blood.

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@Silverbrand said:

Oh good, so it's not just me. This game might be amazing and innovative, but since at no point was it even slightly actually explained what was going on.....I have no idea.

Right there with you, also the devs attitude seems fucked through this whole thing...

EDIT: Is bro-hipster a term? I'm so..... DUUUUDEEE. you've never heard of them.

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They explain it briefly in the quick look. Your squid thing can activate nodes that basically have energy flaps. Once you have enough energy you can boost to bust through the nodes. The node activation also is how you can connect two nodes to creat a highway or yield another effect. Basically the game is about making color pairs and getting boost and pretty lights and sound. Also the dev kinda sounds like a dick but whatever.

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What the shit are you guys doing to actually play this thing?

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I like the musical response from your actions.

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Ouch, my brains...

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I have absolutely no idea what the fuck I just watched.

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What the fuck.

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Vinny tries to get Brad to say what is going on right in the beginning but he just says "I dunno, I'm just hitting left and right on the d-pad." And then just moves on as if that explains everything. Brad seems to always do this whenever he's asked what he's doing in a game his first response is always "I dunno..." and he has to be prompted to explain further.

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Joining the "What the fuck is going on" bandwagon.

Brad tried for a little bit but couldn't explain, the developer just kept saying "you can do what you want, how you want. My game don't play by no rules man!".

Is this game even played with a controller or does it come with a new peripheral that hooks directly into your frontal lobes?

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Maybe it is different when you are actually playing but this just looks like total nonsense garbage.

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Hay guys. It's an incomprehensible indie game! Must buy eet on steeem! (and never install)

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Oh my, what a crazy visual style. Not usually into this stuff but Dyad does look pretty fucking sweet. It's also one of the cases where I actually understand the relationship between sound, movement and colors instead of getting the impression of a cheap and amateurish visualizer. Very nice!