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Clicked because I saw "Snacks".

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@boxing_hobo said:
" first? "
Wow, your low content posting made sure you ensured the first comment!! 
Oh wait.
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videos cutting out :(

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Crazy looking art style.

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Really interesting art style. I like it.

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i have never heard of this, i'm now kicking myself.

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Look at cool baby, just kickin it.

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For the people that don't know, Shane is an ex 1up/EGM writererer.

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This guy did his homework before goin' on.

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Shane is so badass, can't wait for this game.

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Sent down from heaven by the gods. How appropriate.

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charleston chews? HELL YEAH.

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Deadly Premonition Ignition? :O

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This really looks like a Shin Megami Tensei game aesthetically.

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All bow to Man God! 
I love Shane... and this game looks crazy.

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 Thought process:

"Oh cool, El Shaddai Quick Look"
"Oh no, an EX"
"Oh wait, it's Shane, awesome"

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Art style is super appealing to the eye.. 

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Anticipated game, anticipated Shane, anticipated snacks. Trifecta of a good QLEX.

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@528seven said:
"  Thought process: "Oh cool, El Shaddai Quick Look"  "Oh no, an EX"  "Oh wait, it's Shane, awesome" "
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Great art.

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God damnit what happened to broken pixels?
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Cool, keeping my eye on this.

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Crazy Japanese bible Anime Time Travel angels... YES! 

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Great art. 
Also: I often find ex quick looks to be somewhat weaker than normal ones, this one was not however.

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@sushisteve said:
" This guy did his homework before goin' on. "
I'm pretty sure Shane and Brad are good friends.
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This looks great but I just don't see "non-gamers" ever picking this up like Shane thinks. I wish they would and it's great that he talks about it but surely this is nowhere near an entry point to video games?

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Shane talks god and brings alcohol. Now that is a quick look.

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I was going to ask why those dudes were speaking in Japanese, but word of Lucious Malfoy (well, the actor who plays him) doing a voice is super cool. 

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woah, the game looks crazy beautiful.

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@Greenshoes said:
" Great art. 
Also: I often find ex quick looks to be somewhat weaker than normal ones, this one was not however. "
there is a few that are good but i agree some EX quick looks are terrible snore-fests
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Game looks really interesting,a breath of fresh air. Definitely  gonna buy it.
Shane is such a smooth talker lol.I could listen to him for hours.

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Is it just me or Brad's face always looks red? Also I hate everything about Devil May Cry.

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yeayuh...Charleston Chews!  Never really been into Japanese games, but I have to admit this looks pretty great.

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Looks awesome. I love Okami!!

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Amazing, this game manages to gather every single aspect of japanese gaming that I despise. 
The art looks kind of pretty though.

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Oh snaps it's that sexy ex 1up dude! This game looks interesting, I'm on board. 

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Ah, Japanese developers at their best. Just making great games, not being forced to imitate shallow sentiments of certain demographics by upper management types. You know the ones, smarmy bastards, they ruin every thing I love.

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So they're rebooting Christianity?

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Oh my, the mangod himself.

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Who better to work on a game about Christian mythology than the Man God himself. This is the first look I have ever had of this game, and it was enough to make me want to buy it.

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Dat art syle 

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This is the only QLEX I enjoyed watching.

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Looks sick, never heard of it before today. 
Reminds me of SMT meets character action.  Very likely to check it out.