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load is crazy long...

Posted by CaptainObvious

Quick Look EX.......bleh 
Waiting for Deadly Premonition quick look.

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FREEBIRD, and Humpty for the winnn. 
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"Loading is long..." you don't say.....

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I really gotta say, I don't like Quick Look EXs. Quick Looks are the most brilliantly efficient and utterly unpretensious game review format I've ever seen. You're watching them play the game, going though the difficulties with it that you're sure to have if you play it. Quick Look EXs are just ads. 
Also, Deadly Premonition. You have been so ordered. Bow to our will.

Posted by ebritt

These load times feel like watching porn on dial-up 

Posted by Liminality

Good, thank you!
I think the Quick looks EX are not so good as the normal ones but they are still interesting to see and is always nice to listen to the developers with the GiantBomb crew.
I'm very happy that other game is following the LBP style.

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this game looks like a lot of fun.  I skipped out on Little Big Planet...think this game looks more up my alley.

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god damn have the load times gotten worse since the public beta?

Posted by Lazyaza

Looks pretty fun, the editor is insane. 

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Nice! The editor looks amazing. I just hope they work on the load times. Sooo long!

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So basically it's like Zero Gear. Only on the PS3.


I like Brad's super glitchy driver.

Posted by RobotHamster

Its like LBP and Mario Kart all rolled into one!

Posted by nrain

load times are lonnnnnnnnnnng.

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I love the track editor, makes me drewl.

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went to make a sandwich its still loading?? 
holy shi that track editor is amazing

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I will not be touching this game unless I hear absolute  confirmation that the load times have been reduced at least 75%.
I bet I could make a map quicker than the game can load it up. =/

Posted by Phaze1984

Lego racing with long loadtimes, yawn

Posted by samcotts

Awesome. Definitely getting this. Editor looks great, and unlike LBP's, looks like you'll be able to actually create what you want to without wasting hours.
Don't know why people are complaining about the load time, it obviously won't be like that when it's released.

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It's funny to see everyone is bitching about the load times.
A) This is a beta
B) Game doesn't have an official release date other than spring 2010.
I'm sure they'll fix that by release.
Also what is wrong with quicklook EXs? How are they that different than developer interviews? They just have a longer time to show you the game.

Posted by Griddler

Hell yes. Forget GT5.

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everything they're doing with the modding is awesome but... kart racing... 

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You guys need to stop inviting devs for your QL, even if it means getting less access.  These segments have a great mystery science theater 3000 quality to them, and obviously you can't speak honestly if you need to play nice in front of company.  Thanks for reading.  

Posted by Vrock
@Phaze1984 said:
" Lego racing with long loadtimes, yawn "
Totally agree, even this "driving-in-a-menu" location gave me the memories of training lego racer level.
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Cool, I've been interested in this every since I heard about it, looks like one more game I have to buy this year...

Posted by Damian

Love LBP. This looks like good fun, too. 
I hope "Fight, Create, Share" is next on this list.

Posted by TheMasterDS

He's wrong about the stacking power ups being unique, Diddy Kong Racing did that ages ago for what its worth.

Posted by Sogeman

Who was playing Green and why did he have 2 frickin heads?

Posted by MAST

Load times were long (although it is beta), but damn... Everything else in the game looks extremely well done. Some really nice touches.

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I despise the character design for this game. Almost feels like it was done specifically and purposefully to look generic.

Posted by drowsap

another reason to turn on my ps3. the ps3 is looking  finally now i can justify my 400$ perches with infomas hevyrain MAG and GOW3 and this looks fun like LBP with cars  

Posted by Aska

This game looks really great, I hope they fix up some of those framerate issues though.

Posted by TheAdmin

What's up with "Mario Kart" style games coming out soon? This and Blur... What some odd timing. Not sure how I feel about this game. Art is kind of interesting. 
 I don't really like when the developer is there for the quick look... it's not really a quick looks then, it's a promo.  Also, Quick look of Deadly premonition please! 

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90% sure that Brad is the lower left.  Don't hate the hate Brad.  We love you, man.

Posted by CodeMcK

Didn't lego racers have the same weapon system? that was a sweet game...gotta find that again

Posted by samcotts
@99X: And Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing... which is actually really good. 
I think it's about time we got some more Kart racers. If only a good dev could take the Crash franchise and bring out a new Crash Team Racer.
Posted by wfolse1

Man, the track creator is SUPER impressive to me.  I love the auto-complete and auto-populate features.  This game has finally caught my interest.

Posted by Nasar7

Nice one, Vinny, coming through in the clutch. I was rooting for you.

Posted by Ryax

this looks alot like zero gear

Posted by Milpool

Looks pretty cool.  The Track editor is awesome.   
DId anyone else notice there were two characters in the bottom left screen's car in the 4 player game... I don't think that's supposed to happen.
Posted by zombie2011

The track editor looks cool. 
The rest of the game however, looks kinda boring.

Posted by KillerBears

as far as glitches go, Brad's two-headed driver was pretty sweet.

Posted by HHAP

Go vinny! what a comeback!

Posted by Overwatch

Can't help it, but this game looks so uninteresting. Also mad loading times.

Posted by Detrian

Lots of unskipabble babbling both in this quick look and ingame.

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I hate the way this game looks, but if the driving is fun I'll probably check it out.  The track editor is looking very slick as well.

Posted by raiz265
@TheMasterDS said:
" He's wrong about the stacking power ups being unique, Diddy Kong Racing did that ages ago for what its worth. "
so is the "drive through a gate to choose what you want"-thing 
good old times :(
Posted by Scooper

The track editor looked amazing but the racing looked total gash.