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Posted by Legend

I'm sure this game's developers were inspired by Happy Tree Friends.

Posted by dbz1995
@Legend said:
" I'm sure this game's developers were inspired by Happy Tree Friends. "
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Looks like HTF. Awesomeness!

Posted by Blair

Looks rad from a visual standpoint.

Posted by Delta_Ass

...I think we're rapidly approaching the point where every single game being developed is going to be using some sort of Unreal engine.

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woo new quick look!
edit: that is pretty violent..

Posted by ObsideonDarman

What does the EX stand for?

Posted by ZagZagovich

Actually Die by the Sword did dynamic slising first.

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Alright, killing children. Now I'm on board.

Posted by Foggen

Looks rough.

Posted by FluxWaveZ
@ObsideonDarman said:
"What does the EX stand for? "

It means they're not really playing it themselves, but it's played by a developer of the game.
Posted by addictedtopinescent

This looks like good lulz with friends

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

so is this coming out on the psn/xbla or is it going to be released on a disc? i seem to remember seeing a listing for this on gamestop.com, but this definately seems like it would be more at home as a $15 download. anything more expensive than that and i'm not interested

Posted by Death_Burnout

This video needs a dose of Rich K Gallup.

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Awesome artstyle, and those special attacks look cool but they block the screen and that seems like it could become really annoying when the fighting becomes hectic.
Posted by igloo

That big strip that appears to highlight kills is really distracting and seems like it would be very annoying.  Hopefully they will take it out or at least make it less prominent on the screen.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Looks nice I guess, but looks boring and slow.

Posted by HatKing

Reminds me a little bit of Castle Crashers and the style reminds me of, obviously, Happy Tree Friends.  These are both good things.
Posted by FlappyHands

What the eff was with the editing at the end of the beaver boss? I wanted to see him get mangled. =(

Posted by tactis

hmm looks good might get
Posted by Kill

Looks like Little Big Planet for pricks.

Posted by Catolf

this looks like fun.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Man, i totally like this. Dynamic blood that stays is enough for me...Dynamic slicing is even better! though i thought Afro Samurai did that too?
And 140+ weapons? sweet!

Posted by stokerd

Love it. The art style is great, gameplay looks fun. Sign me up.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

What happened at 21:37?  Was that too violent to show?
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The camera on it looks like it could get a bit annoying at times and the character animation and movement reminds me of LittleBigPlanet. The artstyle is awesome! It's quite like fat princess.
Posted by FrankCanada97

"This is somewhat nerve-wracking."

Posted by JP_Russell

That little "gore moment" screen that keeps popping up and taking up a quarter of the game screen annoyed the hell out of me as just a viewer.  It'd probably be even more annoying if I were playing and it popped up and blocked out my character and any enemies right next to him, ensuring I'd take damage I wouldn't have or even die as a result.
Granted, it also seemed like they couldn't lose; they'd just keep dying and respawning over and over.  Maybe they touched on that and I missed it, but is that part of the design or was that for the purposes of the quick look?  I'm not a fan of games in which there is no way to fail. 
And endless respawning aside, that beaver boss fight seemed kind of poorly designed in some ways.  Even when they'd get out of the way of his belly flop, they'd still get thrown off and into the water half the time as though there was no real reason they failed to stay on the pad, just random physics. 
Pretty stylish and everything, but the actual game doesn't seem very appealing.  The hack and slash combat seems pretty mundane and uninteresting with the exhorbitant gore being its only real feature, and I didn't get a sense that there was a point or goal in the game from this quick look at all.  I get the impression the game is just all about dicking around, which is fine, but the dicking around provided just looks kind of... egh.
Posted by skrutop

Unreal Engine like I've never seen it before!?  How could I not want this!?  Sign me up for 8 copies!!!!

Posted by crusader8463

I like the idea but it doesn't look like it would be very fun for more then 5-10 minuets. That window that kept poping up was very annoying and i wasn't even playing. Maybe if it was $5-$10 when it hits pc i might pick it up.

Posted by MacGyver

that looks pretty neat. gory fairy tales all around!

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Wow, this was a bad quick look. The developers obviously had their lines rehearsed and even when the game was doing something that wasn't rehearsed, they stuck to whatever script they had memorized. For instance, I like how right after it shows eight or ten of those "kill scenes" in a row the developer says "We have these set to show infrequently." 
And then we're supposed to see them pull the axe out of this one guy's face... when there's six people on screen at the same time, all moving around and attacking?  
I'll have to try the demo for myself.

Posted by Shadow

I'm ready to write off this game just because of how much he went over the "main menu"

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Posted by KillerBears

the blood skating did it for me

Posted by Chewii101

For a few minutes I thought it would be suitable to buy this game for my younger cousins. lol.

Posted by Webby

OMG just watching now seems kinda cool but that gory screen thing is really annoying and I am not even playing.

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

No thanks. Overly violent cartoon stuff is not my thing. Plus that strip that shows a close up of your kill will get annoying.

Posted by DannyJ

Looks like there's an option to turn off the zoom in effect

Posted by Sifugamer

Thats some pretty sick looking stuff....i like it
Posted by n8

hrms..  the main developer guy with the british accent just really needed to not talk so damn much..  i found him to be extremely annoying.  you could actually feel him sucking the life out of brad during this quicklook.  at the end it was obvious brad was ready to stop playing, stop the video feed and send these guys on their way..
that being said the art design of this game is really quite good.  pull some of that gimmicky dynamic slicing shit and let the art and the core gameplay take over and you might actually have something.

Posted by Tonic7

As a downloadable game, I might be interested.

Posted by zoozilla

Really like the look of the game, but I don't see too much else going for it.
It seems like the developers went on and on about the various technologies in the game, but the gameplay itself doesn't seem too different or interesting.
And mixing blood and gore with fairy tales is good and all, but I think the game would benefit from some more humor, which I didn't really see in the QL.

Posted by coffeesash

'Sliced weapons' sounds like some sort of healthy snack ^_^

Posted by ShowNun

So its a beat em up with unlimited lives... sounds tedious as all hell. This seems exactly like the recent ninja turtles game that all of giant bomb hated.

Posted by Scarabus

The developers seem to love their own environments. That camera zooms waaaay out.

Posted by EpicBenjamin

Alright, sold.

Posted by IceColdGamer

Hmmmm looks cool, but maybe a little too busy?

Posted by Detrian

I think the "edgy" approach to fairy tales is really running dry by now. Especially when you consider that fairytales are actually more blunt that whatever this "wacky" developments have achieved.