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Hyped and ready for some GIANTBOMB TURN-LEFT

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Let's Driving!

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Ex is always fun.

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Where's NCAA?

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I played the crap out of the old Papyrus NASCAR games on the PC.

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I remember playing one of the first Nascar games on PC that modeled physics really well....cant remember which one it was 2000 something or Thunder...not sure. Good times flying down the track in the wrong direction making the biggest nastiest wrecks possible, years before Burnout.

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a quicklook EX of... nascar? I'll watch this.

this dude is actually funny I'll keep watching.

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If I don't see at least one lap where someone drives the wrong way (the right way to play NASCAR games), I am going to be slightly disappointed and perhaps even a little sad.

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The menus and UI are very very Codemasters-esque. Which is pretty high praise.

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@leejunfan83 said:

Where's NCAA?


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I really enjoy QL:EX's, especially when the developers seem to have fun showing their game off.

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Rubbing is racing! Oh man, Nascar made for my favourite Tournament TV.

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My favorite event involving sitting in a car and driving around in circles.

At least it's my favorite event involving sitting in a car and driving around in circles sober.

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I heard the cars turn left in this game.

EDIT: So what's the deal with this game? It seems like all the AI cars just drive in a line after each other and never pass.

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I thought this being an EX meant it would be lacking NASCAR jokes, but the dev himself made a joke about only turning left, so all is well.

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Where's NCAA?

Re-compressing. It will be up later today!

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NASCAR, I hope there are more cardboard cutouts!

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Now imagine racing in a pack, and turning ANOTHER direction than left.

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Boogedy Boogedy Boogedy! Let's go racin' boys!

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I wish this much care could go into an F1 game. I feel like there's never been a good one.

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@Benny: The Codemasters F1 games aren't any good?

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Looks like I am going to have to pick this game up. I haven't bought a NASCAR game since Papyrus stopped making the NASCAR PC games.

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You know, that was actually kinda interesting, just for the talk about the crazy licensing stuff.

But fuck NASCAR, I'm going to college in Johnson City, and move in day is the same day as a race at Bristol. >:|

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@Benny: The Codemasters F1 games aren't any good?

Ya there fuckin awesome

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Ed Martin 2012

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Holy shit is this a PS2 game? It felt like they were driving cardboard cutouts.

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This is actually really interesting, one of the best QL EX'es. And I don't even (normally) care about NASCAR.

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Just realised quite how similar to Race Driver: Grid this is. Loved the whole team management/driver signing/sponsor acquisition part of that game.

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This was actually really interesting. I don't care about NASCAR but I can appreciate the enough that goes into making this game an accurate representation of NASCAR.

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@Hockeymask27 said:

@chilibean_3 said:

@Benny: The Codemasters F1 games aren't any good?

Ya there fuckin awesome

they suck...

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I'll give Ryan credit for trying to make this game sound fun, but....at the end of the day, it's turning slightly to the left. I can't, in good conscience, call it a good premise for a video game.

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These menus kind of evoke a Codemasters game, I think.

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In one-quarter mile, turn left.

In one quarter mile, turn left.

*repeat for 500 miles

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I know nothing about NASCAR, but this was strangely intriguing. I'd like to watch Ryan play more of it.

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Nice... I remember my friend and I playing hour long races on the older NASCAR games in split screen on the xbox. Years before that we played on the PS2 I think it was NASCAR 98 or something. Fun stuff.

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If this game does nothing else, it is at least pushing lanyard rendering technology.

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boo EX!

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Is this Codemasters? That hanging pass in the loading screen and the menus and fonts sure look a lot like they come from a Codemasters joint. 
Edit: after watching some more footage it's obviously not Codemasters but damn if these guys didn't go for a similar art style in some of those menus.

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IndyCar Racing was the first PC game I sunk too many hours into. I might have to get this...

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This is the most interested I've ever been in Nascar. I may have no investment in the sport, but I do appreciate the complexity that goes beyond "driving in a circle". It looks like they made a legitimately good Nascar simulation here.

Great quicklook, and the guest was highly entertaining. Quick Look EX's are often hit or miss, but he made this work.

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The Chevrolet SS Ed was mentioning is a Holden Commodore (just because unanswered questions make my OCD sing!)

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It's been ages since I've played a NASCAR game but I'm probably gonna get this and Halo 4 the same day....maybe vote as well.

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Newcastle, UK seems like the last place on earth a NASCAR game would be developed

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I normally don't care for Nascar, but for some reason, this was kinda exciting. Tense in that last race! The customization aspect looks crazy in depth, that's cool.

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I don't enjoy driving games or NASCAR, but this was actually really interesting and informative.