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Cool, I'm really liking the music and style.

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Looks kind of cool, I'm not one for console strategy games though.  Maybe try it on on the PC.

Posted by Skald

Well, I like the style.

Posted by JamesKond

He sounds dutch, HE IS DUTCH! The more you know, the more you know

Posted by Adamant_Lungs

I like what they're doing artistically and musically, but i'm not really into the rts genre. Looks kind of cool though. 

Posted by lebkin
@fwylo said:
" Looks kind of cool, I'm not one for console rts though.  Maybe try it on on the PC. "
To be clear, Greed Corp is not a real-time strategy.  Its a turn-based strategy game.  A TBS is a much better fit on consoles than a RTS, due to not needing to make split second decisions with inferior controls.
Posted by bane63

There are two things in this world I can't stand. People who are intolerant of other cultures, and the Dutch.

Posted by Blaaze89

Posted by NoXious
GreedCorp is made by a Dutch company. Ofcourse he SOUNDS dutch.
W!Games is situated in Amsterdam, how they get anything constructive done in that city is beyond me though. Just look at Ajax! 
Posted by Driadon

That looks really cool... 
Hmm... I may have to check it out.

Posted by MikkaQ

Gotta love those dutch accents though.

Posted by THE_END

I don't like this type of game.

Posted by Aeterna

I thought that accent sounded familiar. 
Thankfully his accent is very decent, I tend to hate typical dutch accents. 
But I guess you're always more critical towards your fellow countrymen. ;)

Posted by JamesKond
@XII_Sniper: Yeah. even though some U.K accents sound very similar strangely enough
Posted by sixpin

Looks like a fun game for chilling out with some friends online (or local if it has it). I doubt single player would be as much fun, but I could be wrong. I do love some Civilization Revolution and this might scratch that itch.

Posted by MikkaQ
@JamesKond: Only cause everyone speaking english in europe base in on English accents, not American ones. 
Posted by Pessimisten

Im sold on this. As soon as i understod the importance of the tile hights i got hyped for this game.
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I've gotta admit I dislike the EX quick looks. To me the greatest draw of Quick Looks is getting an unbiased first impression of the game, warts and all. It mirrors what happens in people's actual homes when they bring a game home for the first time and pop it in, so that makes it super useful (to me moreso than a review) to determine if it's something I should buy.
Having the developer there does allow you to get some info and depth about the game you might not have been aware of, but it disconnects it from the end-users experience. No normal consumer is going to have the devs sit on down with them and explain the game during the first couple hours, you have to rely on how well the game is made, and how well it guides you through the experience on its own. 
Also, listening to you guys rip on the games is a big part of the draw . I completely understand that with the developer there you have to be more diplomatic with your words, but that doesn't make it any more entertaining to watch.

Posted by Davin

Don't have much to say about this game, but Quick Look EX's make me go "Meh". It's nice that they bring some sort of game reps in to show off stuff, but the game staff usually sound awkward, stiff, and the video itself not very exciting.

Posted by EthanielRain

There's too few turn-based games on the market today.  Been looking forward to this one :)

Posted by Wandering_Hands

Looks Great!
Posted by Sanaj

A game in which harvesting causes the board's tiles to crumble away...
You have my attention.

Posted by mythrol

I'm surprised by how cool that game looks. When I saw the trailer a few days ago, I had no idea what kind of game it was nor did I really care. But after seeing this, I might actually have to get it. If only I had enough friends that were into this type of game. 
I've purchased SO many games I wouldn't have due to these darn Quick Look's by Giantbomb. 

Posted by JiuJitsuka85

Sounds very Dutch to me...I am Dutch, but it really sounds alot like when a Dutchie talks English.

Posted by Milkman
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@Oceaniax said:

"To me the greatest draw of Quick Looks is getting an unbiased first impression of the game, warts and all...Having the developer there does allow you to get some info and depth about the game you might not have been aware of, but it disconnects it from the end-users experience."

Agreed, though the time they got the dudes in and got smashed on rum was pretty good.
All in all, this game doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.  That the dev simply ran through the game without having the GB crew make massive mistakes and Brad dying sort of ruined this QL for me.
Posted by Tiwi

looks awesome. I'm getting that game.

Posted by GunnBjorn

I happen to be Dutch and he speaks English really well. 
Better than me, that's for sure. 
Obviously, in his line of work, he has to speak it to a fair extent. 
This game is quite interesting, and that's an unbiased opinion. 
Posted by masternater27

I'm not a strategy type person, but I'd be down to buy the soundtrack

Posted by Jambones

Despite not having anything to do with World Of Goo, the game looks fantastic. :-)

Posted by giantbombiscool

what the fuck is happening

Posted by Addfwyn

Looks really interesting, and is the kind of game I'm excited to see on the PSN.  Good art, great music, looks fun and hey, it isn't a shooter!  

Posted by KillerBears

wow that was an obscure Robot Chicken reference...

Posted by Olimar_91

This game looks amazing. I was just wondering why an Advance Wars esque game isn't out on XBLA, and here it is! Can't wait.

Posted by Binman88
@Oceaniax: @Davin: @skrutop: Jeez, would you bunch of ungrateful twerps rather we got no video at all? :P
I actually think the game looks alright. I had no idea what was going on for most of it, but it started to make sense near the end.
Posted by mosdl

It would be cool if you could play against people on other platforms - since its turn based, no advantage based on system.

Posted by Oceaniax
@Binman88: I truly don't want to get into an internet argument, all i'll say is I fail to see how providing feedback on GiantBomb's quicklook format makes us "ungrateful twerps". I have much love for the site, but nothing is perfect.
Posted by Slayer

great game fooks looks fun.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Seems like fun.

Posted by SammydesinasNL
Same here, sounds very Dutch
Posted by LaszloKovacs

I'm digging what I'm seeing of this so far.

Posted by Binman88
@Oceaniax: Neither do I, I was kinda joking, hence the ":P". Sure the Quicklook EXs aren't usually as entertaining as the standard QLs, but there's not really a way they could do them differently. They have the chance for the developer to explain parts of their game to us, so why not? It's better than having no video at all.
Posted by doe3879

hurray QUICK LOOK!!!!
ohhh ...just notice the EX...

Posted by ThatFrood

I liked that Dutch guy. I'm not usually a fan of the "ex"'s, but the Dutch guy was pretty likeable. He was pretty cool.

Posted by Aero

 This looks really interesting. I'll definitely get the trial of this when it comes out. 

Posted by LOZZAT

I likes the looks of this one. heh heh heh... bueno...

Posted by Soap

this game looks so dull.

Posted by piderman
@ThatFrood said:
" I liked that Dutch guy. I'm not usually a fan of the "ex"'s, but the Dutch guy was pretty likeable. He was pretty cool. "
Being Dutch I hate listening to Dutch accents. Dunno what it is. Cool game though :D
Posted by BlackPuma

I recognize that accent. He must be Dutch! (not to be confused with german, i hate that!) 
Nice QuickLook btw.

Posted by Crono

Game seems pretty interesting to me.  Simple but different.