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Posted by JayPB08

been wanting to see this

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I know almost nothing about this game, so I'm excited to watch this and learn what it is.

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Great to see Brad Muir back on the site. His promo for the PAX Rumble is my favourite by far.


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Hell yeah Brad Muir, the prophet that deliver unto us Mr. Pancakes.

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How will you break my heart this time Brad and Brad?

Posted by Chrisiscool

The double Brad.

Posted by EthanielRain

Brad Muir is my favorite non-GB GB'er.

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Man, this looks kinda awesome.

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I wonder how many dick battlecries they have gotten.


@mrmooear Maybe fertility boost could be medical, like vaccinations or something that lower infant mortality rate.

Posted by Tychoid

Is this a Giant Bomb exclusive? Or have Kickstarter backers been privy to early stuff?

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Brads at game.

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Shouldn't this be an "Unfinished EX"?

Posted by eloj

@tychoid: They've been streaming the game often and they put up a "PAX Demo walkthrough" video on youtube today. I assume this covers the same ground.

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@tychoid said:

Is this a Giant Bomb exclusive? Or have Kickstarter backers been privy to early stuff?

GB exclusive, I guess. Last project update only said there'd be a demo at PAX.

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I supported this on Kickstarter, and then did what I do with all my Kickstarters: completely forget about it until it's released. Funny that it took a video on GIantBomb to get me to actually watch the game that I supported! :P

EDIT: Wow... this looks really cool. At quick glance it seems like a simple turn-based strategy game, but all that trait stuff is nuts! Also, huge kudos for the Taswell stuff. :3

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who watches video games on twitch?

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I backed this just so Brad would make a new game to show Giant Bomb. (Okay, I really wanted to play it too!)

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Oh Muir and his wacky character class designs.

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I LIKE what I see.

(sorry Muir)

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Can't wait for Eugenics Simulator 2014!

Just kiddin. This looks cool.

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@tychoid said:

Is this a Giant Bomb exclusive? Or have Kickstarter backers been privy to early stuff?

They've been doing very regular behind the scenes 'Team Stream' updates on Twitch from the beginning.

It's been the best run Kickstarter game I've backed so far.

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I saw Taswell Davis on screen and let out an "awww". Good to have you back on the site, Brad :D

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I'm also a kickstarter backer who hasn't paid much attention to it since I backed it. I am pleasantly surprised with the game so far.

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i'm seein double heah!!! FOUR BRADS!!!

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So glad to have backed this!

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@tychoid said:

Is this a Giant Bomb exclusive? Or have Kickstarter backers been privy to early stuff?

Not even just to backers. There's probably a dozen hours worth of footage of the game openly available on YouTube.

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Been keeping up with the team streams and it's been great to watch the game evolve and take shape. Can see myself sinking a lot of time into micromanaging bloodlines, shades of Crusader Kings in there. Looking forward to the final version!

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Could not be happier to finally see this.

*edit* I guess I'm one of those people! Sorry, Brad, if it's not on Giant Bomb, it doesn't exist to me!

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@xxnbxx said:

Shouldn't this be an "Unfinished EX"?

Was just going to say this. I suppose they don't want to deviate from the "Quick Look Ex" tag?

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So friggin' amazing to see how far this has come, week by week.

Posted by Asger

The look of this game is absolutely gorgeous!

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I don't know. I kinda liked the old graphical style better.

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"Taswell Davis"


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@asger said:

The look of this game is absolutely gorgeous!

si. i love the retro-ish polygon look, like an HD Virtua Fighter.

also can't get enough SRPGs. you do good by me, Muir.

Posted by joelalfaro

Ive been waiting for this quick looooooook! Ive been following the production.

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Eugenics! The Game

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Brad Muir, beyond being an awesome fucking dude, is a really really great game designer. I hope he continues to lead games.

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Looking great, glad I back this. I can really the Game of Thrones and X-Com influences, even a bit of Banner Saga there!

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"fertility boost" could just be explained as a new type of medicine that reduces infant mortality rate.

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Proud to be a backer of this game. Looks great. Taswell is a nice touch.

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Long live Taswell!