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shane WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 
game looks awesome. when it got to the arena and then the 2d section i was sold 
totally psychotic just how i like my action games :D

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WOOOO Led Zeppelin! awesome shirt I have one just like it :D

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Always have enjoyed Shane's contributions to 1up, even though some people viewed him as a troll.  Wow, this game looks great.  I don't play many 3rd person action games.  Never been into Devil May Cry, Ninja Giaden, or Bayonetta; but the style here is crazy, and totally in my wheelhouse.
Also, treating an old tale of much much respected art into an action video game is usually painful.  Dante's Inferno comes to mind.  But this seems to take more digestible liberties to make it into a game.  Yeah, the designer jeans and stuff are a bit corny, but this doesn't feel anywhere near as dumbed down as Dante's Inferno. 
I'll be keeping my eye on this in the next few months.

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Posted By Benny

Game looks fucking awesome. When they were talking about Brad Pitt modelling the jeans from the game or modelling jeans from the company that is teamed up with the developer at least, it made me think Enoch looks like Brad Pitt. Anyone else agree?

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Really liked what I saw here. Pumped up, can't wait to see more...

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As a man who's been playing a ton of Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania, I'm pumped for some crazy action games revolving around the Dead Scrolls.   Pretty amazing it's coming from, if I'm not mistaken, the guys who brought us Arc Rise Fantasia and Muramasa.
Also, when I first say "Metatron" in the title, I immediately thought of ZotE and the Order demon from the SMT series.  How about you guys?

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Interesting story and some pretty incredible art design, it did seem to get in the way though. Hopefully, they'll release some sort of demo before launch.

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Plot sounds really interesting and I dig the art style. This could be really fucking cool.

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Shane "Man God"  Bettenhausen, it has been too long.

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I really like the art style of this. It's just so beautiful. The combat looks cool too.

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Posted By thuiscool

Enoch looks like brad pitt...weird.

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Wow, this looks really cool.

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Art style seems vaguely familiar to the PS2 Shin Megami Tensei games. Takes some getting used to.

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Looks fucking cool man! This on xbox?

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Yes, Shane!
If Seanbaby and Shane got to do Broken Pixels again, that'd be the best thing ever.

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@Benny said:

" Game looks fucking awesome. When they were talking about Brad Pitt modelling the jeans from the game or modelling jeans from the company that is teamed up with the developer at least, it made me think Enoch looks like Brad Pitt. Anyone else agree? "

Holy fuck he does look like Brad Pitt! Around the 4:55 mark especially.
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Posted By Marz

very cool visually.

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I like this developer, and love what I've seen of he game so far. I still don't know if I like the unique art style, but the simple yet complex gameplay looks pretty awesome. The fact that this guy is a zeppelin fan makes this game even better

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I didn't know what to think about this game prior to this Quick Look. Looks like it could be really good, and Shane did a great job explaining the games themes and game play. Great Quick Look!  :)

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Posted By PimblyCharles

 I like this developer, and love what I've seen of the game so far. I still don't know if I like the unique art style, but the simple yet complex gameplay looks pretty awesome. The fact that this guy is a zeppelin fan makes this game even better

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Looks like a really cool game. Can't wait to see it in action for myself. 

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This game actually looks really damn cool. God had better be the bad guy at the end though. It wouldn't be a Japanese game if you didn't kill god.

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I got frustrated with Shane on 1UP Yours with his weird PSN crusading, but when dude actually just hangs out and talks about games he's pretty cool.
edit: Woah, wait, similar to Evangelion's brand of pseudo-Christian insanity? I am so on board.

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Shane looks like what a bastard child from Brad and Alex would look like.

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@Jumbs said:
" @boxing_hobo said:
" first? "
Wow, your low content posting made sure you ensured the first comment!!  Oh wait. "
mad bro?
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Very impressive art direction.

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\m/ >_< \m/

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Wow, this game looks pretty fucking awesome. Looking forward to it.

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Aww yeah I forgot about Shane's connection to this game, its cool to see him at the WM offices.

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I wonder if Shane knows anything about a Deadly Premonition 2???

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Mangod? Like the book from Persona 4?
Also, game looks pretty rad.
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More games using Christian mythology please.

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@Smokefall: Had the same thought as well, definitely reminded me of Nocturne, and a bit of Catherine at the beginning.  
I loved the art style in those games though so it's certainly not a bad comparison to have made!
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4:30 and i've heard so many concepts and words I don't know the meaning of xD. I'm overwhelmed.

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Posted By Landon

For the dozens of military shooters that come out every year that look exactly the same, it pains me that we have something that actually looks original coming out in gaps every 2 to 3 years or so.

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sooooo.... where's i love mondays?

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Cool to see a game exploring something biblical--it's something you never see, but something that has buttloads of potential.

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This looks legitimately fun in that crazy Bayonetta kind of way.  Serious looking into it now.

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Impressive art style and a pretty interesting take on apocrypha. HUD-less design is always a plus in my book. That being said, I'm slightly concerned that the gameplay might get monotonous if the enemy types aren't varied enough, and I'm not sure I completely buy the supposed depth of the combo system.
I'm not sure how I feel about the anachronistic designer clothes and cellphone, but I'm willing to overlook it for now.

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Pretty sure that's biblically accurate that Lucifer wears designer jeans and can travel through time.

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This is probably the best QLEX I've ever watched on GB. 
Not only does the game look fantastic, but Shane really knows how to present a game well. Especially for one which is so high concept as this one. Dude really knows his stuff. 
Can't wait for this.

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What I've seen of the game so far has not enticed me, but this quicklook has gotten me interested.  I like rhythm-based combo systems ala Devil May Cry.
Also, up until this point I've thought this was going to be a downloadable game.

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Looks fucking awesome. Also, Mangod is fucking awesome.

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This is proof-positive just how far great art direction can sway me.
It's trippy and weird, and I I love it for that. Especially in the current recession/cookie cutter phase that the industry is going thru right now.

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Oh snap it is Shane. Long time no see sir. 
PS: This game looks pretty sweet.

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Zero interest in this game.  Not because of the game itself, because of this interview.

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Once Brad started playing and the levels started morphing was when this game was sold to me. 

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Shane is so great.