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Posted by Morningstar

Excited for this =)

Posted by RazielCuts

LOVE the art style. Double Fine knows good art.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Cool idea. Curious how its executed for a full game though.

Posted by vonjibble

Neat background art. Makes me want to watch some Samurai Jack.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

That wizard has a serious Rusty Venture look going on.

What an interesting concept. The problem is that I've found a lot of recent Double Fine games have very interesting concepts, but they usually elicit a " neat! " response from me while playing, rather than " this is awesome! "

As usual, I will likely end up playing this, but I can't help but feel like I moderately appreciate these games because I've played so many other games and appreciate quirky variety.

Posted by Crisiscross

art-style looks good

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@viking_funeral: I was thinking of THE MONARCH! also from what they are saying this teaches you how to break DRM, which sounds dangerously close to illegal.

Posted by turboman

I'm so happy this made it out of Amnesia Fortnite. Great concept.

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It's Brad Muir!

Posted by SpaceCouncil

This looks INCREDIBLE!

Posted by kindnivore

It looks a lot cooler than people were giving it credit for earlier. Definitely looking forward to this one once its finished.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This looks rad, I'll definitely be checking this out.

Posted by Mistzero

Leave it to Double Fine to make innovative games while being accessible, can't wait for release.

Posted by GeneralBison

Hack-sword, that's pretty genius

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Posted by 49th

That wizard is definately the protagonist after they change their own variables to evil.

Posted by Tblockkiller

interesting looking game

Posted by TMBaker

awesome concept will be watching this one

Posted by Teoball

That castle track brings me back to Amnesia Fortnight watching them make the prototype. I hope Raz' laughter as well as his art is in this somewhere.

Posted by ILikePopCans

Really cool concepts. Hopefully the design stays fresh until the end

Posted by byrjun

This is amazingly cool. The fiction of the game, eh, it looks alright if a bit generic, but the mechanics, oh man, it's far between I've been as genuinely surprised and awestruck! This is great. New types of (mechanical) narratives for a new world!

Posted by EndlessObsidian

Ohhhhhh "HACK" n Slash. I get it. I see what they did there. Looks awesome!

Posted by ShaggE

One of the best concepts I've seen in a while. I can see some really, really cool stuff coming out of this by the more programming-inclined players.

Posted by TheVGamer

Shouldn't this be Unfinished EX if the game is still in Early Access?

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@meauntienora said:

Cool idea. Curious how its executed for a full game though.

Yea, I can see going through the menus getting tedious several hours in. Great concept though, and I like the engine's visuals similar to Broken Age.

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Kinaesthetics (Is that enemy attacking? Did that hit land? Does movement and attacking of player and enemies feel satisfying?) look like they are not quite there yet, but maybe that’s something that can be improved. That’s the only persistently negative thing I noticed when looking at footage of this game (but maybe it feels better when you actually play).

Even if that’s not improved, though, this game is just fascinatingly cool.

Posted by Zurv

seems like a cool idea, the games looks SUPER boring tho :(

Posted by megalowho

Fascinating game, can't wait to see how far it goes and what the player can learn about coding playing through it.

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So this is basically Cheat Engine - The Game.

Posted by AMyggen

Huh, this actually looks really awesome.

Posted by Rowr

looks awesome. Unfortunately as far as early access goes I feel like given the linear nature i'd rather pay for the finished experience as I dont see it being something I could play through more than a few times.

That said I'm happy to pay early access and let it marinate. Paying to play test it for them though - not keen.

Double fines art and character design continues to be some of the best in the industry.

Posted by Radish

@zurv: This is exactly where I am. The idea sounds really creative and cool but the game itself looks incredibly boring and not fun at all. I think they should tone down the hacking elements so that you don't have to go through a bunch of menus for literally everything.

Posted by mithical

This looks great! I really really hope it holds up over the course of a whole game.

Posted by LarryDavis

Double Fine QLEXes are the only QLEXes worth watching.

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I'm a L33T h4xZ0r!

Posted by t3hh

Very cool concept. I may try this, although, early access. May wait for full release.

Posted by dahlis

Looking forward to speed runs of this. Imagine all the glitches and bugs to exploit without actually "breaking the rules".

Posted by Vessel28

This looks potentially fantastic.

Posted by roboculus92

Really neat idea for a game. Definitely interested in checking this out.

Posted by ultrapeanut

Oh my god, this looks gorgeous and super interesting.

Posted by Fobwashed

Somewhere at Double Fine, the person who worked on the story is screaming "WTF!? Skip kinda thru this?!"

Posted by fatalflame

Wow... This looks really cool and interesting. Way more developed than the Amnesia Fortnight prototype. Hope it's executed this well all the way through!

Posted by Svenzon

Holy shit, this is kinda brilliant. I love odd concepts like this.

Posted by development

Fix those layering issues with the art! :P

Looks really cool. The thought of giving modders tons of control is scary.

Posted by BluPotato

Oh hey I remember the fortnight demo of this last year I think.

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Double Fine QLEXes are the only QLEXes worth watching.

It is known.

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I love Double Fine as much as the next guy, but I'm only 2 minutes into this video and I'm getting a real Deadmund's Quest vibe. I cannot continue.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Happy to finally see the game in action. If they deliver on all the stuff further in the game it should be awesome.

Posted by Homelessbird

Way into this.

Posted by mikey87144

This looks awesome.