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A wild man god appears!

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Shane playing the game on the PS3. Surprise!

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This guy seems cool.

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@msboyd89 said:
" This looks great but I just don't see "non-gamers" ever picking this up like Shane thinks. I wish they would and it's great that he talks about it but surely this is nowhere near an entry point to video games? "
Seriously. This seems to be something that even gamer-gamers are not going to buy, much less someone new to gaming.
PS: I'm saying they won't buy it because of it's Shin Megami Tensei-like different-ness and not because of it's quality or something. It looks pretty awesome.
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Wait, I thought this was a Wii game. I can play this on my proper consoles? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This looks really interesting. 
I wish there was more fiction, video games and otherwise,  that took advantage of all the crazy shit that happens in the Bible (particularly the Old Testament) and in the Apocrypha.

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looks really good actually, almost a feel of a "Team Ico" game, like the shadow of the colossus

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Really like the 2D side scrolling portion of the game in  both gameplay and artstyle.

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This game looks incredible. I loved the art style the moment I saw it, but I was a bit worried upon hearing how simplified the combat was. But with all the timing-based actions, weapon switches, button-holds, etc, I'm totally relieved. 
Looks like a Day 1 for me. 
Edit: Shane would be an amazing addition to the Giant Bomb crew: he knows his shit and has some different tastes than the other guys; good on mic and not nervous about being on camera; argumentative with the knowledge to back it up.

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That is all

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I had forgotten about this game.
Cool to see Shane there. It's surprising they haven't had him on before considering they have mentioned him before and that they knew him (if i recall)
Anyway, game looks cool. It has an interesting art style. I am interested to see what comes of this.

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Wow! I haven't seen Shane in such a long time...

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The game looks amazing. I hope we don't have to wait too long for it.

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I'm hooked.

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This game actually looks amazing, i love the art and the content. Also, the brad burn by ryan was hilarious hahaha

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A japanese game to the christians of the world? A bible game, really? I feel sick to my stomach. 

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It's looking good. I hope shane is right and that it is complex and difficult.
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This looks really cool!

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@waypoetic said:
" A japanese game to the christians of the world? A bible game, really? I feel sick to my stomach.  "
cause it's so awesome? XD
Game still looks good! Can't wait to get it! I like different.
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Not to repeat what everyone else has said but man, this looks crazy amazing.

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Hello to Jason Issacs. 

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@waypoetic: No different than a bunch of Americans making a Greek religions game (God of War), or a bunch of Japanese people making a mashup of religions game (ANY JRPG released after Final Fantasy, but especially FInal Fantasy).  Hell, Persona was rife with Christian (among every other religion's) imagery.
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@waypoetic said:
" A japanese game to the christians of the world? A bible game, really? I feel sick to my stomach.  "
Pay attention kid. This shit ain't in the Bible.
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Aah cool, this will be on the 360 as well. Is this going to be an xbla or full priced? Personally I would like to see this as a 1200 point downloadable game, but I thought the same of Tron and that Eden Kinect game so I am definately not an expert on game positioning.

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Game looks really good.  Didn't know about this before this quick look, will be checking this out.

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I'm loving Brad's game face at the end.

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Some motha fucking 1up yours in the house

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@jozzy: This is going to be a full on retail game, for sure. 
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Sold. This looks pretty damn awesome.

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This will be a $20 game for me. I love the art style, and the story looks entertaining enough, but I'm not a big fan of this genre of game. I find they always end up being frustratingly hard, or mind numbingly tedious.

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A character action game with pretty colors that I don't have to be some kind of savant to play? Well played, El Shaddai. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

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This game looks pretty good.

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Gottta be honest, loving cell phones and designer jeans in apocryphal heaven

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Mail Bag EX? Awesome.
Edit: Game is beautiful. I was getting hyped up hearing the legacy and design philosophy, and it looks like the gameplay delivers. It's just enough Ninja Gaiden to really tickle my fancy for that kind of game, but it's also got so much stuff it feels like I've never seen before. Very, very attractive title. If this reviews well enough, it's going on my "do want" list!

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Brad dies at 20:40

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@ryanwho said:
" So some of you dumbasses have a limited vocabulary. In simpleton terms, apocryphal in this context basically means heretical. You know, like the random Christian references found in any give JRPG since the genre began. So stop being so fucking stupid, thanks. Its not a "bible game". "
for someone trying to be a grammar nazi you sure lack any sense of actual grammar, you try hard to sound smart but you cannot even write simple sentences without coming off as the biggest douche who failed out of college
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@litrock said:
" @jozzy: This is going to be a full on retail game, for sure.  "
Aah bummer, definately will wait for the bargain bin then.
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It kind of sucks because the game mechanics look really good, but the fact that everything is all jumbled up, wrong names are used for certain things, time lines are incorrect, and just..things are messed up, and it's bumming me out because I believe in the Torah. I mean, even the title of the game, if you're a religious Jew, you know you're not allowed to say it without good reason. 

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I'm officially interested in this

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Don't really like the design of the main character.

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apocryphal oni-may

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I love that pool of gnarl!

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Why have I never heard of this game before?

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Best Quick look EX ever.  Well done Shane.  Perfect mix of discussion about game play elements and the history of the development.

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@EmptyQuarter said:
" Hello to Jason Issacs.  "
I see what you did there.
Posted by Jackalofdeath
@Garfield518:  the level design makes up for it big time
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Seems all right.

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ahahaha, Brad gettin' Trolled ^__^

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I really love that this studio exists so odd things like this and Deadly Premonition can exist.

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Led Zep T-shirt, nice!