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lots of quick looks today, and tnt later, crazy!

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Woop... hopefully it's faithful to the original this one.

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Another Quick Look already? Wow.

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sweet, n64 version was great

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soooo many QL today then we get duke at 4-7 for me

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Quick look galore today... Nice.

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Could someone explain to me the Goldeneye-cardboard thing?

Posted by Vinny_Says

I'm probably the only person here who didn't enjoy GoldenEye =(

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whoa, at last, the entire GB crew in a QL!
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Hey. It's Goldeneye Infinite.

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This will make for a great TNT one day!

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 It refers to using cardboard to prevent screen peeking on a splitscreen game. 
They'd use some sort of splitter to put the picture to 2 TVs then use cardboard on the top half of one screen and the bottom of the other so you could only see your screen. 
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This is a game better left in your memory.

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Looks bad, i am not a graphic whore but this just looks frigging bad.

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@Lanechanger said:
" whoa, at last, the entire GB crew in a QL! "
Not Drew.. :/
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i actually want this

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I hate QuicklookEX aka a quicklook where you can't say anything bad because the developer is right there. 

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It looks like ass. If I wanted to play GoldenEye, I would dig out my N64 from my closet. This seems unnecessary.

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I dont get all the complaining about the graphics, it looks fine to me

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@Anwar said:
" multiplyer "
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Brad wins in 2 minutes

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But, can you play as Dr. Doak?

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Hey Crytek UK, where's that new TimeSplitters?

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This is the first time when this game has actually looked fun. Too bad getting 4 friends together isn't as easy as it was way back in the N64 days. I know it has online play, but that's not the same...

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Also Brad won the first game in a matter of minutes, I think he broke the pulling a Brad curse... well at least for today. 

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Now I have the golden gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.
The multiplayer looks quite good actually, reminds me of the old days playing the 64 version. Kind still annoyed its not on 360, but at least we have Blood Stone coming up.

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The golden gun doesn't seem that good, guys.

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This is a fun quick look. Game doesn't look that bad!

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It looks alright, still not 100% sold on it yet though

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This didn't actually seem that bad. 
I may potentially pick this up eventually....maybe. 

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It looks good.

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Even if you remake a classic it doesn't mean that it's a classic. Bring it to the high-end consoles, with HD, blood and a much better online functionality.

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I may have been moderately interested if this came out years ago, back on the Gamecube. Who is this game targeted at? Many people  from that time are old enough to not care anymore about that game, while  others are too young to remember (or even played) the original and are probably playing either Halo or CoD.

Hopefully the single player stuff is great becasue the multi-player looks drab and kind of depressing compared to what is available on any other platform. Maybe Wii only owners will get a kick out of it.

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@TehJames said:
" @Lanechanger said:
" whoa, at last, the entire GB crew in a QL! "
Not Drew.. :/ "

Yeah :( no snyder too, but i'll settle for the immediate crew!
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@Jeffk38uk:  you got perfect dark for that ;)
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Stealth QLEX = no actual opinions in this quick look

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lol.. Brad loses... brad doesn't look at his accolades.

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What a PoS game.

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That is not Goldeneye. This is the only way to play Goldeneye (60fps+custom maps):

The only way to play Goldeneye
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4 player splitscreen is so bad.

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@RE_Player92 said:
" I hate QuicklookEX aka a quicklook where you can't say anything bad because the developer is right there.  "
Yeah this.
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AHH! Why does Vinny have to play inverted? It drives me insane!

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New, from CarbonNeutral Games: HatmanHatmanHatman.

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Not a big fan of fps on consoles. It looks so slow and clumsy

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@jorbear said:
" AHH! Why does Vinny have to play inverted? It drives me insane! "
Seek help.